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Show From Sunday

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So, got last minute notice of a show at the Michael Jordan Steakhouse in a wealthy suburb this past Sunday.

My gut feeling was correct… majority of cars there were rich kid toys:  a Lamborghini, Porsches, Ferraris, Audis etcetera, not to mention a handful of knuckleheads with their tuner garbage. And check out the lime green Porsche… has dealer plates on it 🤣😂

Besides me, there was a ‘68 Camaro, ‘60 Vette, ‘87 T-Type and a ‘70 Challenger. I only took a couple overall pictures, cause it was such a bust. 

But the highlight was a professional photographer present took a shine to the ‘71 and emailed me his photos today (I’ll try to put those pictures last). 

At the end of the day, it was a win as I got to drive the car for a while. Not sure how much longer the weather is going to hold out here, so driving to and from a crappy show is better than covered in the garage. 








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14 minutes ago, Dtret said:

Nice!!!    The Monte I mean. 

Thanks. Some of the cell phones have insanely good cameras, but I forgot how nice pictures can look from real cameras. The pixel/size limit here doesn’t do them justice.

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