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  • Decoding Body Tag

    The Body Tag contains some information about your Monte Carlo. The body tag is located on the top of the cowl area on the drivers side. To view it you must open your hood and look above the master cylinder.

    Body Tag Decode.jpg


    The year code is simply the two digit year (70, 71 or 72)

    Division, Series and Body Style
    All 1970 to 1972 Monte Carlos are 13857 which is code for (1) Chevrolet (38) Monte Carlo (57) 2-door coupe

    Assembly Plant
    The Assembly Plant code tells you where your Monte Carlo was built. This code can be 1 or 2 letters depending on the assembly plant.

    B - Baltimore, MD
    FL - Flint, MI
    K  - Kansas City, MO
    BL or L - Van Nuys, CA
    OS - Oshawa, ON
    R - Arlington, TX

    Body Number
    This is not the same as the sequence number in the VIN

    Week Build Code
    This code tells you when the car was manufactured. The first two numbers tells you the month (for example, 02=Feb., and 11=November). The third digit is the week (A=first week in that month, C=the third, etc. The built date on the body tag could be 4 to 8 weeks off from date coded parts.

    Lower Color
    This 2 digit code tells you the original paint color of the car. See our Paint Codes page for a list of colors

    Upper Color or Vinyl Roof Color
    If this code is 2 numbers it tells you the paint color for the roof of the car. If this code is one letter then it tells you the color of the vinyl top.

    1970 Vinyl top codes
    A - White
    B - Black
    C - Dark Blue
    G - Dark Green
    H - Dark Gold

    1971 Vinyl top codes
    A - White
    B - Black
    C - Dark Blue
    F - Dark Brown
    G - Dark Green

    1972 Vinyl top codes
    A - White
    B - Black
    F - Medium Tan
    G - Medium Green
    T - Light Covert

    Interior Color and Seat Type
    This trim code tells you about the color and type of interior that was originally installed in your Monte Carlo.

    1970 Codes
    748 - Black Prima Cloth Bench Seat
    749 - Black Prima Cloth Bucket Seat
    754 - Black Vinyl Bench Seat
    757 - Black Vinyl Bucket Seat
    758 - Blue Riano Cloth Bench Seat
    767 - Blue Prima Cloth Bench Seat
    768 - Blue Vinyl Bench Seat
    769 - Saddle Vinyl Bucket Seat
    774 - Gold Riano Cloth Bench Seat
    778 - Saddle Vinyl Bench Seat
    780 - Green Prima Cloth Bench Seat
    784 - Green Vinyl Bucket Seat
    785 - Green Vinyl Bench Seat
    792 - Sandalwood Riano Cloth Bench Seat

    1971 Codes
    707 - Black Cloth Bucket Seat
    708 - Black Cloth Bench Seat
    710 - Black Vinyl Bucket Seat
    716 - Sandalwood Cloth Bucket Seat
    717 - Sandalwood Cloth Bench Seat
    723 - Saddle Vinyl Bucket Seat
    727 - Blue Cloth Bucket Seat
    728 - Blue Cloth Bench Seat
    729 - Jade Vinyl Bucket Seat
    733 - Jade Cloth Bucket Seat
    734 - Jade Cloth Bench Seat

    1972 Codes - Color and Material
    706 - Black Cloth
    708 - Black Vinyl
    715 - Green Cloth
    717 - Green Vinyl
    725 - Blue Cloth
    731 - Covert Cloth
    734 - Covert Vinyl
    735 - Saddle Vinyl
    740 - Pewter Cloth

    1972 Codes - Seat Type
    A41 - 4-way Power Bench Seat
    A46 - 4-way Power Bucket Seat
    A51 - Bucket Seat
    A52 or no code - Bench Seat

    Other numbers or codes
    There could be other numbers or codes below the trim and paint section. Canadian-built cars could have the RPO code for the SS454 in 1970 or 1971 (Z20) or the Custom in 1972 (Z03). 

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