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  • 1972 Monte Carlo Custom

    In 1972, Chevrolet no longer offered the SS454 option package on the Monte Carlo but did offer the Custom package. Many believe it was a replacement for the SS454 package, but far from it. The Custom package was a group of convenience and appearance options, and could be ordered with any engine from the standard 350 all the way to 454. The Custom can be identified by the "Custom" emblems next to the Monte Carlo script on the sail panel. This group of options was referred to as the Z03 code on the build sheet and cost $213.45 extra. There is no way to tell how many Customs were built as it wasn't a different "model" that Chevrolet kept track of.



    The Custom package included:

    D35  Left-Hand Remote Control Sport Mirror
    B85  Belt Molding
    C01  Sail Panel Emblem
    P02  15"x7" Custom Spoke Wheel Covers (Corvette style covers with cross flags on the center)
    NK2  Custom Steering Wheel with "Chevrolet" script on the right-hand side (NK4 - 4-spoke wheel when Comfortilt was ordered)
    ZJ9  Auxiliary Lighting (ashtray, floor, mirror, luggage, and underhood)
    ZK1  Body Insulation Package
    Sport Suspension with Front and Rear Stabilizers (Thicker sway bars and boxed control arms)
    G70x15 Tires
    Special Acoustical Package

    Build Sheet and Cowl Tag:

    No identification for the 1972 Custom package is located in the VIN but the build sheet will include the Z03 Custom code. No indication of the Custom package can be found on the cowl tag of U.S. built Monte Carlos but the Z03 code does appear on the cowl tag for any Canadian built Custom Monte Carlos.

    Canadian built 1972 Monte Carlo Custom

    Page 11 of the 1972 Monte Carlo dealer brochure

    Custom sail panel emblems

    Custom spoke wheel cover

    Sport side mirror and belt molding

    Custom steering wheel

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