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Monte Carlo Enthusiasts in or near Cape Coral, FL


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Hello - Newer to the group and just trying to find other Monte Carlo enthusiasts in my area. I am located in Cape Coral, FL and would like to meet up or talk with anyone who is near the area to me. Also looking for some guidance on a few electrical issues that I am experiencing with my car and hoping someone is near to assist.  Thank you so much.  John Rago aka VALINA

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1 hour ago, MC1of80 said:

Hi John. What issues are you having? We have a lot of members who like to help others. Ask away....

Hello Tom and thanks for responding. Here is what I need help with: 1. Ignition key does not operate alarm (no buzzing sound, just a grunt). When driver door is open, no sounds whatsoever. 2. Back up lights do not operate when in reverse (selector switch is in the console). 3. Half of the bulbs in dash do not operate. 4. Fuel tank gauge is pinned past full mark. 5. Noticed printed circuit board behind dash cluster seems very frail and raggedy. Should that be replaced and maybe that corrects a lot of issues? Thank you. If anyone has any suggestions, you can message me directly if you prefer.

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1 hour ago, Leghome said:

We do have a member in Punta Gorda.  Real nice guy but my memory (old timers lol) is not recalling his name oh almost had it Dennis ????

Yes, Dennis and we have spoken. He is currently in MN for the summer.

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Did you check the reverse light bulbs themselves. Check them first before checking the neutral safety switch. Also look at the wires in the trunk, on both sides of the trunk lock. Make sure they are connected. 

Someone may have removed the key buzzer module, been inside the column and removed the contacts or they may have broken off. 

Start inside the trunk also with the wires and make sure the fuel gauge wire is hooked up. Most likely it is the sending unit inside the tank. 

Burnt out bulbs is a common issue for the gauge cluster. Replace the bulbs. Recommend LED bulbs. Others will most likely recommend the ones that work. I haven't done this upgrade as of yet to my fleet. Lol 

The printed circuit after 50 or so yrs gets very brittle. Does your car have gauges? Idiot lights? 

Hey! What year Monte and options do you have. Also, WE like pics! 


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Hi John,

May I ask what year your Monte is ?

#1, not all cars have the key/door buzzer, are you sure your's is equipped ??

#2, is the wiring in the console good ? there may be a disconnection on the shifter contact.

#3, burnt out bulbs in the dash is a common issue, you may want to replace them with led bulbs anyways.

#4, sounds like a grounding issue with the fuel tank, check the wiring to the tank to see if anything is bare or pinched. (there's a good thread here that has a few suggestions on what to look for.)

#5, it never hurts to replace worn out parts..... Especially if you're already that far into the dash. 

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4 hours ago, 71SSclone said:

Hello John, Thank you for reaching out. It would be great to meet some MC car friends closer to my home. Please let me know when you are down this way.  John

Hello Thomas and Scott S.

I have a 1971 SS all original equipment as far as I can tell, it's out of a private collection. It has gauges, tach and oil pressure, P.S, P.B, A/C, AM/FM Stereo, bucket seats, console, tilt wheel, tinted glass, rear defroster, P.W., P. DL, Vinyl top and Rally wheels.

1.  I did check back up lights and housings by jumpering out the trunk wiring with the license plate lamp. They both work correctly. Need to go through console for further  inspection.

2. Did check wiring in trunk for sending unit, either grounded or ungrounded, gauge still pinned over full.

Will read up on forum about gas gauges and sending units. If I decide to change circuit board, is it best to remove the dash assembly? Is it easier to change lamps and check out gas gauge once dash assembly is removed?

Many thanks to you both. I will keep you guys posted.


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Hey John,

Most of the fuel sender wiring is under the car along the right side frame rail..... Then on top of the tank.

If you're going all the way with the circuit board, then removing it from the dash is the easiest way to go. As for just changing bulbs, etc, I found that pulling the top pad off was enough to get access to the back of the dash. And I'm not that small of a guy, so it could even be easier that that. ;)

Good luck. :)

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