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A Knight Has Fallen - Terry Stevens


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We have some sad news today. Terry Stevens from Oregon passed away on September 22nd. Many of us knew him from attending Western Meets. He was always a happy guy with a big smile. Here’s what his wife Judy had to say:

“He was so excited to be part of that club going to Canada it was huge for him to talk about cars with all the guys and learn new stuff. Had the biggest heart, just a simple man loved me, his Monte Carlo, fishing and hunting maybe not in that order though.”



He will certainly be missed.

Here is his obituary:


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Sad to hear of this news....... Had met terry and his wife at the Western Meets and spoke to him quite a few times there and he was a nice guy.... recently Terry had been working on a 4spd car and had emailed lots of times asking 4spd questions and about Canadian built cars... always a pleasure sharing info and chatting with Terry.......

Any one any time it seems can be called home........... Sad to hear of your Passing Terry.....


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My condolences to his family, and his his close club members. Didn’t get to meet him but we had a lot in common, Monties and the Beatles. RIP Terry. 

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