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Stainless Renewal

Rare SS

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It's amazing how nice old trim can look with a little effort! I polished all my trim with my hillbilly buffing wheel and different polishing compounds. I then finished up with Nevr-Dull. The results were outstanding! 

*just a word of caution!

Be more careful on window trim, as I was too aggressive and ended up denting that piece. 🙄

Jeff 1970 SS454




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Looks Great Jeff!!!    I tried to do mine on the custom but had no idea what i was doing. Decided i was running out of time so i had it done. Cost me an arm and a leg but it came out beautiful. I think i am going to do my own on the next car.

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I used a wadding polish similar to Nevr-Dull on some of my trim and it worked well without being aggressive, but I mostly had shallow scratches from being 50 years old. Everything that I have found says that the stainless trim is flash chromed so keep that in mind when sanding or aggressively buffing; if some areas are buffed more than others and you break through the coating it may be a visible transition.

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15 hours ago, cny first gen 71 said:

That piece on mine had some pretty good scratches in it from the wipers, I started with 400 wet and worked my way up to 2000 in stages. It took time and my hands were hurting but got most of it out. It does clean up well.

I hadn't thought of that!

Those exact scratches you speak of bother me...

I may just try your "recipe" over the winter! Thanks!!

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