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Woodgrain Console inserts

Rare SS

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I am an old-school sign painter of 35 years and a graphic artist with 25 years of experience using vinyl overlays (now called "wraps") I recently bought what seemed to be the best and closest reproduction wood grain vinyl for the console insert.

Although it is very good quality, the fact that they "die cut" the final pieces to fit exactly is the biggest problem!

The manufacturers should have produced these vinyl pieces larger than needed so that the end user could trim them to size, because #1,  you can almost never place something which is the exact size with proper accuracy. #2 There's shrinkage Jerry! *Seinfeld reference*

You can see where it shrank (the white edges of the backing sheet). The end result is the vinyl ramping up over the chrome edge on the shifter bezel; it fits on one side but not the other.

To be fair, I contacted the distributor and he was quite concerned. He said he would replace this for me once he got this figured out. Easy fix? Make the pieces L A R G E R than needed so we can trim to fit!

Also using a better quality non-shrinking vinyl is key here. A few hot days with the windows up would make it shrink as well!

Jeff 1970 SS BLACKScreenshot_20211121-022122_Gallery.thumb.jpg.877da7caec8b2d9d2a8df6893c00d1e8.jpg



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5 hours ago, 1970mcss said:

Where do you buy the inserts? I need to replace mine also. 

 I will be at the shop today and look at my invoice to see where i got these.

Btw, there are several out there...some with accurate patterns,  others not so great!


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28 minutes ago, Dtret said:

I got mine from the parts place. They were made by a company call vinyl graphics 

That's where I was going to get mine, any issues?

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Just now, Jared Richey said:

The ones in the catalogs are totally wrong pattern 

This one is right

Correct! It matches the dash and even has the small "grooves" on the print. Looks and feels real. 

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For those wanting to Google  an image and perhaps print their own, the factory correct wood grain is called Carpathian  Burled Elm. ☝️


1970 SS454 BLACK

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