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My seat ripped and it made me laugh...

Steve G

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The interior was reupholstered in 1973 from fabric to vinyl because the fabric absorbed the cigarette smoke too much... haha.. absolutely beautiful work too. well 49 years later the seat finally let go..  instead of seeing foam poking through I got to see this..  E2F0C3F9-5F92-438A-804D-63434A06153D.thumb.jpeg.a0070590f5972eceac81d41961a96b33.jpeg

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7 hours ago, Rare SS said:

Car is a 72. Re-upholstered in 73 because of too much cigarette smoke?

Yikes! Who owned the car, the Marlboro Man? 

My mother and father, everyone smoked back then. I remember being a child in the back seat and the car packed with smoke, windows up and heater on... then from 2001-2009 I smoked in it too...  I think that’s why the rats didn’t touch the interior in the last 12 years that it sat.

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On 9/6/2022 at 12:53 PM, Scott S. said:

They did come with ashtrays and lighters as standard equipment...... Even in the back seat, so you could relax with your "date" back there. ;)

Ever try sitting (for long) there? The only way to relax in the back seat was to flip the buckets forward! No room back there, even for someone my size (5-10")


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