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Front coil spring rates

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I'm looking at new front springs once I get the Monte back on the frame and go to work on the chassis. Right now I'm leaning towards the Hotchkis 2" drop springs for the front (to start), and then later getting the rears either 2" or 1" drop. I'll be using BMR for the rears, because they're local and not as costly. I haven't called BMR yet, but if they have 2" drop front springs I'll probably go with those (their website only lists 1" drop).


Both BMR and Hotchkis list the spring rates for their springs. BMR's front 1" drop springs are 525lbs/in, Hotchkis' front 1" drop springs are 512lbs/in, and Hotchkis' front 2" drop springs are also 512lbs/in.


Here's what I'm wondering:


1) What are the spring rates for our stock front coil springs? I know that won't translate into what I feel now (or rather, what I remember feeling) because of age and spring sag. But I'm just wanting a rough idea.


2) Would there be a significant difference in 'feel' between the 512lbs/in Hotchkis and the 525lbs/in BMR? Or would that be unnoticed in such a big car? I would think that such a small difference wouldn't be felt.

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