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Upcoming Website Policy Changes

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Notice To All FGMCC Dues Paying Members & FGMCC NON-Dues Paying Members. 

Our club is implementing some new website policies.  These new policies are aimed at rewarding Dues Paying Membership for their support. 

Our club dues go to many different things such as the operation, maintenance and hosting of this website, Club Insurance, Club Merchandise, Anniversary Milestone Awards, Eastern and Western Meet Awards and many other club expenses.  Without dues paying members, this club and website would be gone forever.  All of our club officers, administrators and moderators are donating our time to the club and no dues payments go to these fine people who donate untold hours of their time to keep things running here.  We are a non-profit club. 

The First Generation Monte Carlo Club has in the past and will still allow Non-Dues Paying members access to many areas the club web-site because there is a wealth of information that needs to be shared, but the site will become more restrictive beginning January 25, 2023.  At that time the below changes will go into effect  A couple of these changes have already gone into effect, such as the ChatBox only being available to Dues Paying Members

Listed her are some of the changes that will apply to Non-Dues Paying Members:

·         Limit of 1 post per day on the message boards (Dues paying members unlimited)

·          Limit of 1 Private Message per day  (Dues paying members unlimited)

·         Limit Private Message storage to 5 (Dues paying members storage is 99)

·         No access to the ChatBox  (Already in effect, Dues paying members unlimited)

·         No avatar beside their screen name  (Dues paying members avatar allowed)

·         Auto signature not allowed (Allowed for dues paying members, including picture in auto signature)

·         No ranking badges in screen name (In effect now and will remain for dues paying members)

·         All items for sale must include an email address  (Not required for dues paying members due to the availability of Private Messages)

·         Size of posts on the boards will be greatly reduced, including pictures and .pdf’s  (Dues paying limits will not be affected).

·         No access and use of the Photo Gallery for non-dues paying members

As always, to attend any of the club Eastern, Western or Mini-Meets or functions and to be able to secure a room at a club host hotel, all members must be current in their dues.

Please direct any questions to me at rob29ford@aol.comR

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