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Complete CD2 option setup (washer fluid level monitor) 1970 Monte Carlo

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SOLD 3/16/2023

For sale: A complete CD2 option setup (washer fluid level monitor) for 1970 Monte Carlo (and Chevelle.) Setup includes OEM sending unit, fiber optic cable and under-dash bezel w/lens, all in PERFECT condition. Wiring harness is brand new. Setup does not include a fluid container ( Just drill a 3/4” hole in the top of your standard container and you have a correct CD2 container.) 


*** SOLD 3/16/2023***

PayPal accepted and will ship in the U.S. Thank you,-Randy 
443 608 2362 / 410 598 1833 







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3 hours ago, Dtret said:

Does the jug come with it?  

According to his post the jug does not come with it.

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Has anyone found replacement float for this. My 70 came with this option but no float so I made one but doesn't work great. Thanks Ralph

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Ralph,  I found a float back in 2018. This is a post from back then. You could try to send him an email. Good luck

A member on Team chevelle "danhalt" was selling them about a yr ago I bought a couple from him ,You can do a search on  team chevelle for  CD2 washer monitor float replacement and see what it looks like or you can email him at  dave.anhart1@gmail.com to see if he still has them. 20.00 + 7.00  shipping

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