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‘70 SS For Sale

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Briefly looked at the pictures, albeit on my phone, but at first quick glance it doesn’t look too bad. Has a hood ornament 🤔. Has the compressor 🤙🏻.  Couldn’t really see the control arms. Sway bars look proper 🤙🏻.  Looks to be Flint assembled, so no Build Sheet, correct?  Has a FGMCC radiator/grill gap plate… was/is this a members car?

It’s in a suburb not too far from me, so if anybody is interested in an in-person inspection, more pictures, checking of numbers… Give me a shout. 


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7 hours ago, Rob Peters said:

We  have a member from Chicago who has a 70 Shadow Gray SS454.  His name is George P.  Screen name RPO Z20


The car pictured has a first gen Monte Carlo club rad support cover on it. Maybe it's his? 

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Like I said… it’s not too far from where I’m at if anybody wants me to check out the car in person for them. 

And if for some reason I’m unable to take a ride to see it, I’ll give George P. shout to see if he’s available to check it out.

I know George rather well. He’s a rather clever fella, as evidenced by that ‘RPO Z20’ moniker. Reportedly wickedly sarcastic, as well.  

But I digress…

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PS - the code on the cowl tag says it was born with Cortez Silver paint. Is this obvious repaint a bad attempt at replicating that shade?  Or did someone decide to go with the Shadow Gray like George’s ‘70 SS?

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