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steering shaft troubles


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So im doing a 5.3 swap and decided to do the cherokee steering box swap while im at it because it just makes sense. Well getting my old rag joint off proved to be quite the task and long story short my steering shaft is fubar. 

So question is, has anyone here ever replaced one? im having a hard time just finding a replacement. there is and endless list of aftermarket and nos replacement parts for these ol montes except for steering shafts apparently. is it called something else and im being dense or is this something ill have to scourge the junkyards for?


as always, any and all help is greatly appreciated 

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It is called the intermediate steering shaft and as far as I can tell no one is repoping or rebuilding them. You can get them for a Chevelle but that is a part that isn't shared. However since you are swapping in the JGC steering box (you will appreciate that over the stock box) why not build a new shaft that doesn't use a rag joint. Or if the end you need to replace is shared with the Chevelle you could try making your old stock style one from a new Chevelle shaft and your old one just be careful burning out the plastic that holds the collapsing joint together.



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