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Wiring harness options

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I'm hoping to pick up a wiring harness for me car here fairly soon, but to be honest, am struggling with which to buy. I've seen some as low as $250 all the way up to over $1,500.

I'm looking for one that is basically going to cover everything, or at least 90% of what would be standard on the car. Pretty sure mine had AC, so I'll want to include wiring for that, even if I don't put the AC back in right away, I'd want the wiring there in case it does eventually go in.

Having said all that, is this a good harness? 


It looks like it covers everything, but I'm really not sure. If there's something cheaper, great, especially with the cost of everything these days.



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There are a few here that have done wiring, I'll let them chime in. My first question would be are you keeping everything STOCK/ Any upgrades /. additions ? For example, not that its pricey but if you upgrade the alternator you will probably need a new pig tail. I noticed OPGI that you listed isnt in stock, as I'm sure your aware parts shortages also go with the pain of the prices. 

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I installed that AAW 510336 harness in my car. Very happy with it for the most part (I didn't care for their headlamp or dimmer switches, I used GM ones instead.). It does NOT include the A/C harness, but AAW does have that as well. All top quality stuff.

Keep in mind, it will use the newer style fuses, plus has a lot more circuits and much more versatile than a factory replacement harness. Depends what you're doing with the car, as Mark said. It will take any future upgrades you throw at it, such as power windows, stereo, EFI, electric fans, etc.

Summit has that harness in stock, and you also won't find many people here that'll recommend OPGI...at all.



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Thanks for the replies, I'm planning to keep the car mostly stock. About the only real upgrade I can think of would be a stereo (likely 1-2 amplifiers) and fuel injection. 

Also good to know about opgi not being a highly recommended source. 

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