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NOS Rear Tail Panel....very rare

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Hello everyone.....This is about as rare as parts get and even more rare than NOS fenders. This NOS rear tail panel has a little surface rust from storage but is in great condition and will clean up nicely. It still has the sticker on it with part number. Price is $1200 USD plus actual shipping/insurance cost from Ontario Canada.  I hope everyone is staying well and safe. You can message me here or contact me through email at ldemings@durhamregion.com or call 289-688-5041. 



TP-1 (2).jpg

TP-8 (2).jpg









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19 hours ago, MC1of80 said:

Suggestion, contact AMD or a company like that and see if they would make a mold/die from that original NOS piece and make them. 

Lord knows alot of Montes need that piece. 

Just a thought....

That really is a great idea Thomas. 

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Can you possibly try going through a part supplier ie ground up,opgi or the parts place. They may possibly have a better idea what sales have been lost. Also they may have better pull with the manufacturer. If the parts place can design their own plastic  wheel wells and have them made, why not a highly needed taillight filler?  Just my 2 cents 

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1 hour ago, LostnFound said:

I reached out to AMD. Their response was that the demand for them wouldn't be large enough blah, blah, blah. LOL

Then they aren't aware just how frail they are and would likely have a much larger demand if available.  The piece I put on mine was a NOS piece and already I see some scratching and I think where I may have pushed it in a little leaning into the trunk.  So, stay out of the trunk if you want that piece to remain undamaged.  That's the only sure fix I know of. 


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