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Power steering leak and less assist

Blue 72

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My 72, small block, seems to have picked up a power steering issue in the past week. It put a small wet spot, a couple times, on the floor of the garage. Seems to do it while running. The bottom of the pump is wet with fluid, not dripping, but wet. Power assist is down about 20% and is less smooth. It may be the original pump, I'll check the log book. I know there is a high pressure nut that can come loose.

I was nearby there last fall when I changed the water pump so it has been touched recently. I believe there are seal kits for your current pump and new pumps to be had. I don't seem to see any power steering pumps in my chevy by the numbers book. I will continue to look up troubleshooting order. Advice appreciated.

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I chased a leak in mine a while back turns out there was 2, the pressure hose was leaking a little and there was a leak in the pump body. I changed the hose and put a seal kit in and was fine for a while. Then the body started leaking again then I put a new pump on it but wasn't having any issues with steering performance.  I'd degrees the whole area and look at it running it could be the steering box too. Good luck they can be  bit of a pain.

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