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  2. The part of the cowl under the rubber at both ends that you see in both pictures is where the side cowl panel and the top meet. The factory puts seam sealer to prevent moisture from getting in-between the metal. It was applied and then painted black at the same time as the firewall.
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  4. Ah very good. The initial question was about the rubber where the hood meets the fender, at the very end of the hood-to-cowl moulding. sorry, probably not too clear with my description
  5. The middle picture, with the screwed on plate on the rightside of the pic...that's for a vacuum motor mounting for the HVAC system, unless you're looking at something different than I am.
  6. Thank Rob, I'll have a search for the rubber seal. bit concerned about the 'custom' metal piece! There are no modifications whatsoever that I have found on the car yet - bone stock. what on earth could it be?
  7. Paul, The metal really doesn't look like it is disintegrating. If I am not mistaken, the metal should be a black satin finish. Looking at that picture of the passenger side, the rusty metal you are showing being held on with some screws is something a previous owner added, it is not from the factory like that. If I am not mistaken, the rubber seal is available at some of the normal parts suppliers. rob
  8. If you look at the photo, the part of the body under the hood cowl, in front of the windscreen, is disintegrating. It looks like rubber, not paint. Can anyone tell me what to use to restore this area? is it a paint or a part?
  9. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    Thanks Steve, it's already back together, putting the bar in now. Thank you Willie, very kind words indeed!
  10. this is Donny, I have not got my packet from carlise,pa 

    1. Rob Peters

      Rob Peters

      Donnie, They should be going out in the next few days.  Don't worry, it will be coming.

      Thanks for paying your dues

      I sent an email recently regarding the Saturday evening Award Dinner.  I need to know if you and Jackie are planning to attend the Awards Buffet Dinner.  I sent an email out to everyone needing to know who will be attending.  The Buffet Dinner is $21.00 per person.  I am trying to prepare wrist bands for every member planning to attend.  You will pay for this Award Dinner Buffet when you check in with me when you arrive.  Once you pay you will receive an envelope with two wrist band that you will wear on Saturday evening to show that you have paid for your dinner.  

      You have already responded that you want to participate in the Pizza Party on Thursday evening and that money will also be collected when you check in with me when you arrive.  So, the cash you would need when you check in with me when you arrive will be $12 for you and Jackie for the Pizza Party and for the Award Dinner Buffet it will be an additional $42 for a total of $54 when you check in with me upon arrival.

      If you have any questions please email me at rob29ford@aol.com  That is the best way to reach me.



  11. willie

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    Joe, I know other people are thinking it so i will just say it. For someone who hates working on cars you do a fantastic job making them look great and go fast!! Love your work!!! Wish i had half your ability.
  12. If it was easy everyone would do it, keep at it you'll get it 👍
  13. I have a 200r4 and 3:31 with a 12 bolt rear end. RPMs are at about 2k at 70 mph. Good highway cruising setup.
  14. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    Thanks! Oh yeah, I'm out here. Trying to get the front stabilizer bar in place....and slowly disassembling the car to get it in. It's like a Chinese puzzle, and I'm not smart enough to figure it out, lol. EDIT: So, if you remove the right brake caliper/rotor, harmonic balancer & left lower control arm rubber bumper, the stabilizer bar will slide in place. I hate working on cars....
  15. That’s the worst. Bad new parts. Makes you rethink everything.
  16. Dtret

    New Guy Here

    Did you make it? To the shop that is. Lol.
  17. Yesterday
  18. That stinks.... Better luck with the next one. It was pretty looking.
  19. It’s an original real ss bumper was replated in the past tri city in tenn. but no issues, pad is attached. asking $2500 I’m the middle man so I can present offers if you like not sure he will except. Thanks buddy
  20. Installed that pretty starter and dead as a door nail! nothing! even took it to be tested in case I was doing something wrong. So much for going with a new instead of a reman to eliminate problems! It did come with a performance sheet, I wonder if they use the same test sheet for all starters. Oh well waiting for another one.
  21. Bob,how much for the bumper? I have 7 nos pads. Is the bumper nos? Has the bumper pad? Jeff in nj
  22. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    Thanks! Just finished eating, going to walk right past that chair and head into the shop 😁
  23. Dtret

    New Guy Here

    So much for an early dinner. Great work.
  24. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    Yep, still avoiding the car. The transmission is on the jack, almost ready to slip into place, but I'm getting hungry, lol It was much better talking to you than working on anything here, lol.
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