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  2. Mines still on the car also. Left the one on Thor, too. I can guarantee my bud who owns it hasn’t even noticed it 🤣
  3. Yet you have the 🎾 🎾 dangling on string from the joists in the garage 🤔
  4. Let me know please and can you post a picture
  5. Thanks Willie, I have the two pieces of channel that hold the soft seal above the driver window and the rear quarter and the inner and outer rubbers for the vertical portion. Just wondering if that soft seal runs down the back of the rear quarter glass and I’m missing a piece of channel there. Or is that soft just long because it’s universal and needs to be cut?
  6. Hey Tom, Yes there is a channel of stainless that holds the new soft seal in it. Runs from the front up then along the roof line. Someone else should put some pics up soon. If not tomm i will get pics to you some how. Also in the last pic you are missing 2 pieces of rubber that goes on that horizontal piece with the 3 notches on it.
  7. Agree Mark, Thoughts and Prayers for the family of the person that was killed, and also for the President and his family! Terrible day in this country! Not getting political, simply sending prayers to families that need to hear about this unnecessary deed!!! God Bless them and their families!!!
  8. Prayers for all that are affected. Indeed....as u said
  9. Yea I know we're NOT supposed to talk politics......and I DON'T care about YOUR politics....... But someone tried to assassinate a former US President and last I heard killed an innocent citizen. My thoughts and prayers go out all whose families were affected. Delete if you need to, I don't care, Ive said my mind.
  10. Related to this topic, is there a piece of trim that goes in between the inner and outer rubbers that the weather stripping sits in? I purchased a kit and the soft seal starts at the driver door and goes up and all the way back down the back of the quarter window. Is it just long and should be cut back?
  11. There are two spring rods. I may have them but not sure.
  12. I need to see the spring rods for the trunk hinges. If there are 2, I need to know where I can find a second one
  13. Yesterday
  14. Excellent !!! Great weather and plenty awesome food choices at the Syracuse Nationals. I now happen to have someone unable to attend. Does anyone need a room at our hotel for the discounted Club rate for Thursday, Friday and Saturday ??? If you would like to attend last minute, please contact me ASAP. DM or call or text (631) 445-1958. Our hotel, as most are fully sold out. This is your opportunity if you want to join us.
  15. Sorry I’m not that old yet. lol. Thanks for thinking of me though.
  16. Do you run the Dogs AND the polygraph ? 🤣
  17. Mines still on the tow truck, sun is taking its toll tho 🤣
  18. I leave mine on too just so people can see the car gets around a bit. The Syracuse stickers will be going on in a few days too.
  19. Looks like curb rash to me. But mad props to you for spinning a tall tale that the good folks Michelin/BFG believed. To quote George Castanza: “it’s not a lie if you believe it” 🤣😂
  20. Still has his Carlisle registration on the windshield from 3 weekends ago 💪🏼
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