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What color to paint front end parts


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Tony, i want to start painting some more of the small stuff and i am not sure what color goes on what. I cant tell what colors are what from the parts cars.

Thanks for the help Tony.

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SEM has a trim black that is a satin finish. The part number is 39143 Trim Black. It matches the factory under hood color almost perfectly. I do not know who carries it but I work in an automotive paint store and we do. So that is probably a good place to start looking if that is what you want. I used it on the engine compartment on my 72 it it looks a whole lot better than the flat black that was there.

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I remember that list, I wish I had copied it. I sprayed any "unpainted" items like spindles. tie rods, drag link steering arms all Eastwood cast iron gray. The rest got Rustoleom low gloss black (Not Flat).


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Is this the list you are talking about? smile


Underhood Detailing:

 Frame and upper/lower control arms and upper shafts = semi-gloss black

 Front coil springs = gloss black or natural (better detail contrast)

 Firewall, inner fenders, radiator support = semi-gloss black

 Radiator and fan = gloss black

 Fan clutch = natural aluminum

 Radiator shroud = natural black plastic or gloss black

 Steering box = natural cast iron gray

 Steering linkage = natural steel

 Front sway bar = natural cast iron gray

 Heater or AC housing = semigloss black

 Hood hinges, latch, catch and springs = gray phosphate plated

 Brackets and steel pulleys = semi-gloss or gloss black (gloss gives more detail contrast)

 Cast iron pulleys = natural cast iron

 Master cylinder = natural cast iron (some use gloss black)

 Brake booster = gold cadmium plated (master cylinder lid also)

 Windshield wiper motor = gloss black

 Alternator = natural aluminum

 Power steering pump = gloss black

 AC compressor = semi-gloss black

 Steering column shaft = natural steel

 Horns = gloss black

 Coil = gloss black

 Voltage regulator = gloss black

 Distributor = natural aluminum with gloss black cap

 Fuel and brake lines = natural steel

Undercarriage Details:

 Transmission = natural aluminum

 Bellhousing = natural aluminum

 Transmission support = semi-gloss black

 Driveshaft = natural steel

 Rear axle = semi-gloss black

 Rear swaybar = semi-gloss black

 Rear coil springs = gloss black

 Rear control arms = semi-gloss black

 Gas tank = natural steel (shiny)

 Gas tank straps = gloss black

 Parking brake cables = natural steel


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