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Which saddle do I need??

D N Monte

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Everyone this is David with my 1972 Monte Carlo...my interior is in very good condition except for the 'seat' upholstery on the front bench which needs to be replaced, as well as the armrest, and carpet 

color for the interior is Saddle, however when I look through GM Heritage material and/or try to find replacement online there is a dark saddle, saddle, and sometimes a medium or light saddle

I'm racking my brain...which one is which



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Call whoever you’re going to get the upholstery from and order swatches. UPI, legendary etc. SMS in Ogden Utah supplies a lot of the material for those companies. You can order directly from them. Yes they will send you samples also

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hi, i had riggs brothers in downers grove do my seat covers, they added new foam and installed the head liner etc ,i put the carpet in over the fatmax sound deadener which helped allot with the factory big block and factory exhaust, really quieted down the interior noise down, and i added extra jute between the rear seat and the trunk ,i

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