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Replacement front parking light buckets


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They are not the same as the Chevelle.  I thought someone was making the portion that the lamp mounts in but I can't find it on line. The rear portion is the same as the 70 El Camino but the actual lens for the El Camino is amber.


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The 70 Chevelle has rectangular turn signal lenses and housings.

The 70 el Camino has round signals and lenses like the 70 Monte. The 70 elcamino and Monte have the same bumper, housings and the lenses can be switched between them for whatever look you like. 

The 71 Monte Carlo and the 70 Chevelle bumpers and turn signals look similar but as Rob stated, are not interchangable. There were a few used 71 housings on eBay not to long ago. 

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On 8/11/2022 at 7:58 AM, Blackhawk said:

They do sell the lenses, so you could replace the visible part and perform any repairs to the bucket itself.


The buckets have the chrome backing for the reflector coming off really bad but the lenses are fine.

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There is a shop here in Anderson IN that does that chrome look on plastic that might be able to fix them or s shop in your area that does that kind of work   Mielke Way Coatings, he does hydro dipping and powder coating also. Very nice guy and he does excellent work from what I have seen and on the things I have had done. I do not know what the process is called but they spray something on the part and then spray a special water over that and it looks like chrome when finished. It took him awhile to get it all sorted out but now he is quite proficient at it. 

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