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  2. thanks, it looks right. it goes from the the bottom of the fenderwell behind the front wheel to the frame correct?
  3. We have friends in Buckeye and Sierra Vista. We were supposed to go out there the end of January but the day we were supposed to fly out there I ended up in the hospital and then we rescheduled for the 12th of this month but that got cancelled because of Coronavirus. Hopefully we will make it out there in the fall. rob
  4. Bill

    New from New Mexico

    Rob- I live between Fort Sumner and Santa Rosa. It isn't the prettiest part of the state but I like it. Good grass, good water and more cows than people.
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  6. I believe you are talking about the front fender fenderwells? I know The Parts Place has them as well as other Monte Carlo specific parts places. I don't remember their specific name though. I think it's a "splash sheild". It's a plastic piece.
  7. Does anyone have a picture, part number, supplier for the filler that goes from the rear of the front inner fender skirt to the frame? thanks
  8. While I have everything apart, I'd like to replace my rag joint. 1971 car, original power steering box. Does it have the 13/16" 31 spline input shaft OR 3/4" 25 spline input shaft?
  9. I guess my eyes are shot! I just couldn't tell without the Tilt Lever showing. I discovered this one was being offered in Bend, Oregon and also in Aurora, Oregon on different occasions. Now it's in Texas being sold. Nice to able to follow at least a couple over time. Prior to reading the Window Sticker, I noticed interior floor lights and spotted a wire running up the Trunk Lid support for courtesy light and also the Engine Bay Lamp was present. Even though this one was the duplicate listing, I am happy I took the time to look at all the pic's. Doug
  10. 72 CUSTOM UPDATE - I have 1 new addition and thought I had another but found it to a duplicate. Having the VIN Number really helps me from duplicating listings. 1972 MONTE CRLO CUSTOM NUMBERS REV. 11.0 JPG.xls
  11. New Mexico is a beautiful state, what part do you live in. rob
  12. Not a bad car. Pic 13 clearly shows a tilt column.
  13. Still dealing with my Log In issues and while I peruse Posts, I haven't spent a lot of time communicating. I am updating the 72 Custom Database with a couple new entries I have discovered and will Post that in respective Post under 454SS Thread once I have completed the update. Here is the most recent one found and not Described as such in the eBAY AD. Further reading this AD, I read the Custom option on the Window Sticker photo supplied. The Vinyl Top had been replaced but not the Monte Script or the Badging on the Sail Panels. Anyway, just a FYI on vehicle if anyone interested. Odd, it doesn't have as I can tell Tilt Steering Here is the Link below............. 72 Custom Doug
  14. In 1972 there were two versions. The earlier is the same as a 1970 and 71. After January 1st of 1972 the seat belt light was required. The later 72's will have them.
  15. My 72 dash does not have a seat belt warning light but does have the rear defogger option. Hmm. Mike
  16. Welcome !!! Best if luck in search of your old car
  17. Leghome

    How You Doin

    I must be doin fantastic. Honey do list is getting shorter I THINK. Kitchen is repainted and now we will check into replacing the laminate in the room with a vinyl laminate I think. Glendia keeps getting on line and finding bad reviews on everything we had picked out and is now looking at sheet vinyl or so I thought. She just read a review last evening that the vinyl laminate is better and more durable than the sheet goods. So the saga goes on. The first is my 2nd assistant. Every time I go to move lately I come close to tripping over her. A 17 yr old Chihuahua and Dottie is her name. Glendia being the main assistant who did the majority of the first coat while I was working yesterday.
  18. Idk. It just stays in place for some and others have the issue you are having. That is probably why GM revised the design to the late 70-71 style and the 72 also but has the opening for the seat belt warning light.
  19. Thank you guys. That's what I was looking for. I thought about blocking them off but I needed to see where they went. When I got this car it had a new tank in it. I need to get her up in the air and see if that tank has the return ports on it.
  20. Tom on the early 70 what secure the top. I believ my 70 had the early version and i can not get it to stay in place. i have tried double sided tape but fl heat kills it.
  21. I'm looking for the entire dash assembly as well. I bought one from OPG and it is a complete joke.
  22. Bill

    New from New Mexico

    Joe- Great idea but I have no VIN, or even pictures. I let all documents, shop manuals etc. go with it including the case of 8-track tapes to go in the factory AM/8-track.
  23. Thanks Dennis. I found 3 listings for Robert Van Buskirk. The one you mentioned and another that lived in Dallas, Irving and Colleyville look promising. I'll try giving them a call.
  24. Bill, I knew of a man in the Dallas area named Bob Van Buskirk in the '95-'97 timeframe. He was a friend of a friend and I remember he always drove cool cars. I would have recognized a first gen Monte Carlo if he showed up in it so I can't say this is the right guy. According to Whitepages, there is a Robert Van Buskirk in Dripping Springs, TX who used to live in Dallas. His age is listed as 68 which would be about right for the man I knew back then. I know it's a long shot but you may want to contact him using info from Whitepages. Good luck!
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