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Inner Fender Wells - Which brand ACTUALLY FITS?

Rare SS

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I'm going to splurge on buying a new set of Inner Fenderwells, but...

Does anyone have experience with which brand actually fits? I have read so many negative reviews online with re-drilling & elongating holes that I am now afraid to make a move because they are so expensive, especially now with the crazy shipping charges to Canada.

Help greatly appreciated!


1970 SS454 Black

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I have the ones from 'The Parts Place'. Based on a lot of searching on this forum, it seems like they were the most widely accepted as far as quality. Mine fit pretty good, with a little bit of massaging necessary, but overall very happy with them.

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Ditto.  I believe Aaron (Canuck) just recently ordered and installed a set from the Parts Place so he can probably advise you of both the fit and the cost to get them into Canada.

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I got mine from the parts place this summer and installed them. These are the best fitting ones but still need some work to get them in. The way our car bodies are assembled there is so much play with all the parts so no two cars are really alike. Don’t expect to just simply bolt these in easily and do not be in a rush. Once I pulled the old inner fenders out I counted up the hardware and purchased all new bolts and clips from my local parts store. I started with loosely putting in the 2 bolts at the top that go up through the fender and worked my way from there. I left it all loose until I could get a majority of bolts in. Some were quite stubborn and also had to elongate 1 or 2 holes in each inner fender. I also took the opportunity to install a new heater fan and swap the heater core (non-AC car) since it was so accessible without the inner fender. Give yourself lots if time.

Shipping them to BC was very expensive plus the $188 customs/brokerage fees! Normally they can send me parts through US Postal but due to the size of the box it had to go by UPS which is brutal for brokerage fees to Canadians. Very pricey in the end but it is the best product for our cars. They arrived in less than 2 weeks from when I ordered them. I also took the opportunity to order other parts I needed knowing that it was already going to be a large box with lots of empty space available. If the US border was open I would have shipped them to the BC/WA border and brought them across myself.







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Try Leo  Konik, Koniks Klassiks ,on our resources page. He has the best Steel inner fenders. Mine bolted right in. Been in since '06 , no issues. He's located in Eastern Michigan. 

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The parts place inner fender wells are a good product. I replaced them a couple years ago on my car the driver side went in with no issues at all. Passenger side was another story had some fitment issues around the battery tray and the brackets by the firewall. It took patience on the passenger side but now they look OK. Not perfect but OK

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