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BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY! From Star Trek

Rare SS

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BEAM  ME UP, MR SCOTT! Yes, this is Scotty (James Doohan) from Star Trek.

In my Monte!

The time: 1988 .

The place:  World of Wheels Car Show at The Winnipeg Convention Centre.

I was lucky enough to have James pose in my car during a break from signing autographs.  He was very kind, not stuck up at all, a car enthusiast and a fellow Canadian (Vancouver).

Check out those crushed velvet inserts on the seats! Dates it quite well, yes? I actually bought them from a fellow Winnipegger here on the boards (Recognize them Al?) 👍

I won my first trophy that year! My Monte SS actually took 2nd place (more on that in another post).


70 RARE SS (EnterpriSSe)





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A funny annecdote; ☝️

during the car show, batteries had to be unhooked. The car had a power bucket seat and therefore the seat couldn't move any further back.

He was a larger man, and didn't fit at first, but thankfully it also had tilt steering, which did the trick!  He was in! (And a very good SSport about it!)


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