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  1. Looking forward to seeing you and you Monte Jim !!!
  2. I will be holding a “Mini Meet” at the Syracuse Nationals, July 14,15,16, 2022 (Thursday Friday and Saturday) for our members. We are always looking forward to seeing our members who regularly attend and any new members who would like to join us. It’s really nice to hear that the Right Coast Car Club who runs this event, acknowledges The First Generation Monte Carlo Club and our Monte’s that attend their show. It is nice to see we have made a presence at this event in the short time we have been doing this. More info to follow. Any questions regarding this event please reach out to me. You can email me at Medic9435@yahoo.com , cell or text at (631) 445-1958. Thanks, CK
  3. Nice buy and build. Definitely fast forward progress too. Thanks for the posts and photos. Please keep them coming.
  4. Nice Monte and welcome !!! Nice solid car to work with. We look forward to seeing your progress.
  5. Carlisle Events is running a Holiday sale of 20 percent off on all Showfield, Spectator, and Season Passes for 2022. This includes the GM Nationals. The sale starts Friday November 26 2021 and runs thru Sunday January 2nd 2022. When registering your Monte, please let then know you are a member of the First Generation Monte Carlo Club. A great gift, stocking stuffer, or way to save some $$$.
  6. Willie, Have him check out Team Impala. It a website forum for Impala, Caprice’s … They also have a parts section and various parts suppliers on their site.
  7. I’m in for 3 please. Thank you for doing this for the Club members Grant.
  8. Great news Steve !!! Congratulations to you and Lisa on the next chapter in life. Retirement has been very good to you. Wishing you both much peace and happiness !!!
  9. Aaron, At least your able to get your “Monte fix” in once in awhile during the winter.
  10. Congratulations and welcome !!!
  11. Great photos. Thanks for Posting. Looking forward to next year’s 2022 Eastern Meet at Carlisle. Always a great time !!!
  12. Condolences and prayers for Josh, his family and friends.
  13. A nice show. Glad to you got see and spend some time with your son at the show.
  14. A lot of Chevrolet dealers installed them as a “dealer installed option”.
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