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Body Bushings

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Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question. I have a 70, if I go over a hard bump I hear a thud. It’s almost like something is bottoming out in the rear. Increasing air in the shocks doesn’t change anything, any suggestions? 

could it be that it needs Body Bushings replaced? How hard are they to replace?

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Thud or a clunk ??

How good are your air shocks and rear springs ?

Might just be the differential or control arms hitting the exhaust. 

I wound up switching to gas shocks and re routing the pipes because of a similar issue after I installed a 12 bolt. So it could just be something simple. ;

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On 11/6/2022 at 9:27 PM, Rob Peters said:

Tracy, that is a beautiful Monte.  It looks like you got the best year in the First Gen grouping and with Blue being the best color you have chosen wisely on color.  I could be wrong but that looks like Astro Blue.


It’s more of a thud like something bottoming out. I’m going to check everything 

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I would check shock bushings, sway bar bushings, control arm bushings, and make sure your exhaust is snugged into position and not banging against anything.

I once had the same problem - thud over bumps. I replaced everything before realizing that the wheels had the wrong backspacing and the sidewall was hitting the quarter panel lip when the car dipped enough. I swore it was a suspension problem but nope, putting the correct wheels on the car solved the problem.

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