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  2. I will be looking into that as I’ve heard that there could be a fix. I still have the body and plan to rebuild it again if possible some day. I needed a quick solution to get the car running again and now I can take my time finding the right solution for the proper date coded carb.
  3. Steve, it was a sunny day, not terribly hot but it was a bit humid. Yes, the grill badges are for 5, 15 and 20 Years. rob
  4. Bob, Are you sure about the dates you have given me. This has you arriving on Friday and leaving on Monday. If you are arriving on Thursday and leaving on Sunday you may want to also double check your hotel reservations to make sure they are right too. Rob
  5. Looks like a great day and lots of different cars too. I like the way you have the grill badges on your car Rob. I assume 5-15 and 20? Hopefully the weather stays good for the show I'm going to tomorrow it's supposed to be great! I believe the last big show of the year.
  6. Very nice! Looks like the weather was perfect.
  7. Great pics, and nice cars Rob!!!! Looks like a beautiful day also!!!
  8. Yesterday
  9. I belive them threads can be repaired somehow.
  10. Part number is the decal on the box in the pic below. Hard to take "good" pics of seatbelts but here you go!
  11. Really nice mix of great looking cars
  12. You can probably get that fixed but I don’t suggest the builder that I used. Lol. Well actually I can recommend him for that because he’s not actually rebuilding it just fixing the threads,it doesn’t have to run a car when he’s done 😂
  13. I heard that Cory Mohlman(CJ) sold his Monte but not sure and have not seen Murphy(Murray Rheder) in quite a while either.
  14. Our son Tom and I attended this cruise, me in the Monte him in his 1997 Boston Green BMW 328i. rob
  15. Thanks McCall72 and stangeba. Do you guys have the part number for the kit you ordered. Do you happen to have pictures of the final installation? I would like to see how it looks. Thanks!!
  16. I have a paperweight too that is date coded for my 71 SS. I recently had a fuel leak, tried to tighten the filter housing and stripped the threads. 😬 I found a new carb body and rebuilt the carb.
  17. Morris 3 point on my front seats for almost 12 - 1/2 years now! Love them! I thought I would eventually replace my bench seat with buckets but never did yet, so I ordered both the bench and bucket seat "short" female buckle ends.
  18. Expensive paperweight too. But at least it is number matching to my car.
  19. Makes a pretty paperweight though...
  20. I got that’s really nice. O wait you said you want one that works, never mind. Lol.
  21. I am looking for a 4 bbl quadrajet carb for a 454. It does NOT have to be numbers matching or pretty, but it does have to work. I have 2 carbs for a 350 but none of them run or work on my 454. If anyone has one they are willing to part with let me know? Tkx
  22. It’s a good thing they are not advertising it as an SS. Looks to be a very nice car. My guess would be 22000.
  23. I installed the modern shoulder belt set from https://www.morrisclassic.com/ . Fantastic set, great quality and a direct bolt in. Well worth the money.
  24. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2021/09/brilliant-first-year-chevy-monte-carlo-big-block-heads-to-auction/ With a small block fan shroud…
  25. I recently switched to Cooper Cobra and quite happy with them. I was not happy with the last set of BFGs with the lettering not cleaning up white. Here’s a discussion about switching to Coopers. https://www.firstgenmc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21907-switching-tire-brands/&tab=comments#comment-212607
  26. My seat belts have reached the point where they need to be replaced. I am looking for stock appearing belts that are of course new and meet current safety standards. Any recommendations? Thanks
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