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Rear axel decodeing


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I need a little help decoding the rear axle. I went through the technical info and could not find anything that matches the CON 2. could this be a 12 bolt out of a truck?




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those are casting #'s, the decoding #'s usually stamped on the passenger side axle tube,.... usually!! Not a casted number but a stamped number. What you're looking for is the (decoding #) assy stamp.




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I could be wrong but I think it breaks down like this per my Chevy Book By The Numbers:


CKD = 2.73:1 gear ratio

B = Buffalo, NY (build plant)

0318 = 03-March (3rd Month) 18 - 18th (day of month)


Not sure what the 1 is for after the B. Maybe someone will chime in.



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