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  1. Welcome Robert on becoming a new FGMCC member !!! A great story and another Monte being saved and resurrected. It’s nice to see you and your family partaking in the car culture and numerous automotive events. We are looking forward to seeing your progress and joining us at Club events.
  2. For the members in Northern NY, you are lucky to be able to purchase non ethanol fuel. From Albany south, it’s not available to us at gas stations. Occasionally they are available in a 5 gallon pail at stiff prices. When I’m up in Northern NY I try to bring a few 5 gallon jugs back with me for my small power equipment.
  3. Jeff, We hope what you like and see on the First Generation Monte Carlo Club website. A great resource for you and your Monte and hope you become a member. As far as your tires go, it depends on how you have your Monte setup, stock, or restomod? The tire you are talking about is a sport touring type tire. It is also quite tall, just under 28 inches tall. This tire will ride stiffer and your Monte will sit taller and have more ground clearance over the factory size tire which is a 225-75-15.
  4. Sorry to hear they got rain. It’s a great show, track and gets a great turnout every year for it. I attend both Musclepalooza and Musclemania, an All American car show and drag racing events (on Memorial Day Sunday and Labor Day Sunday) with a group of First Generation Monte Carlo Club members and their Monte’s from Long Island. Always a great time and event. We are always looking to meet other First Generation Monte owners and Club members there.
  5. Factory backspacing is 4.25 on a 15”x7” rally rim.
  6. Hey Bob, We hope you like the Club website and become a dues paying member. Great info and knowledge here to help you with you “new” Monte. Sharp looking car with those colors. Enjoy it !!!
  7. Sorry to hear this. Prayers and condolences for his family and friends.
  8. Thank you for posting this new item. When you install it. Let us know how it works please.
  9. Welcome !!! Looks like a nice solid Monte to restore. A great place to be for questions and knowledge.
  10. At least you earn a day’s pay at work. Jury duty pay just about covers what you had for lunch.
  11. Welcome ! We hope you become a dues paying member. A great resource for your restoration information and knowledge. We love plenty of photos and to see your progress.
  12. Looking good Bruce !!!
  13. Nice job Rob. I hope you get many more years of service from from it.
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