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clock gas gauge

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The gauge points to about 3 o’clock with the key on or off.  When I bought the car the gauge was just over full, I replaced the tank and sending unit with and in tank pump when I installed a holley sniper.  The chassis ground was corroded so I sanded it clean, if I remember correctly I verified continuity between the chassis and the fuel gauge terminal(a mind is a terrible thing to waste).  The tan wire in the trunk has no voltage to ground and I don’t get an ohms reading across it.    

Most of the dash light were burnt out so I replaced them. One had a loose trace on the circuit board but I was able to get it to lay down under the contact.  I pulled the connector from the pc board and attempted to clean it but didn’t see any issues there.  I have ordered a new circuit board( I guess that’s what you call it) thinking there may be an issue there.

thanks for the reply 


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Did somebody say SNOWBALL!!!!!!!!

How is your heater core, carpet, should you add 3 point safety belts and about 5 other things I did after my heater core started leaking and steaming up the windows. Good time!! 

If this link works, enjoy it.




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oh no, you mean this could happen, lol

I’m in Ocean City at the Endless Summer Cruise In and after looking at the multitude of well done cars it’s no longer a snowball it’s an avalanche.

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