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  1. Sicc

    Replacement dash lights - LEDs

    Wow what a response. Thank you! Okay I'll ease my demand for the dimming and I'll try the LEDs that you used. Worst case, I just replace them again down the line. Thanks again guys!
  2. Sicc

    Replacement dash lights - LEDs

    Yeah I'm okay with non-LEDs. Anybody know the bulb model number offhand? Thanks for helping, my first Gen bros. You guys have good taste in cars.
  3. Hey guys. Long time no post but trying to wrap up a few loose ends before going in for body and paint. I've had the gauge cluster replaced with one of the ones that look like the original writing, but gauges instead of lights. The new cluster accepts my old bulbs, but they are kinda cruddy. Any suggestions on replacements. I would like LEDs if possible, but I would like them to be dimmable of that's an option. Dimming is more important than brightness for me. Getting the gauge cluster lit properly, fixing the amp? or ohm? meter on the cluster (I thought it was volts, but I was mistaken),and troubleshooting the gas gauge are the final steps left before body and paint so I'm anxious to move things along. Any suggestions welcome, though I do not want colored lights. Thank you guys.
  4. Sicc

    Stock Seat Fabric

    Hello FirstGenMC. I have a question that I couldn't find using the site's search function. I have this fabric on my front and back seats. I can not find a like for like replacement online. Was hoping you guys could help. I am able to go to National Parts Depot as I live near Ventura, CA. Buying online and having it delivered is preferred, but I don't mind pursuing any course to receive the parts. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.