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Bench Seat Value?

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The bench seat in my '72 has great vinyl upholstery, but the springs on the driver side seat and back are really weak. I weight 180 and sink 2-3 inches down and back! One of the previous owners must have been a bigun!
Question: I'm going with buckets, does a bench seat have any value?
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It may have some value to someone who is doing a resto and needs an original bench seat. Springs aren't that hard to replace or just add extra Springs to it (that's what I did) but I believe the back is just the foam which would need to be replaced but I'm pretty sure it's available. 

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I sold several original bench seats over the past 5 years or so. Prices ranged from $100 to $250. Every seat went to someone fixing up an old truck project. My brother-in-law used a 72 Monte seat in his 56 Ford F100 project. It fit perfectly, just had to make some mounting brackets.

Good luck!


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These seats are from a 2012 Chrysler 200 convertible. All power including heat, integral shoulder harness, flip forward for rear seat access.

I'm going to recover these seats using the material from the bench seat. I'm going to add a suede insert in the seat, Florida is too hot for vinyl! Going to insert the back seat as well. FYI these seats were $120 for the pair!

I recovered an older version of these seats for my Valiant convertible, they have worked out well. The Valiant is for sale to finance painting the Monte Carlo.


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