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1971 SS Remote "Sport" Mirror (?)

Rare SS

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In 1991 I found a wrecked 71 SS. Among the parts I removed were the upper hockey sticks, rear 1/4 extensions, and the cowl tag (Canadian "Z20"). 

The car had been otherwise picked clean. The load levelling parts were long gone!

I can't remember though, if I took the sport mirror. Could this be it?  I have a 35 year parts hoard at my shop and over the years have forgotten. 

Is this a sport mirror for a 71 SS?

Jeff 1970 SS454






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On 11/24/2021 at 11:35 AM, sbarnette said:

Is there a part number somewhere on this mirror?

I couldn't find a part number...I could remove the base, perhaps its inside this? any ideas where to look?


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I removed the base and there's no part number. The paint also matches the SS rear quarter extension, so it must be.

You guys saying it looks right makes me believe it's the real deal. Thanks for all the great input! 

Last pic...Just so happened to take those screenshots at 4:54! Destiny! LOL that's kind of freaky!

Jeff 1970 SS454 Black




Screenshot_20211128-170620_Samsung capture.jpg

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