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drive shaft/yoke length

Grant MacPherson

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What is the overall length of your transmission ? They can vary from 29' to 34"to 38".

It sounds like you got a driveshaft for a shorter tail shaft version. So you'd want to go with the next longer shaft. 

I believe the factory spec was 56"... center to center. The 5" yoke is the typical one for most 454's.


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quick measurement looks like 29". Yes a 56" would put where it should be. From your info it doesn't seem that the drive shaft I have would work for any application.

I have a yoke from a 480LE (not sure) but it is the same size and splined to the end so at least there would be 3" of spline contact.


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How original is your Monte ?

After 50 plus years, parts may have been changed, ie. 12 bolt in for the old 10 bolt. TH350 replaced with the TH400. etc.....

Just as an example, when I did the 10 bolt to 12 bolt swap, just about every bit of information I checked said I'd have to change the rear U joint.

But thanks to a couple of guys on here who mentioned I might have a Buick 10 bolt, (yes the factory did that...) 

I didn't have to change the U joint. Everything pretty much bolted together. :)

So, unless one can document the car, someone may have slipped something in that was handy at the time..... 


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Hi Scott

Rear end is original 12 bolt that I just changed the 2.56 open to 3.42 posi, that is when I noticed the yoke  looked to far out of the tail shaft. The trany is a 1970 turbo 400 short tail shaft ( also how it came as per build sheet). Nothing looks changed with motor (stock L5 454) or trany mounts. I guessing your right about things being changed over the last 51 years and somewhere along the way somebody grabbed the wrong driveshaft. Are you sure on the 56" measurement? It looks like that would put in the right range just want to be sure as I go hunting.

Thanks for your help


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Could, and I stress could be that somewhere along the line someone changed out the yolk at the transmission from the one with the weight to one without. There is a difference in length. 

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Hey Grant,

56" is a original factory length, from what I've been able to find.

As for the weighted driveshaft, Montelishi came with the 350/th350 combination, and has the transmission end weight. (built into the yoke.)

Due to the size of the tail end of the TH 400 (diameter of metal around the output shaft), I don't know if there's enough clearance for the weighted yoke.

I found this issue when I switched to a 200r4. So I would guess that you can't use one.

Just a shot in the dark here, but I'm wondering if someone didn't pull the original driveshaft, and when they tried to put it back in, couldn't make it fit, so they had it trimmed a couple inches ??? The differential will swing forward if you raise the car by the frame, and maybe (?) the previous owner solved his problem by cutting instead of raising the housing...... Like I said, just a shot in the dark.


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