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First Time Monte Gets Out In 2022

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Looks good Rob!

I took mine out for a quick spin last week. It was in the way of someone getting their car out of winter storage, so I figured I should at least get the fluids warm and moving around. Started right up, seemed to run good. I'll give it a better look, and make sure all is good in the coming weeks before loading it up for Carlisle. 

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I don't know what happened to the text for my above post.  It was there when I hit "Submit".

What was  supposed to be there was this:

I received my invoice for my insurance on the Model A and Monte a few days ago.  With the way the values have gone up on the Monte Carlo's I thought I would check to see how much it would cost to up my coverage on the Monte by $5,000.  They told me it would increase the premium by $35.00.  I told them to go ahead and they said when I send in my payment to just increase it by that $35.00 but I would need to submit some pictures of the car.

This gave me an excuse to finally get the Monte out of the storage garage for the first time this year, take it for a short ride to a place to shoot a few pictures.  The pictures I posted are the ones I took to send in with my payment.

Unfortunately the value of the Model A has not gone up in value.  As a matter of fact the Model A value has not increased in about 8 years but the Monte value has increased over the past couple years considerably.


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Beautiful color car Rob. My favorite. Increased my insurance this past week as well on the 71 . 

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Looks awesome Rob.  The first drive of the year is always exhilarating as well as somewhat nerve wracking. Always wondering if something’s gonna let go auger months of sitting.  And yes regarding the reassessment of the girl’s value. Hagerty will be getting pix of my ‘70 as soon as the new interior is complete. She’s scheduled for surgery on 24 May 🤞

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