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brake lines 70 monte

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i bought mine from fine lines in medina ohio ,i drove there in about 25 minute from my house.the guy there said they make them for a bunch of other companies .pretty knowledgeable sales staff.he said they are originally measured by hand feed into a computer a saved forever . gene

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hope this helps out. I know this guy personally

and his service is outstanding along with his product. Dave Roberts, the owner, will not dissapoint you.Out of the 3-4 makers of these pro-

ducts in the country, he is the largest w/24 hr.

turnaround. Forget OPG and the rest, get Dave's

catalog & you'll see why. There is 800# available

but don't know it since we are local (Columbus, OH

The Right Stuff Detailing

465 Commerce Drive

Sunbury, Ohio 43074

740-965-8720 fax:740-965-8721


Tell them Tim (72 Monte) from Laserflex referred u

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