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what rag joint for grand Cherokee steering box upgrade


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Pretty sure this goes here.

As the tittle says ive got a GC steering box and im wondering if anyone with previous experience with this swap knows the part number of the rag joint they used or what it was from. Ive heard 80s trucks like a suburban works well. thanks in advance

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I did this swap, much nicer than the original mush box that the general installed. I used a Dorman 31011 rag joint. I think these are from late 70 through mid 80 chevy trucks. Don't forget that you have to adapt the hoses to the metric o-ring fittings in the box, one is 16mm and one is 18mm or adapt/change the pump to metric hoses. There are some drop in adapters that allow you to use the standard hoses, be advised that the metric threads in the box are only close enough and not exact. I used some hydraulic hose adapters that I bought at NAPA, not sure of the part number though, also could adapt to AN fittings. Everything else bolts on. Be advised that some people will tell you that the WS6 box or an IROC box is the same but they have different internal stops inside that will cut down your turning radius, not so good in parking lots.

I also added Chassis works AFX spindles standard height with BMR control arms and sway bar. Very nice set up.

Team Chevelle www.chevelles.com has this swap covered.

Have fun



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I did the same with my '70 as well.

The rag joint # is correct, got it from Auto Value.

As for the hoses, because I added a cooler to my system, I went with brass double ended compression fittings. made the pipework a lot simpler.

I can send you photos if you like.

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The one thing I did find though, and I'm not sure if it's happened to anyone else doing this change, is that the groove it the steering shaft wasn't deep enough for the bolt on the clamp to pass through. I wound up using a smaller size bolt and locking nut to get the job done.

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