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  1. I’m glad there were no injuries or damage to your Monte. Like you said, thankfully you were close to home and were able to resolve the frame issues.
  2. Please see the posting in the General Forum regarding this event.
  3. Great news Steve. I’m sure a bit of Florida sunshine will help you greatly !!! A speedy recovery for you !!!
  4. Feel better Steve. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  5. I have a Pypes stainless steel exhaust system on my Monte SS. Depending on what you are looking to do as far as stock, (factory correct) I would go with a Gardner exhaust system. They make an excellent product. I wanted a stainless steel exhaust system with free flowing turbo style mufflers and went with Pypes. They make the same system in aluminized steel too. It’s on my Monte now 10 years now, looks like new and sounds great. I get a lot of compliments on it. I do not have a lift and didn’t want to install it on my back so I had a local muffler shop install it. It fit very well with no issue
  6. Welcome. I sorry for you losses. Nice job on getting your Monte together. I’m out on Long Island too. As Steve has said there are quite a few of us and we’re active out here. Fellow FGMCC and Monte owners are always welcome.
  7. Welcome to you and Maxine !!!
  8. Welcome to the FGMCC. Enjoy your Monte SS !!!
  9. Welcome back Kenny. If you have some time and want to take a ride out to Long Island, there is always something going on out here. The car show season is starting to slow down. We do get together weekly on Sunday mornings (weather permitting) and cruise out by Robert Moses State Park to one of the various cruise in locations. This particular cruise goes year round (weather permitting) or until the first road sand - salt goes down. PM me if you would like to join us. I will give you all the particulars then. We are a large group of active FGMCC members. Come join us for "Cars and Coffee". Agai
  10. Welcome home Kelly !! Post some photos of your "new" 70 Monte and what your panning to do with it.
  11. I’ll second what Scott said. Call and talk to Chris at Straub Technologies. He is very well respected in his field. He will discuss your wants and needs and recommend the right cam for your engine. Well worth your time.
  12. Michael, There will be 4 of us from Long Island attending the Syracuse Nationals too. We are arriving on Thursday. We will be meeting up with some other FGMCC members at the show. Give me a call. (631) 445-1958. Thanks, CK
  13. The brushed insert are from, or for a Chevelle console.
  14. Rob, I sorry to hear of the passing of your Dad. Condolences and prayers for all.
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