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Shoulder bolts

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I need some new bolts for the lower control arms and rear control arms. The usual suspects sell these shoulder bolts from 4 to 8bucks apiece or in 4 bolt kits, that they're out of! Lol Soooo, my question is what kind of problems would I create just putting a standard  grade 8 In them vs the shoulder bolt? I guess I don't understand the need for a shoulder bolt.

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Have you tried AMK products? 

Here is a link, narrowed down a bit to show suspension fasteners. I picked 1971, but you could adjust it to your year if needed (it appears 1970 may be different that 71-72 kits).

If you click on the 'camera' icon, it shows a picture of the items. You could also order each of those parts in the pop-up pictures separately if you want (example-just the bolts, etc.). I have found shipping cheaper by ordering online, than by calling them.


https://www.amkproducts.com/i-kits/chevrolet-individual-fastener-kits/?year_=1971&model=Monte Carlo&category=Steering%2FSuspension

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Good! Glad it worked out for you. I reference them all the time when looking for fasteners.

The Factory Assembly manuals always have a GM part number, so I google that part number with GM and AMK added to the search term. Most of the time it'll pop something up, usually a page from the catalog itself. A 'search' of the page thru  the web browser will take you right to the part number on the page. This tends to be helpful when re-assembling the car and you're just not sure what that correct screw, bolt, fastener looks like.

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