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Side Blinkers Replacement? Removing Trim


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Hello first gen friends.


I am having the top portion of the side trim removed for paint, and the bottom solid chrome piece will be powder coated.  I am looking for help locating some replacement blinker housings that can be attached to the side of the car and have the bulb attached behind it so it can still function as a turn signal.  I have found delete kits and reflectors, but I want the blinkers to still operate.  


Do any of you know where I might be able to locate these?  


We have left the attachment screws intact where the trim was removed from, so I can screw in the light hub in place if such an item exists.


Thank you for the help.



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The OE housings have a socket with a bulb in them. The front should blink with the turn signals but I don't believe the back ones do they light up with the headlight system. Also why are you powder coating the rocker trim? Why not just polish it up to look like original? They do make aftermarket trim but your better off with OE for sure. Also welcome to the site.

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I am removing the bottom trim except that thin chrome piece between the wheels, which I will powder coat black.  I'm trying for a dark look without any chrome.  The challenge for me will be the chrome on the windows, but emblems and trim can be easily removed and placed in the oven.


That is why I am looking for something that looks like a typical reflector that we can attach to the side blinker hole but also have a hub in the back to put the lights in.  I'm hoping something like that is available.

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