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  3. Hi, Rob I was just wondering is there anyway to check this status. I know I paid earlier this year but I may have missed a year in between somewhere. It was definitely easier to remember when there were reminders sent out. Thanks for all that you do, this site has been an invaluable resource over the years. -Paul
  4. Three of the first gens Ive owned only had a driver’s side mirror including a 71 SS454 with a sport mirror.
  5. Canuck


    Sending him our thoughts. I know of another member in California who spent time in hospital due to covid-19. He said it was an extremely rough 4 weeks but eventually got better. His wife got it too.
  6. sbarnette


    Prayers for Jim
  7. willie


    Thoughts and prayers for Jim!!!!
  8. Also the steering wheel seems it was mounted wrong by 180 degrees?
  9. Looking for fenders for my 72 and passenger door
  10. 71MonteCarloMD


    Prayers for James
  11. A tip: I transfer remaining of POR15 to a plastic container which lasted longer than keeping them in the original metal can which will give anyone hard time reopening it.
  12. Yesterday
  13. I agree, Make her your best offer and see if it sticks. Would love to see a few pictures to see what you're dealing with
  14. Mike I use SS396 all the time for parts. I just verify that the part number is the same for a Chevelle and order it there. I am in Mass also and usually receive the parts within 2 days as they ship from Connecticut. For headers I went with Dougs with 1 3/4 tubes, they fit better than the Hooker Super Comps that we’re on my Monte when I bought it. The Dougs headers need to be messaged on one tube by the lower A arm mount but I have no issues changing the spark plugs. I have also heard good things about the figment of Herman 1 3/4 headers also.
  15. I used Mastercoat on the frame of my Monte and used an HVLP spray gun to paint it. I'm in NJ so decided to give it a try since it's an NJ based business. I've been pretty happy with it.
  16. LS5


    Some of you may or may not know James David Helms, he has been admitted to CMC Lincoln and they are suspecting he has Covid. thoughts and Prayers going out to Jim...
  17. Just received my order for two parking light assemblies from the Parts Place. Has anyone installed theses? Are they happy with them? They look great.
  18. DDay

    True SS?

    Couldn't verify to be a true SS.
  19. I did not weld the nut in, And my plan is to use some sort of body plug to repair the cut area's. Ill post the pics when I get it done.
  20. Like Andy said, many Chevelle parts will work on a Monte. SS396 is good, The Parts Place and OPGI, Speedway Motors are also good.If you know the part #'s you can also shop around the big box parts places. And like Andy said, 2" primaries on headers will make spark plug access "interesting" If your using 13/16 plugs you'll probably have more fun than just on # 8.
  21. The appraiser rated the car as a number 2. rob
  22. First, a Chevelle is just a poor mans Monte. Not much on Chevelle that wont fit on the Monte. Engine mounts are the same, just pull them off the 350. Nothing easy about 2 inch headers. I used 1-7/8 on my 70 Chevelle, and nightmare 2" Hookers on my 71 Monte. Number 8 plug replacement requires a friend with tiny hands. Sounds like you are well on your way.
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