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  • Decoding Body Tag

    The Body Tag can tell you a lot of things about your Monte Carlo also! The body tag is located on the top of the cowl area on the drivers side. You must open your hood and look above the master cylinder.


    The time built code tells you when the car was manufactured. The first two numbers tells you the month (for example, 02=Feb., and 11=November). The third number is the week (A=first week in that month, C=the third, etc. The built date on the body tag could be 4 to 8 weeks off date coded parts.

    The year code is very self explanatory (70=1970 etc.)

    The division series is the model info. See VIN Decoding for more info on this.

    The Assembly Plant code tells you where your Monte Carlo rolled off the assembly line! This is just some interesting information to know. Go to my VIN Decoding part of this site for a list of plants.

    The unit number tells you the number that the car was made. This figure started at 1000001.

    The paint code tells you the original color of your monte. The first number tells you the body color and the second tells you the top or upper body color.

    The trim code tells you about the seats and type of interior that was originally installed in your Monte Carlo. Below is the translated codes:

    A41=4-way front power bench seat

    A46=4-way front power bucket seat

    A51=Front Strato bucket seat

    A75=Heavy Duty Front Bench

    A81=Headrest Strato

    A82=Headrest Conventional

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