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2022 Eastern Meet Award Winners and Dinner Pictures

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image.thumb.jpeg.2fbcb94132b40753fa75b790179cc4e3.jpegDennis Tretter Blockhead Award


image.thumb.jpeg.b8f397b01dc56a8a1b376bb33cac4775.jpegHeads and Tails Game Winner Dave Stanton

Muscial1128313995_3MusicalLyricsGameWinnerBobandSiueWagner.thumb.JPG.3d294b6dd6d165eeb8a84a0440f83f75.JPGMusical Lyrics Game Winner Bob and Sue Wagner

149977155_4HonoraryOfficerJaredRichey.thumb.JPG.c33b2a0f580b7c07dc4d33899ea721dc.JPGJared Richey Presented Honorary Officer Award

504857372_5HardLuckJimSeyboldt.thumb.JPG.7439b6932d0891a097bbd84a7efd95b6.JPGJim Seyboldt  HARD LUCK AWARD

964202242_6BestPaintTonyDiVirgilio.thumb.JPG.f971fac37f428171722dfa87f597dd7c.JPGTony DiVirgilio  BEST PAINT AWARD



To be continued in second post

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3 hours ago, Dtret said:

Thanks Rob. Couldn’t find a better picture. Lol. 

It took me a minute, then just like “that”, it dawned on me…





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11 minutes ago, Dtret said:

Ouch Glen. I’m calling PITA on you , insulting an animal like that. 

You do know what PETA stands for, right?

People. Eating. Tasty. Animals. 

I just wish I could’ve found a donkey wearing glasses. No such luck. 

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Just got in and revisiting this thread.  I’m laughing so hard I’ve got tears in my eyes.  All you guys rock… it’s like I’m still at work trading barbs with and ripping on coworkers who are equally twisted.  This place is gonna be fun. 

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