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Posi rear end interchange


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A friend of mine recently bought a 68 Buick Skylark that he is going to part out, He said I could have the posi rear end from it. I was curious if it will fit my 72 Monte. bolth rear ends look the same as bolth cars are GM A bodies.

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Guest silent72

im thinking of getting a 10 bolt 8.5 from a skylark, am i gonna need the combination u-joint? i think the rear end im takin out on mine might be the 10 bolt 8.2. will i need a shorter or longer driveshaft?

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If you are going TO a 8.5 from any other GM rear you will have to shorten the drive shaft about 3/4" ...But best to mount the rear and then measure and cut after fully installed.


You will nee the combo u-joint. If you had a BIG BLOCK with the large rear end yoke in a 12 bolt you will be fine.



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