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    Sorry for the delay . After speaking with the owner the motor came out of a 72 Elcamino SS.
  3. I guess after 50, who the hell knows what people have done over the years.
  4. The star washers were my plan (amongst others) today. Hope that takes care of this problem. I will keep you guys updated.
  5. Hey Ron I don't know the answer to your first question. Maybe someone will chime in later. But to your second question, I used (in-line) for all my lines, they fit very good.
  6. Hey guys does anybody know how much HP the stock fuel lines will support? When I get to the motor I'd like to build it to around 600HP or so. Also where is the best place to get factory replacement lines?
  7. Yes the diode did fix my problem. All is good now. It was back feeding from the GEN light keeping the car running.
  8. The sway bar links where 2 different links, one longer than the other which then caused the bushings to be all deformed inside if that makes sense. I got the links and bushings swapped out and the car sits level again. Now on to a new set of tires....
  9. Willie, you are on the right path. If you have an ohm meter, set it to ohms and measure the ohms between the two bolts, with the issues you are having you should not get any reading indicating an open circuit but if you use the star washer, which will dig into and through any paint on the bolt head as well as the hinge itself on the upper and lower bolts and then measure again you should see a direct short which is good and means the start washer completed the circuit. rob
  10. It's looking good Joe. I love the custom lines and component work you are doing. Keep the pictures coming. rob
  11. Glad Isaiah's problem is solved. Wifes Birth Day today so I didn't have a lot of time to sneak in and look at the car but I had enough time to take a jumper wire from the lower hinge bolt to the upper hinge bolt and BAMM it lit up. So like we discussed before the problem is between the hinge bolts. I will play with it tomm and let you guys know how I made out.
  12. Willie, if in pairs, I would say they are original. No guarantee though. Lol My 70 SS has one original, 3 slot fender and one factory replacement with only the front slot. I also know this to be true because I located the original owners son who confirmed this after I asked him what happened to the fender and hood (swapped to a 71) . He then told me how they were replaced after a drunken evening after asking me how I knew they weren't the originals.
  13. I second to what Larry said. I will miss both of these 2 families, but I do understand. Be safe guys.
  14. Out of the 71 and 72 cars I looked at today only 1 had 3 slits for hood bumpers. The rest only had 2 but I cant guarantee any of them are all stock.
  15. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    Got home from the sequestration at work last week, gained 7 pounds from all the food we ate, not much else to do but work & eat. Started to get a few more things put together. Some A/C parts, and the main thing I kept putting off was running trans cooler lines, plus a trans cooler. Had to make the lines due to the odd routing with the 4L85, plus they use 3/8" lines anyways. Still waiting on a fitting for the cooler, but most of it's where it needs to be, plus some Hi-temp sleeve ordered for the area near the headers. Spent entirely too much time making 4 little brackets for the cooler, just have to pop it back off and paint the bolts black. The 3rd replacement gas tank came from Aeromotive last week finally, that one looks good, no dents or rattles. Hope to get that mounted this week maybe, but a million other things. Off for another week and a half now (vacation) so hope to get a lot more done. Enjoy the holiday if you can & stay safe.
  16. Not really something I did TO the monte, but more what I did FOR it. The donor went under the knife, and after a lot of cussing, we got her out. I tell you what, it didn't want to come out! Grandpa said he's pulled 1000s of engines, and nothing has pissed him off this much!
  17. I understand Tony. Glendia is still unsure if we should go but I am bound and determined to be there and will come without her if necessary. I don't wear a mask when out in the public sector but do take precautions by social distancing and not crowding lines. A lot of the stores out here have one way aisles for us shoppers to keep the interaction down. Sure going to miss you guys and the Blasco's also.
  18. Ok. Finally got the engine sorted out. It had the incorrect rocker arms on it and 2 pushrods were gouged out the guide plates from intake bolts being too long. He also decided to install front drilled and slotted rotors with matching brake pads from power stop. It has a Pete Jackson gear drive in it. (not by us) so it sounds like it needs power steering fluid. Lolol for some reason the video will not upload.
  19. Yesterday
  20. As Dennis mentioned above, I know in 1970 they had a fuse in line. Not sure if 72 has this but here’s a photo of that connection in my 70. If you pull it apart there’s a tiny fuse in there.
  21. That’s the correct location of the horn relay for 72. The horn relay was moved to the firewall in 72.
  22. As some of you have probably seen on Facebook, our family has decided to sit out on this year’s eastern meet in Carlisle. Not at all an easy decision for us as we use this as one of our family vacations every year. I haven’t missed showing the Monte there in 10 years. Health concerns, out of work since March, and who knows when and if I’m going back. I can’t see wasting the 2-3 months I’ve been away from everyone and throwing it away and getting in with the crowds of Carlisle. not a decision we have taken lightly here, as we truly love everyone we see every year. And missing the 50th anniversary on top of it all. I’m sick over it. everyone be safe out there, drive careful, and enjoy yourselves. We will make it next year. Sorry to everyone we were looking forward to seeing. Tony&Alli & the other 3 “D’s”
  23. I agree. When I installed that same light on my '70, I connected the single power wire to a longer wire that I ran along the driver's inner fender to the horn relay on the backside of the core support, driver's side. You could run it all the way to the battery but it doesn't draw much current so the horn relay will work. I did not add a ground wire as attaching it to the hood with sheet metal screws served as a ground and that's the way the factory installation was on my other '70. Also, the factory installation has a shielded disconnect (inline plug) midway between the light and the horn relay so you can remove power from the light if you need to keep your hood up for extended period of time. I put a similar disconnect plug inline when I added the light so I could unplug it when I was at car shows or had the hood up while working in the engine bay. Otherwise the mercury switch will keep the light on when the hood is up.
  24. oh good. I replied in your other post...I guessed it was your source of power. All we can do is guess. lol
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