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Seat upgrades


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Looking for some ideas. My 72 currently has a bench seat. I am wanting to run the car at some track events and looking for a seat (aftermarket or late model) that looks good in the car, comfortable for a road trip and keeps you in place around a corner. Any pics or year make model seat ideas would be great.  Thanks. Jason 

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I kind of like the standard buckets with the Legendary rally seat conversion. Not as wrap around as true track ready seats but look somewhat stock and no mods needed except in your case need to add the bucket seat mounts.



Don't buy this color.



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2 hours ago, rotinrob said:

I kind of like the standard buckets with the Legendary rally seat conversion. Not as wrap around as true track ready seats but look somewhat stock and no mods needed except in your case need to add the bucket seat mounts.

Don't buy this color.


What are you trying to say, my Legendary Rally seats are ugly?


Truth be told, not my favorite color either, but black on black wasn't an option this time around, lol. Way more comfortable than the stock ones and like you basically said, unless you're looking for it, barely noticeable to most people.




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I like the look of the side bolsters/padding? on the bottom seat pad of yours Joe. Much more defined than on mine. 

I can't answer Jasons original question, Ive seen a few aftermarket seats in cars that are not original looking but sure look comfortable 

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I know it's an old thread but I've been inactive for a long time. 

I put 5th Gen Camaro buckets in mine. I had a 2014 Camaro and the seats were great side support, comfortable long distances (road tripped to South Carolina from FL), they have a flip-forward release latch in the top middle (like the '69 Camaros did), and they look factory-ish in the Monte. Taller than factory buckets, considerably, so it might not be the aesthetic you're looking for.

Big drawback is it required welding mounting points because nobody makes a bracket to adapt (or they didn't in 2018), and I haven't done a write-up yet on how I did it and what measurements (but I will, eventually lol).

I can post pics later if anyone wants to see, but the interior isn't even remotely finished - just have the sound deadener installed.

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3 hours ago, Jason72 said:

I’d love to see a pic please! Thanks 

Sure thing! I'll bolt up the dash and lay the console in place so you can see how they sit relative to everything. I'll try to get it done tonight.

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Here we go!

Mounting them required cutting off the front hooks of the seat tracks - in the Camaro the fronts of the seat rails hook into the floorboard and the back bolts down. Where the tracks landed on the Monte's floorboard made that impossible. I started with centering the steering wheel on the center of the driver's seat back, then went from there. When I eventually do a write-up I'll go into more detail, but let it suffice to say it was a LOT of measuring and squaring, because every single mounting point needed to be fabricated and spot-on perfect to work. In case you want to gander at the work: https://imgur.com/a/maOjbkz

Ok, so they don’t really look factory at all haha - but they look more factory than a Corbeau or Recaro, and have actual side support unlike the original buckets. 

On with the pics. The console (no lid) is just sitting there where it should, but not screwed down, although it's bracket is welded in place and the shifter is bolted down. The dash is half-bolted in place. Hopefully this gives an idea of how the seats fit in the space. Floorboard is covered with sound deadener from Sky High Car Audio - recommended to me from a mechanical engineer friend who used to build boxes for bass competitions. It's like half the price of Dynamat and intended for cars (so no toxic off-gassing in heat).
















And some with measurements, which may help





Here you can see the factory seat belt bolt and the distance to the door metal



Console spacing





Finally, the height to the headliner. This is to the headliner rod, trying to eyeball the top of the headrest.



This is more reliable, ruler against the headrest, but it's going to the roof itself instead of the headliner rod.



More detail on the fabric. These seats were from a 2012 V6 (the SS has the 'SS' embroidered in the headrest).


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That looks like the way I may go. I was looking at Camaro seats after you posted. I found a few at a fair price in good condition. 

I really appreciate you taking the time for the response. Thank you. 

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Yeah, I ended up getting mine off eBay from LKQ. I was looking at Corbeau or something but I wasn’t in love with the racer look, and I didn’t know how they felt sitting in them. My wife actually suggested the Camaro seats bc I had talked about how much I liked them in the Camaro I had at the time. 

It was a lot of fab work but I’m super happy with the result. And they’re power adjustable (yay!) while keeping the ‘flip forward’ aspect needed for our back seats. 

I’ll try to put together a write up soon-ish with the measurements I ended up with, it may save some time. 

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