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  2. Been to a lot of car shows in ky. , for years ,,,,always look for Monties and especially first generation.. from so Ohio at the pumpkin run to so ky sommernights cruise to Louisville at the hot rod nationals to e ky.. can count first gen cars on 2 hands.. saw an SS 71 at good guys show in Georgetown ky this year... he was from W VA... as the Moody Blues sang in the early70s, “I know your out there somewhere “,, the song leads me to Carlisle PA where there will be more first generation Monte Carlos at one place at the same time than I could ever imagine...Love my Monte Carlo....
  3. A reminder to let me know once you have booked your hotel room including the dates you arrive and leave.
  4. Never have needed the inners.. I probably have 30 of them that are good.
  5. Yesterday
  6. I love it Steve. I wanted to get another 3/4 ton like that with the 6.0. But ended up getting the 2013 F150 with the EcoBoost 3.5. It my 4th F150. I still have my Blue '03 2500HD 6.0 Chevy.
  7. But it sure beats the alternative
  8. That is very funny and cool. Yup. It Suks getting old.
  9. imr


    if your towing you will like that truck better. those mirrors make a world of difference. good luck
  10. MC1of80


    Nice! Good luck Steve!!
  11. That's great Rob, we may need some more room for bench racing and more crown royal thanks for all your hard work
  12. Well hopefully I found another one a couple years older and 50k less miles. Looks pretty clean hopefully the deal goes through.
  13. Last week
  14. Dan, I believe the thread you are looking for is in Cars and Parts for sale Leads section.
  15. Mikstudie


    Thats awesome, congrats
  16. Now I can't find the other thread about these parts. Where is it? Dan
  17. I take it you were not interested in the used ones that I sent you pictures of? I also have a NOS set if interested.
  18. post the results I am following. I suspect a bad 02, but who knows.
  19. Nice work! It's going to be a great car. Thanks for posting the photos. Dan
  20. You're doing a great job! I've been through the same process, and I know how much work you've done. Thanks for the great write up, and the photos. The information about the seals and felts will help some of us. I used Metro and had good luck with their seals. I hadn't heard about Precision, but I knew Soffseal was not a good choice. Dan
  21. I'm hoping to bring a guest and maybe a new member to our club at this meet. I hope it all works out.........no rain.....no rain....no rain. going to be a sight ot see this many 1st Gen Monte Carlo's.it could be a parade. We'll throw candy!!.
  22. I have a 19" fan already, and it scrapes my fan shroud. I'm looking for an 18" fan blade # 3947772. I don't want a flex fan because I still want to use the clutch on the fan.
  23. Could be a couple of things going on there. Check your PM, I sent you a number. Easier to talk than type, lol
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