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What's On Your Thanksgiving Menu

Rob Peters

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This has been an interesting run-up to Thanksgiving in our household.  Patsy is a great cook.  She has been doing Thanksgiving dinners here at our house for what seems like forever.  Pat doesn't like to disappoint and since everyone has their preference on side dishes she tries to make something that each person likes.  NOBODY has ever left Thanksgiving Dinner at our house hungry and without "takeout".

This year the run-up to dinner has been a challenge.  I usually spend the week leading up getting the house ready for company while Patsy starts preparing dishes.  She always starts preparing the deserts and side dishes all during the week.  People say bad things come in three's and we are now up to 5 bad things.  I won't go into all of them here, I will just touch on a couple or three..  Of course with preparing all of these things leaves things piled on top of each other in the refrigerator. 

Patsy had made a Cherry pie and one of my favorites, a Dutch Apple.  They were stacked one on top of the other inside the fridge.  She opened the door and out fell the two pies....  The apple pie landed in a way that only cracked the top of the crust but my favorite, Dutch Apple fell top down onto the floor...non-salvageable

The other real bad thing that happened, or should I say two real bad things that happened occurred tonight.  Due to the lack of room in the fridge I buy a large bag of ice for our cooler on the deck and we store things in there.  With both of us being busy this seek I stopped and bought a large bottle of Pino-Greccio wine so we could try to relax with a nice glass or two of wine when we got home this evening.  I opened the bottle of wine and set it out on the deck to stay cold since there was no room in the fridge.  It was sitting next to the ice cooler on the deck outside the dining room sliding doors.  I am sitting at the dining room table cutting onions for tomorrow's stuffing when I heard  the large bottle of wine fall over... I thought "that is odd, there is no wind out there.  Then I hard the top of the ice cooler slam shut and knew something was wrong.

I opened the curtain and there looking at me was one of the largest racoon's I have ever seen staring me down with one of the plastic bags of cornbread sitting in front of him that he had just pulled out of the cooler.  I opened the slider door and kicked him to the other side of the deck but he never released his grasp on that bag of cornbread.  Since I stood between him and his escape route, the steps (our deck is 12 feet above the ground) he ran toward me with the plastic bag of cornbread.  I slammed the slider door closed and allowed him his escape down the deck steps.  So, we not only lost one bag of corn bread, we also lost 3/4 of the large bottle of just opened wine.

Since the title of of this post is "What's On Your Thanksgiving Menu"  I will now try to cover most of what will be on our menu now that Patsy has baked another batch of cornbread....

Desserts-  Pumpkin Pie, Dutch Apple Pie (we made another one) Cherry Pie, all topped with whipped cream

Of Course approximately 22 pound Turkey

Regular Bread Stuffing in the small end of the turkey

Corn Bread Stuffing in the large end of the turkey

Fresh cooked rolls

Mashed potato's made with cream cheese

Sweet Potato's made with raisin's and topped with toasted marshmallows'

Green Bean casserole 

Broccoli Casserole

Fresh corn I stripped off the cobb this fall and froze

Creamed Corn

Black Olives

Green stuffed olives

Turkey gravy 

There is a lot more but typing this is making me hungry.

You may have noticed I said two types of stuffing...  I grew up in the south.  We never had any stuffing except cornbread.  I had never had regular bread stuffing until I moved up here to Pennsylvania.  Well, I could not eat a Thanksgiving dinner without my beloved Cornbread stuffing so Patsy made it one year and it was such a hit we have been stuffing the big end of the turkey with cornbread and the small end with regular bread stuffing.  

So, what is on your Thanksgiving Menu this year.

Since the raccoon knocked the bottle of wine over tonight wine will not be served.  I hope that dang raccoon is sore from being kicked across our deck surface and I hope that bag of cornbread makes him/her very sick.




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Happy Thanksgiving to you and Pat and all your family, hope everything else goes as planed. Sounds like a rough start but let's face you've had them before and did very well with it. Thank you Rob for all you for for your family and this family we all have here. 🦃🦃🦃

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Wow , What an experience. 

Well one thing is for certain,   You definitely have a rather exciting and entertaining life  !!!

You are the only person I know that has gone toe to toe (pardon the pun) 😂 with a possum !

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Not to laugh but this helps me realize bad things don't only happen to me 😄

I go to my younger sisters's house and my brother in law does all the cooking. Look forward to today spending it with my family and eating till I'm stuffed.


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QOTD: What did President Calvin Coolidge famously receive as a Thanksgiving gift?🎁

And the answer is...D) Raccoon! In November 1926, Vinnie Joyce of Mississippi sent Coolidge a live raccoon to be served at Thanksgiving dinner. However, the President became so smitten with the furry animal that he pardoned it and adopted it as a pet. He named it Rebecca.


Rob I saw this and thought about your run in with the raccon. You could either cook it or feed it and call it a pet, but keep it away from the wine because it's definitely got a drinking problem 🤣

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