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A/C or non A/C vents?

Steve G

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I want to replace my dash vents .. it’s a 72 with factory A/C I was told the side vents are non-A/C. I need the experts to tell me what I have. And would it really matter if I ended up with the wrong ones because I’m confused.. 

thank youF501DD1C-6591-48C2-8F97-76416B45659D.thumb.jpeg.3873318caee9125dcfbc4596983752bf.jpegFADF59B4-E541-42C6-A462-63E5FAD5BABD.thumb.jpeg.808949b55acc93b2c5399ea6ab37748a.jpeg

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My 72 with factory air looks just like yours, both side and center vents. Some of the earlier years (not sure if both 70/71, or just a single year) had a slide lever for airflow on the side vents, but not 72 as far as I know.

Yours appear to be correct.

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Both of mine are like yours. I had mine rebuilt by Leo Konink at Konink's Klassic's in Michigan. Took some time but just like new. There are no buy and replace with these,(chevelle is different).Mine were broke and would not open /close easy.post-259-0-93319100-1480263543_thumb.jpg

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1 hour ago, 420ponies said:

 There are no buy and replace with these,(chevelle is different).

I did buy the replacement assemblies (non A/C) when I did mine, but took everything apart and just used the chrome plated vents. Did both side vents, re-using the factory housings & factory upper and lower felt washers, just had to be careful taking them apart & gluing them back together. Worked out pretty good, but took a fair amount of time.

Replaced the center vents too, but don't remember if I cracked that apart too, or just used the whole replacement assembly.

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15 minutes ago, Steve G said:

Now you guys are scaring me.... haha.. how do those chrome “touch up” pens work?  I might be ok with that 

Nothing to worry about, just takes time.

I got some 'Chrome' paint pens from Amazon, they work pretty decent, but you have to use them where it makes sense. I also got a 'refill' that works good in an airbrush, that worked good too. Both have plenty of 5 star ratings, and did the job well. Nice for the raised 'outline' area around the vents & dash gauges, radio, etc. too.



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11 minutes ago, Dtret said:

I used the same chrome pens, worked good. You just need a steady hand. 

Yeah, do it before drinking 3 cups of coffee 😁

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