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Replacement seat belt recommendations


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My seat belts have reached the point where they need to be replaced.  I am looking for stock appearing belts that are of course new and meet current safety standards.  Any recommendations?  Thanks

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Morris 3 point on my front seats for almost 12 - 1/2 years now! Love them!

I thought I would eventually replace my bench seat with buckets but never did yet, so I ordered both the bench and bucket seat "short" female buckle ends.

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Thanks McCall72 and stangeba.  Do you guys have the part number for the kit you ordered.  Do you happen to have pictures of the final installation?  I would like to see how it looks.  Thanks!!

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14 hours ago, McCall72 said:

Part number is the decal on the box in the pic below. Hard to take "good" pics of seatbelts but here you go!







Aaron did you do anything with your rear seatbelts?

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Three more questions regarding Morris seat belts:

1.  The MRS-MCSBGM9BKBS part number seems to be for the front bench seat only.  Is there a part number for the back seats from Morris?  If not, did any of you guys use a different manufacturer that closely resembles the front seat belts from Morris?

2.  Do the Morris seat belts flutter around alot due to wind when one or both windows are down (ie passenger belt when the passenger is not in the car)?

3.  I currently have the seat belt not fastened warning on my 72.  I assume this no longer works with the Morris belts.


Thanks again for all of the response!!!  You guys are a huge help.

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1 hour ago, monte11sec said:

  Is there a part number for the back seats from Morris? 

I found this on their website. No Monte specific listing, but this may be as close as it gets.


They also show non-retractable lap belts? Don't know if they'd work as rear seat belts or not.



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