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  2. I'd get a 70-72 Chevelle tail panel and section it in.
  3. Small update. Haven't done any new work to this area yet, but I got a hold of Beldenspeed.com and they don't want to sell me their gutters, because they don't think they will help me. I can totally respect that! They said their gutters stop right at the curve, so they don't have the corners. I also don't have the necessary "lip" on my new pieces for their gutters to weld to...which I haven't put in place yet...because i want to make sure they are in the right spot...and I was going to use their gutter for placement lol. So now I have 2 options. First is to buy the AMD or Goodmark reproductions. They appear to have the bottom corners, though the scant reviews I've seen have said minor adjustments to turn radius might be needed. I was hoping someone here would be able to give any sort of review on wither of these products. If they have the corners, I can match to whats left of my gutters to the reproduction piece, and then use the piece to postion my trunk latch. Option 2 would be to basically fabricate everything myself, or at least do the corners myself, so that I can maybe purchase the pieces from Belden. I do have the old corners, they are just all rusty and covered in filler...but could probably used as a guide at least. So let me know what you guys think! When I get off work tonight I might try getting something done.
  4. Great photos of outstanding cars and trucks. Thanks for posting those. Dan
  5. Some great photo's Rob, thanks for sharing
  6. Very, Very Nice.... again, Lovin the pictures, keep them coming. rob
  7. Hey,, Gerry, I can't speak to the '70 vs '71 differences but I have used my 1970 Factory Assembly Manual extensively and wouldn't be without one. Several new copies are available on eBay for around $35. Here's a LINK to one of them. The other resource I have used for more detailed reference is the 1970 Monte Carlo Chassis Service Manual, also available on eBay. Here's a LINK to a used copy for $20. I also have a 1970 GM Fisher Body Service Manual that includes the Monte Carlo that I used for one project (installing factory power windows, I think). A used copy of that manual is available on eBay for $23 at this LINK.
  8. Nice work Pat she looks great!!!!!
  9. Hello All, Here is an update of recent progress. Received the new rear bumper so as previously shown, sandblasted the brackets and finally finished getting them painted to install the new rear bumper. Installed bumper and went to switch the reverse lights and tag light and realized I just cant put them in like they were (don't know what I was thinking). Ordered the new tag lamp as that was a decent price about $20 as the socket was to far gone to reuse. The reverse lights were actually $90 (don't recall if each or pair)and have better things to spend my money on so a little work and they are as good as or better than new and the lenses cleaned up really well at least to use for now. Same with the license plate bracket wasn't horrible but wanted it fresh so sand blasted it all and cleaned up installed everything with stainless screws and or bolts to help rusting/corrosion. One funny note, I installed the back up lights checked them to make sure they worked and my buddy says" they are working, ones a little brighter than the other" and of course just couldn't have that so popped the lenses back off replaced the bulbs so they matched. Wished he never told me LOL. Anyway here are some pics and as always enjoy and thanks for looking. Bumper brackets cleaned and Painted up New body to bumper seals installed, nice flexible rubber compared to the 50 year old ones which are as hard as plastic. Installed the new bumper Getting ready to swap stuff over and found they needed attention Dismantled everything and sand blasted Got them all painted up and reassembled Taped up and painted for the reflective part, ( its a glare around the outside not a bad tape job LOL) Cleaned up lenses and made the little rubber bumper (from some rubber stoppers from hardware store) that sits against the actual bumper assuming for vibration, rattling and keep from rubbing on the light etc.. Here is all finally assembled and done with the back bumper I think Here is one last thing I kept forgetting to do as I put in garage and stood in corner so I kept missing it, front sway bar cleaned painted and installed that today. Enjoy and thanks.
  10. Same here guys, it was great meeting you guys also!!!! Yes you have to take that Long Island Expressway (parking lot) east. lol Any time guys!!!! See you guys soon.
  11. Our Son's Patrick and Tom and our grandkids Emily and Ryan attended the Pittsburgh "World Of Wheels". it was a great day for all, we all came home with very tired feet and sore backs from walking so much. I wonder if, when you look at the pictures, you will be able to pick out my favorite car. Emily, Ryan and I have been to this show many years and on the first trip I took a picture of them next to one of the "Monster" Trucks and this year was no different. Either these trucks are getting smaller or the grandkids have just gotten bigger which is making them look smaller. The well documented 70 SS454 "Green Mist" Monte Carlo you will see many pictures of will be in Carlisle this June on display in Building T. You would be hard pressed to find another First Gen Monte as beautiful as this one. Very detailed in every way. This car had over 300,000 miles on her and in the restoration the odometer is reset to a more desirable showroom floor 1.4 miles. John and Connie Fifer own this beauty. They had joined the club boards back in April of 2013. They became dues paying members on December 10, of last year and they are looking forward to meeting everyone in Carlisle this June. rob
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  13. its all just words to help make a sale or make others jealous.... My Monte has been in the family since new... sounds cool but i have no idea how to justify asking more for it because its been in the family since new... unless im selling it within the family only. But that is almost kinda creepy.
  14. Or a small piece of heat shrink wrap tubing.
  15. General "A" body stuff for our cars. Buick ,Olds are just the same. Monte Carlo's just have long hoods!
  16. Yes indeed they do. I used them on another Monte project years ago.
  17. But would these springs fit our Montes?
  18. maybe you can use an airline feral for the metal piece.
  19. My first Hot Rod would be the same car that I plan to bring to Carlisle this year. That would be my old 72 beater. Have had the car since I was 14. By the time I was 17 it had a Gene Fulton 350 with a set of Hagen Enterprise heads (Terry labonte) 250 hp NOS , 3800 stall and a set of 456 gears in a 12 bolt posi. That setup did rather well for me. Nitrous from the kick to the Finish
  20. Well even thou it is January I bought and installed a new battery, because I know May will be here before we know it, an all that Pennsylvania snow will be gone.
  21. I wonder if a couple of wraps of duct tape would hold it in place until you get the real deal?
  22. jft69z

    Rear swap

    Just saw this in another forum. Seems appropriate, at least in my case when it comes to this bad habit...
  23. A 1970 car had more options available which would not be detailed in the 1971 assembly manual.
  24. Like Rob, my high school car was not a "Hot Rod". It was a 1936 Packard Sport Coupe with a rumble seat. I guess Rob and I are showing our age. Here is a pic from around 1974 and another from 2018. It was my first car and I purchased it in 1969. I lost my girlfriend but kept the car. lol.
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