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  2. Dan, thank you for the kind offer. Both the new handle and the original handle have the same issue getting into low only with both designs of your plates. I was/am going to do what you suggested and make the hole on the shifter base larger to let your plate to sit slightly lower. Thank you for the advise/solution. Your products are top notch!
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  4. Thank you for the kind words, past help, orders, and the confidence in my detent plates. I'm sorry that you're having an issue with installing the detent. As you found, your aftermarket shifter isn't made quite exactly the same as an original. There are at least 3 different aftermarket shifters out there and the only one I know of that has changes that cause a problem with my early detent plates is the one that, if I remember correctly, has the RestoParts name on the box. The rear bolt hole in the shifter base is higher than the one in the original shifter base. This causes the rear of the plate to be too high and the crossbar can't get high enough to pull back to 1st gear. I've been adding a second threaded hole right above the original one to allow the detent plate to be used on that shifter base. If I am understanding your issue correctly, and this is the case, I can ship you another detent plate that already has the extra bolt hole for a RestoParts shifter. An option is for you to enlarge the shifter base bolt hole to let the detent plate mount a little lower in the back, if it just needs to be dropped a little bit. If the amount of lowering needed is very much, I would just drill and tap another hole right above the existing one. I appreciate your continued support and I'm glad you found the "lost" parts. I stress in my instruction sheets to please call me with any questions. I'm serious about making every shifter with one of my products installed on it work just as good as mine does, and I can save a guy a time and headaches. With there being at least 4 different 68-72 horseshoe shifter manufacturers, there are bound to be questions, and I'm here to help.
  5. Makes sense now. Thanks a bunch!!!👍
  6. Phone call and text sent for the original rechromed ones.
  7. I have a pair of GM #1986026, 19861027 Hockey sticks just back from the chrome shop. Also have a pair of repop ones for $60.00 GM one are $250.00 I know that sounds like alot but By the time I shipped to them and back and I will ship to the next also and the cost of rechroming that's where I need to be. There are some tiny imperfections in them but as you can see they are different the the repops and you don't have to redrill holes. phone number is #573-692-6099
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  9. The "by Chevrolet" on the emblem is slightly different but the main difference is what you already stated. The "pin" position is different. The 71 "by Chevrolet" can be replaced with the 71 SS tail panel emblem as a direct replacement where the 71 SS emblem will not directly fit the 70.
  10. Thanks for the very quick reply. Can you elaborate? What is it that makes them different are the mounting pin positions different? I have one for a '71 but my Monte is '70. When I look at "Parts Place" they look the same. Appreciate the help.
  11. Figured I would show my solution to the shifter bracket. The B&M bracket is L shaped, with the 'foot' facing forward. I lined up the rectangular attachment holes and welded the stock bracket to the B&M bracket. The park, neutral and reverse switches on the column all operate with the floor shifter. Still had a full nut on the threads, added a dab of blue locktite as well. I did have to adjust the clamp connection on the column downrod to make the lock rod fully engage.
  12. No notifications, just bouncing on and off all day. Lol retirement is nice though. Lolol
  13. Lol. Sorry, thought it was a given they were original.
  14. Aaron, how did you get that answer in before Tom? rob
  15. Answer Hog.... You never give any of us others a chance to help people, you must have something we are not aware of that alerts you as soon as someone posts a question so you can jump in and answer, you are really enjoying that retirement life. rob
  16. No. They are different.
  17. Hoping this is the forum for this post. Are the 1970 and 1971 "BY CHEVROLET" emblems that mount under the rear "Monte Carlo" the same/interchangeable?
  18. Yeah, at this age, that might require a small ladder to execute gracefully. LOL !!
  19. I guess these were the original floor mats also with the little bowtie.
  20. Behind the seat backs. Under the dash pad. On the back of the door panels.
  21. Only one I have found (still in car ),was under the rear seat bottom cushion, between the springs and burlap .I didn't try to take it out, figured it would fall apart in the process.When/if the top fabric gets torn, that's when I'll be able to retrieve it safely. Awesome find with all those options . I'm cloning mine into a Big Block "Custom" . Welcome to the FGMCC!!
  22. Lol kinda. No I did not contact Dan and do not intend to. We have 5 other plates, original and new version in our cars and a few friends that have no issue. I feel it is something with the base of the shifter. No way an original style and new style shifter plate from Dan both have the same issue. I have 100% confidence in all of Dan's products and highly recommend them!
  23. I bet you now wished the rain hadn't stopped. Did you contact Dan Janes? I know he has had a very good track record with them. rob
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