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FGMCC 2023 Carlisle GM Nationals Mini-Meet

Rob Peters

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2 hours ago, MC1of80 said:

Really? Lol. Kung Fu. 

Ding, Ding, Ding.... we have a winner  Kung Fu with David Carradine

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Below is an email going out to everyone who has registered with me to attend the Carlisle Mini-Meet this evening:  

2023 FGMCC Carlisle Mini-Meet


We are now a month away from the Carlisle GM Nationals FGMCC Mini-Meet.  It is time to start our countdown, we are only 30 and a wake-up from members arriving at the host hotel.  I wanted to give you some information and sort of an itinerary.  Since this is a Mini-Meet it will be a little less regimented than an Eastern Meet.

For those who registered with Carlisle Events early enough have started receiving their gate passes today.  The envelope you have received or will be receiving will have several things. 

·         Registration Letter with a yellow high-lighted banner across the middle that states PRESENT THIS LETTER FOR GOODY BAG PICKUP.  (Make sure you bring this letter with you to pick up your Carlisle Events Goody Bag and your Carlisle Events participant judging form.  You will also get your show field Dash Card which will be used to identify your car for show field judging.

·         Your registration Windshield Sticker.  This sticker will go on the upper part of your windshield on the drivers side

·         A map of the show field layout.  For those of you who attended last year, we will be in the same place as we were last year.  This is a great location which is close to the grandstand, food court, bathrooms and the vendors area.

·         2023 Show Field Info and Rules sheet.

·         You may want to put this envelope and all of its contents in your glove box so you don’t forget to bring it.  If you arrive at the show without it you will be required to purchase a new registration.



Members will start arriving as early as just after noon.  Please keep in mind that Check-In at the hotel is not guaranteed until around 3:00PM.   Lunch will be on your own.  Since this is a mini-meet you will not need to see me for a folder, member judging sheet, name badges or any other normal Eastern Meet items. 

The hotel is going to supply us with a hose so our members can start washing/cleaning their cars in the parking lot.  Arriving members will be renewing old friendships and welcoming any first time FGMCC meet attendees.  The first-time members are the lucky ones because they will be able to meet, in person, a lot of really fantastic members of the club and put faces with names and screen names.

During the afternoon I will be collecting $6.00 Per Person for everyone who wants to participate in the Thursday evening Pizza Party.  I will be shooting to have the pizza delivered between 5:30 and 6:00PM.  Pizza Party will be set up in the hotel hospitality area.  For the Pizza Party, please bring your own beverages for the Pizza Party.  When you arrive, please have exact change to pay for everyone in your party for the pizza.

Also Thursday, Friday and Saturday I will be collecting money from everyone for our Saturday Evening Group Dinner.  I will be asking everyone to bring the correct cash amount for everyone in your party for your Saturday dinner.  I will get you the amount per person as soon as I have the price locked in but it will more than likely be the same as last year.  I would like to collect as much of  this money on Thursday as possible so I am not having to be doing this all day Friday and Saturday.

At some point in the afternoon prior to the Pizza Party we will head to the show field to decorate our club canopy.  If we get enough volunteers this should be completed within an hour.  Anyone who is interested in assisting with this project please let me know.

Immediately following the Pizza Party anyone interested in go-cart racing will depart as a group to the Carlisle Sports Emporium.  Unfortunately, they will not give us a group rate but in the past our members have had a great time at the go-cart track.  We have seen some of our older members become kids again out on the track.  It is fun to just watch from behind the fence to see our members and their kids out on the track.  It is great to see all the smiles as our members circle the track.

When we return from the track we will be setting up for our evening bench racing so start bringing your folding chairs out and start our member circle that will grow larger as the evening passes.  I think we have a couple members bringing tables so we will be able to have some games of Left Center Right (AKA LCR)  The hotel is going to rope off a section of the parking lot for our club, just as they have in the past.



The hotel provides breakfast.  If I am not mistaken, breakfast starts at 6:00AM. 

Following breakfast, we will leave the hotel parking lot at 8:00AM, as a group, and head to the show field. By arriving a little bit early, we will have enough time to be parked and in place by the time they open with the National Anthem. 

We have gotten enough pre-registrations to qualify for a free club canopy.  This will be our gathering place.  Usually, the canopy is large enough to fit as many members as want to set up their chairs under cover.  Our canopy is a nice gathering place for our members.  If we have any group meetings, they will be held in our club canopy.  The club will be supplying cold water for any club members in need of a cold refreshing bottle of water.  At the show field everyone will be on their own all day.  There are plenty of food vendors in the food court with a nice variety of things to eat. 

The area around the the sides of the grandstand and food court seating area are parts vendors and many other types of vendors.

