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  1. A great time and successful 1st ever Northeast Mini Meet Plenty of photos and some good stories to tell. We’re just getting ready to hit the road for home. Standby, more to come.
  2. Sorry to hear this Jim. Everyone was looking forward to seeing you. You will be missed. Hopefully we will see you at Carlisle for next year’s Eastern Meet and the 50th Anniversary of the Monte Carlo. Best regards, CK
  3. Steve, We are here, registered for the show, checked into our hotel, cleaned up are cars and are going to cruise over to the Host hotel, Holiday Inn Express at 441 Electronics Pky in Liverpool, NY. Always a great cruise in. We bumped into Steve Lavoie at dinner and will see him at the show. We also met up with some other First Generation Monte owners and they were not aware of the FGMCC and would meet up with us at the show to register and become members.Tomorrow we will be at the Syracuse Nationals, “near the lake” (hopefully where we were last year) for the show. Any questions, please give me a call or text, (631) 445-1958. Thank you, CK
  4. Steve, Yes, tracking will be done at this “Mini Meet”. We are looking forward to participating in the 20th Anniversary Show this year. A fellow Monte owner who we met at last year’s show became a FYMCC member, and joined us at Carlisle for this year’s Carlisle Mini Meet. He will also be participating at the Syracuse Nationals 1st ever Mini Meet. We are preparing too. See you soon in Syracuse !!!
  5. Excellent !!! Glad to hear this and I will see you there in a little over a week.
  6. I’m glad there were no injuries or damage to your Monte. Like you said, thankfully you were close to home and were able to resolve the frame issues.
  7. Jim, Last year was the Sopranos first visit to the Syracuse Nationals. It is an outstanding and massive car show venue. We were extremely impressed with it. We displayed our Monte’s on Friday and had a lot of traffic and interest. We also handed out all of our FGMCC cards and met many Monte owners. Word spread quickly. On Saturday they all decided to come park together with us, around us or near us. That was what made my decision to try to organize and get this Mini Meet up and running. Thankfully, my “Soprano” brothers are willing to assist me with this mission. As you know, the gates for parking on the NYS Fairgrounds opens at 1201am on Friday morning. Vehicles are lined up for hours prior waiting to get in and get their prime parking spaces. All of the roadway and grass area parking were taken prior to our 7am arrival. We found a good area near an intersection with tons of traffic and parking stantions to secure our pop up tents to. Hopefully we will be able to secure this area again. We were able to expand parking as we needed. At one point last year, I believe there were 12-14 Monte’s parked by us. I will contact those that I know are coming, as to where we land. We do use our Monte’s daily to caravan to and from the show, go out to dinner and attend the the excellent nightly “Cruise In” at the Syracuse Nationals Host hotel. The city of Syracuse does really roll out the red carpet for this event and does it’s best to accommodate everyone. It is really a great event and well worth taking the ride to check it out and join us and make this 1st Mini Meet a success. Membership forms will be available onsite too.
  8. It’s approximately 325 miles from where you are on Long Island. We drive it in 6-7 hrs depending on traffic and pit stops.
  9. We will all be parking together once we figure out where we will land. Parking is first come, first served. I will have a tent with the club banner and post where we are. Hopefully your Monte will be up and running and you will able to join us. Looking forward to seeing you and spread the word. We are looking for a good turnout !!!
  10. We look forward to seeing you there and this becoming an annual event. Spread the word !!!
  11. Steve, We rolled in last time around lunch time. We are not staying at the host hotel. We are staying at the Holiday Inn Express- Dewitt in East Syracuse.
  12. Please see the posting in the General Forum regarding this event.
  13. I am planning the 1st ever, First Generation Monte Carlo Club - Mini Meet at the Syracuse Nationals in Syracuse New York on July 19-21, 2019. This particular show is held on the New York State Fairgrounds which is almost 400 acres in size. It is the largest car show in the Northeast. It had well over 8000 cars with 400 plus vendors at last year’s show and grows bigger every year.This is the 20th Anniversary of this event. 2018 was our first year attending this show and it was outstanding. I attended with 3 other FGMCC members and our Monte’s. We received a lot of traffic and attention, and met many other Monte owners, who did not know about the FGMCC. We also met some other club members there too. With the blessing of the FGMCC officers, I have decided to hold this Mini Meet. The plans are as follows and are tentative. Thursday - pick up registration packet and tickets for Syracuse Nationals upon arrival at the host hotel, Holiday Inn Syracuse- Liverpool 441 Electronics Parkway Liverpool, NY 13088. Friday -Carravan to and from the Syracuse Nationals Car Show, 7am-5pm. ( No FCMCC judging) Cruise to host hotel for nightly massive “Cruise In”. Saturday - caravan to and from the Syracuse Nationals Car Show 7am-5pm. (No FGMCC Judging) Possibly Dinner together with FGMCC members ??? Pizza or local restaurant and “Bench Racing” afterwards or cruise to Host hotel for nightly massive “Cruise In” Sunday -Breakfast, Load up and travel home. Show is from 9am-2pm for anyone staying. If this “Mini Meet” is successful, I will work on additional activities and try to secure a hotel with enough parking for club members tow vehicles, trailers and Monte’s at discounted rates in the future. For additional information, and to register, go to www.syracusenationals.com Any other questions please contact me at Medic9435@yahoo.com, PM me, call or text (631) 445-1958. Notice - You must be a FGMCC up to date, dues paying member to participate. This is also not a replacement for either of the Western or Eastern Meets. Thank you, CK Collins aka “Montemedic”.
  14. Great news Steve. I’m sure a bit of Florida sunshine will help you greatly !!! A speedy recovery for you !!!
  15. Feel better Steve. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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