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  2. Beautiful, Bob! We don't get to see photos of your car very often. Dan
  3. Thanks Mike, took a closer look and I can see that.
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  5. Well, I did it. I finally pulled the trigger on new tires and wheels. Here are the numbers for anyone interested. No problems with rubbing. Thanks for all the help! Rear: Vision Rally 18 x 9.5, 5.25 BS, 275/40/R18 Mickey Thompson Front: Vision Rally 18 x 8.5, 4.5 BS, 255/45/R18 Mickey Thompson I plan to get the derby center caps asap
  6. MCfan- where did you get the awesome green lights for your dash?? I am really looking forward to swapping my clock out for the tachometer...but I quickly got turned off when the job was WAY more involved than I thought it would be. In your opinion, how many hours would it take to upgrade all the dash lights and swap the clock?
  7. Hey folks. I am really looking forward to swapping my clock out for the tachometer...but I quickly got turned off when the job was WAY more involved than I thought it would be. In your opinion, how many hours would it take to upgrade all the dash lights and swap the clock?
  8. I think that looks like the lead that goes to the fiber optic ash tray. That end normally goes into the gauge cluster for the background lights.
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  10. I upgraded the dash with the Sonny24 gauge conversion. I have this bulb socket remaining. Does it plug in behind the ac heater controls?
  11. I also noticed the air cleaner being wrong. At that price I am surprised they did not mention a build sheet, protector plate and other proof documents. They did not say if all the gauges worked, the air conditioning was functional, the air leveling suspension is functional etc. I also noticed the oil leak on the oil pan and rear end lube leaking. I could be wrong on this but I thought SS's came with resonators in the exhaust system that I don't see on this one. I agree that at that price I would want a professional appraiser looking at it. Like you, knowing it has been on the m
  12. Pictures are just pictures, I would have to see it close up and have some one you trust do a thorough inspection. If this is your dream car emotions are high and it is easy to over look things and hard to negotiate if you have a grin from ear to ear. Just thought I would add my 2 cents worth, hope it works out for you, nice Car!!
  13. I have four correct air cleaners. He should buy one. He's asking LS5 air Chevelle money. Like to see the paperwork.
  14. Just to add: It is a desirable factory colour combination matching the paint code on the body tag. The interior also matches the code on the body tag which is nice. The few non-factory components under the hood could easily be swapped if you want it factory correct. The question is where else are you going to find one this nice?
  15. Based on recent sales of first gens I don't think this asking price is too far out of line. I think it is a matter of them finding the right buyer. It has some nice options, good attention to detail and can be verified as an SS on the body tag.
  16. What are you WILLING to pay for it. How much does it mean to you to own it? That’s the deciding factor. IMO
  17. Pretty nice car. The engine has the wrong air cleaner assembly (not that it matters). Also it looks like it is leaking oil from a few spots. Maybe a 35-45k car IMO.
  18. Molding and hood pad sale pending payment. I can’t find tail light lenses as I moved 15 months ago. the rest is still available and I have new listing thanks guys. im selling everything I have ask if you like and I’ll see if I have it?
  19. Looking for anything else? Pm me
  20. One nos Gm air condenser coil the one in front of radiator. Reasonable offer plus shipping it’s in original box. It will require double boxing by a ups service.because it’s fragile. one new not Gm 4 core radiator for automatic transmission or plug the line fittings same situation it will have to be doubled box by shipping ups that charges extra for there service. Price is $275. Pm if interested. I have a few old nos PF35 tall oil filters $10 each plus shipping
  21. Looks like a great car, not sure if it's worth 75000 but if it is than that's good news for the rest of us. Good luck with the offer. Let us know how you make out....good luck
  22. It’s absolutely awesome to see kids that age get involved with wholesome activities. Sounds like it was a blast and rousing success all the way around.
  23. We have all seen this car for sale for months & apparently still for sale. Why hasn't it sold and what's it really worth? I am considering putting in a fair offer and looking for guidance. Thanks. https://throttlestop.com/detail/1971-chevrolet-monte-carlo-ss-coupe
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  25. Hey Glen, it is only one granddaughter. She just started at this school about a month ago so she is just getting to know some of the kids. It was a Senior student that was doing the car show as a school project and he did a good job. I was the first person to sign up for the show. They requested people pre-register for the show and my two cars were the first two registered. He was very disappointed when only 15 cars signed up for the show but with his advertisement on www.carcruises.com the show was a success with 57 cars showing up and paying the registration fee. This was the fir
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