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1972 Bucket Seat Back Buttons


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I have a 1972 Monte Carlo with the Strato Bucket seats.

I recently got my cloth seat upholstery from Legendary to replace the black vinyl ones that were on it when I bought it (AZ, black vinyl, and bare flesh don't go together too well).  My assumption was that it was the factory vinyl seat upholstery but now I am not so sure. 

When I pulled back seat covers off, there was an actual 1972 date stamped on the inside.  On the front seat covers there are digits and such but no clear date that I could read - at least compared to the rear seat stamp. 

Anyway, the four buttons in the seatback I took off were pulled through the foam and burlap and restrained with a square metal "one way" type clip and the 2 "twangers" (or whatever they are called) extending from the button were bent back over the clip.  (see photos)

On the new cloth ones however, the buttons only pass through the cover material and are restrained on the backside of the cover. (see other photos)

I called Legendary and he said the buttons are NOT pulled through the foam.

Not a big whoop but if they should be pulled through the foam and such I would rather do it now than have that drive me nuts for years later.  I have looked on the internet at photos of the 72 Monte bucket seat back buttons and I have seen both so now I am all confused.

So, I am hoping someone on here has some factory 1972 cloth bucket seats and could give me the low down on how the factory did those seat back buttons.


Vinyl seat cover buttons-front_1.jpg

Vinyl seat cover button config-backside_1sml.jpg

Cloth seat cover buttons-front_1.jpg

Cloth seat cover button config-backside_1sml.jpg

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I just had my seats done on my 71 and I watched the guy pull them through the foam. But he used string on the buttons tied to a big needle, pushed them through and tied them off. Probably not “oe” correct but he said that they needed to be sucked into the seat. I think 71& 72 are the same. 

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I’ve never done interior work, but my assumption is:  

perhaps they only pull the buttons through the cloth and backing as it’s more likely to have buttons rip/be pulled completely thru cloth than it is the stronger vinyl.  Picture those buttons being pulled against cloth as tight as they are pulled against the vinyl in the pictures shown… no way they’d last.

Not sure if this makes sense, but it does to me after a few Bourbons. 

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I was kinda thinking the same thing (after a couple bottles of orange Fanta)- the cloth may not like having those buttons pulled as tight as those that go through the vinyl.  Hmmmm....

I did the "tied off string" thing on some hokey seat cover I made for my old wagon years ago and it seemed to work just fine.

Thanks for the info fellas.


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