As stated before.  When you get your goodie bag you received a Carlisle Events participant judging form.  We will be judging our cars and some other cars that will be parked in the areas near our cars.  You may want to start today to decide which cars you may want to vote on. 

Leaving The Show Field:  As stated before while at the show field you will be on your own all day.  The same goes for leaving the show field and heading back to the hotel.  You can come and go to and from the show field at any time. 

Friday Evening Dinner will be on your own.  If this is your first time at this event you can talk to others for suggestions on places to eat.  Many of our members like the Walnut Bottoms Diner.  This place has a large number of selections on their menu at a very reasonable prices. 

After dinner, we will again gather in the hotel parking lot for another evening of bench racing. 

If you have not paid for your Saturday evening group dinner yet please hook up with me to take car of this



Following breakfast, we will again leave the hotel as a group at 8:00AM to head to the show field. 

You will again be on your own at the show field.  Don’t forget about the club canopy being our gathering place.  Any necessary club announcements, if necessary, will be posted at the club canopy.

You will need to complete your Carlisle Events Participation judging Saturday morning because this sheet needs to be turned in in time to be counted so please get this done Friday afternoon or early Saturday.

Saturday Evening Group Dinner:  Our group dinner will be held someplace on the GM Nationals Show Field.   I think it will be in the large seminar canopy so stay tuned for the exact location.  This will be a buffet dinner again this year and it will be catered by Marcello’s restaurant.  We have delt with Alfredo from Marcello’s since 2005 which was the year of my first Eastern Meet in Carlisle.  It was the first Eastern Meet I hosted and Alfredo had just opened Marcello’s after moving here from Italy.

Around the time of our dinner, they will be posting the Carlisle Events Awards.  Please bring your GM Nationals Dash Placard identifying your car because it may need to be turned in to collect your award if you are one of the lucky winners.

Following dinner, we will head back to the club host hotel for our last night of Bench racing in the host hotel parking lot and more games of Left Center Right.  For those leaving early Sunday morning we will be saying our good-bye’s Saturday Evening.



You can sleep in this morning if you like.  I think Breakfast ends around 9:00AM.  Our members will be leaving on their own.  It is time to say good bye until next year. 



Toward the end of next year in the September/October time frame, we will be holding our elections for our club officers.  Our three club officer positions are President, Vice President and Secretary.  I am announcing now that I will not be running for President again.  I am announcing this now for a reason.  Since 2005 I have hosted the Eastern meet every other year, held a Mini-Meet at the GM Nationals in the years I didn’t host the Eastern Meet or I have either assisted with the Eastern Meet I didn’t host and hosted a Carlisle Mini-Meet at the GM Nationals.  The new officers will be hosting the Eastern Meets held north of the Mason/Dixon Line. 

At the conclusion of this Mini-Meet I will start planning the 2024 Eastern Meet which will be held at the 2024 Carlisle Events GM Nationals

Since I will not be running for President again, the Eastern Meet in Carlisle in 2024 will be the last Eastern Meet I will be hosting.  Since 2024 will be my last Eastern Meet will be my last one to plan, I hope to make it my largest.  I hope to start it earlier than previous meets and will be looking for some areas for us to tour as a group.  Some possible areas of interest may be Gettysburg to tour the Gettysburg battle field areas, Lancaster Amish area, Hershey area etc. etc.  It is my hope it will end up being our largest attended meet ever with them most First Generation Monte’s on the show field. 

IN 2024, with the club having started in January of 2000,  the First Generation Monte Carlo Club will be entering its 25th Year.  We have already ordered and received 25 Year Anniversary Grill Badges for our members who will be entering their 25th year as a dues paying member of the club since the beginning of the club.  . 


There will be more emails to come regarding the GM Nationals Mini-Meet.  If you have any questions please let me know.



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1 minute ago, MC1of80 said:

CONFIRMED also, #357! Don't care about my number, just glad I'm in!!! 😂🤣😂🤣

We're glad too 🙂

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On 5/22/2023 at 3:55 PM, Dtret said:

I was # 13. 

If your superstitious I'll trade with ya 🤣 I'm still waiting on mine. I haven't received any email on USPS shipping 

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19 minutes ago, DragCat said:

If your superstitious I'll trade with ya 🤣 I'm still waiting on mine. I haven't received any email on USPS shipping 

I never got an email either, I called them they said check spam folder I just delete them without looking at them.

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1 hour ago, DragCat said:

If your superstitious I'll trade with ya 🤣 I'm still waiting on mine. I haven't received any email on USPS shipping 

Not superstitious at all. My luck is most always bad so I may as well plan on it. But dare I say. I got mine, like it or not. Lol. Don’t worry, you’ll get yours!!!

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