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  2. Yea he's in Massachusetts, his car was a 71 and was a very nice maroon color after it was painted. He did do a lot of work to the car while he had it. It actually took best paint award one year after he had it done.
  3. Steve, I think he was from the other side of the river Conn/ New England area? I think if i remember correctly he had a nice blackberry color not sure of the year but the car was sharp.
  4. Orgaz-Monte-rectorial? Where your Monte keeps sticking it up your butt?
  5. Fan-tas(pronounced Taz)-a-medorical. Lol
  6. Good to know he is well. I knew him from the FGMCC forum and had many conversations with him at the meets, he was always nice to me. I do not know or ever cared to know about his separation/divorce from his wife as it was none of my business. Then one day he just disappeared. Everytime I get in my Monte I remember him because he gave me a FGMCC sticker that I put on my horn button 😎.
  7. DragCat

    2021 Race Season

    Wasn't the best season, but there's always next year. So just a few shots of my Monte at the track. Last one is the DD at Bristol, Monte wasn't ready so I went to the Bristol meet without it. Couldn't pass up a chance on making passes at Thunder Valley
  8. DragCat

    Bristol 2021 Hotel pics

    Just uploading some shots I took of Montes when they arrived at the hotel
  9. Yesterday
  10. My 71 402 aka Barn Find had the weight. Idk about others but it did.
  11. Was the weighted one used with the turbo 400? I had a 71 new way back when, big block 402, turbo 400 and I am quite sure it did not have the weight?
  12. Could, and I stress could be that somewhere along the line someone changed out the yolk at the transmission from the one with the weight to one without. There is a difference in length.
  13. Hi Scott Rear end is original 12 bolt that I just changed the 2.56 open to 3.42 posi, that is when I noticed the yoke looked to far out of the tail shaft. The trany is a 1970 turbo 400 short tail shaft ( also how it came as per build sheet). Nothing looks changed with motor (stock L5 454) or trany mounts. I guessing your right about things being changed over the last 51 years and somewhere along the way somebody grabbed the wrong driveshaft. Are you sure on the 56" measurement? It looks like that would put in the right range just want to be sure as I go hunting. Thanks for your help Grant
  14. How original is your Monte ? After 50 plus years, parts may have been changed, ie. 12 bolt in for the old 10 bolt. TH350 replaced with the TH400. etc..... Just as an example, when I did the 10 bolt to 12 bolt swap, just about every bit of information I checked said I'd have to change the rear U joint. But thanks to a couple of guys on here who mentioned I might have a Buick 10 bolt, (yes the factory did that...) I didn't have to change the U joint. Everything pretty much bolted together. So, unless one can document the car, someone may have slipped something in that was handy at the time.....
  15. See, the people on this site are an unbelievable wealth of information and resources....... I know they've helped me with a lot.
  16. I had a very nice conversation with Mike G. I'm sure some of you remember Mike, I met Mike at the first meet I went to in 2010 in Norwalk Ohio. it was also his first meet. He also attended meets in Carlisle also him and his wife became friends. Unfortunately he and his wife parted ways a few years back and he kinda dissapeared. Well I saw him active on fb and sent him a message which he replied and we had a kinda long conversation, he is doing well but no longer has his monte but misses the monte family and asked me to tell everyone hello from him. He said possibly someday he may stop into a meet. Just wanted to let you know he's doing alright.
  17. Glad you found it. I was thinking about the wrong switch. Also glad that Tom straighten me out.
  18. You're welcome! I went on the same search of my shop at the time I was re-assembling my car. Probably wasted an hour and a half, to the point I was searching online for another one. That's when I realized I better search a little harder, those things are hard to find out there.
  19. Thanks JFT69Z. Picture and links were very helpfull. I didn't notice the holes by the ratcheting assembly. Did a complete search of everywhere in the shop (I hadn't throw anything away during disassembly) and found the original switch. Many thanks to all for the help.
  20. I don't know what it means, and I can't even pronounce it, but it looks impressive so ill agree with that
  21. This 72 was my daily driver back in 92, snow, rain, didn't matter lol , finding empty parking lots in the winter was the best doing donuts lol
  22. You may need this type of parking brake switch. It bolts to the top and actuates with the end of the ratchet mechanism. I see the holes on the top rail of your bracket that also suggests this is where the switch mounts. Not easy to find. There's a NOS one on ebay right now, $169. Look here, maybe a couple more options: https://www.google.com/search?q=1972+chevelle+park+brake+switch&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwicheCA87z0AhUWgHIEHSb0A4MQ2-cCegQIABAA&oq=1972+chevelle+park+brake+switch&gs_lcp=CgNpbWcQDFAAWABgAGgAcAB4AIABAIgBAJIBAJgBAKoBC2d3cy13aXotaW1n&sclient=img&ei=_mykYZyOBZaAytMPpuiPmAg&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS888US888 https://www.chicagomusclecarparts.com/products/706472
  23. Nice year round driver! Looks great!!! My black Monte SS has same color license plate as well!
  24. Good catch there Tom. You are right, the parking brake switch looks very much like that BUT the Parking Brake switch only has one connector. rob
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