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  2. I put them outboard on both my ARH headers (Holley Dominator ECM accommodates dual sensors) with 45 degree bungs, angled forward. I'll get you pics tomorrow when I get out in the shop. Initially I was going to have ARH install them when they built them, but they forgot. Just as well, because it wouldn't have worked as well as where I put them anyways.
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  4. I would have to hold off for now.
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  6. Have a steering column I picked up it has an orange sticker , Part number? I was told the column was from a 72 floor shift Monte Carlo the sticker appears to be "6-83067". Has anyone seen this before? Thanks
  7. I had the high bid at $23,500. I talked to the owner after the auction and his reserve on the car was $38K. I offered $25K figuring minimum of $15K additional for paint, fix heater, fix a/c and fix radio. The heater, a/c and radio didn't work. All of this is what we know about. What else could be wrong with the car? No way this car was worth $38K in my opinion. I continue to look.....
  8. Hey guys I'm getting ready to install my o2 sensor for my Holley Sniper system and am trying to make it look clean. I'd like to install it on the passenger side header (see pic) and run the cable up the transmission but am not sure if there will be enough clearance since the body is off the car. I know that there will be a few inches considering the body mount bushings but am not 100%. American Racing Headers do tuck up higher than most. Thoughts?
  9. Thanks Doug! Unless I'm mistaken, I have the solenoid that I think you're referring to. It's not intended to increase the idle speed with the A/C running, it's an anti-dieseling solenoid. It is always engaged when the key is on. You use it to adjust the idle speed. When you turn the key off, the solenoid de-energizes and allows the throttle plates to close completely, shutting off air to the engine to prevent engine run-on or "dieseling". Not much of a worry with the quality of today's gasoline but was very helpful back in the day! If there is a different solenoid that I'm not aware of, y
  10. There was a Electric Solenoid attached to the Factory carb that with A/C on/running, that Solenoid would engage increasing RPM so that there would not be a stall from the engine. I will try and find the diagram/pic showing it on the Factory carb and Post unless another had already answered your question with pic's. I am not aware of any adjustments needed with Solenoid attached. Doug
  11. Trying to get the A/C in my 72 working as good as possible. One thing I have noticed is that the engine does not idle "up" when the A/C is running. In the factory service manual, in the A/C section, it mentions an "Engine Idle Compensator" and says the following: "this additional aid to prevent stalling during prolong hot weather periods is included with all air-conditioned vehicles. The idle compensator is a thermostatically controlled air bleed which supplies additional air to the idle mixture. On V-8 engines, with factory installed air conditioning systems, the compensator is located within
  12. Jeff in nj. Anyone have both headlight bezels for a 1970 nos they would like to sell?
  13. So I found these. CSS emissions system consists of no air pump
  14. I believe that was a clay model but looks nice. I alway liked those wheels on a chevelle
  15. Oh ok I didn't see that. They were probably wanting 30k atleast
  16. Thanks Mike, but i think that won't work. I have been scouring the internet and found that the frame for a chevelle of the same year is virtually identical in the back as the Monte frame, with the exception of the station wagon or pickup version of the Chevelle, which are 1 1/8" lower at the very aft end. I have also found that UHaul has a receiver style hitch for a 1972 Chevelle 2DR, and that should work. I will call UHaul tomorrow to confirm the hitch is designed for a 1972 Chevelle coupe and they can manufacture one for me in time for the western meet. I havent jumped through t
  17. It's the little things only you know about that bother you the most....... Something someone once told me a long time ago, but it's sure true !! lol
  18. 5 1st Gens and local Father's day car show, most I've ever seen at one show lol
  19. I’ve never seen SS wheels on one before.
  20. I have one on the back of my 70 El Camino that I'm going junk soon. Let me know if that might work. Don't know if it original or not. Looks like it is original to the car.
  21. The receiver type with the small square tube would be the way to go, they tuck right up and under and are mostly out of sight. Had one on my mercury and worked great, that was also a draw-tite. I used to sell them very good quality hitches. But unfortunately they dont list them for our cars.
  22. more than likely more than one Jim
  23. I like to look for old 1970 magazines when we go to antique stores. Have found several Monte advertisements.
  24. So I went on the UHaul site and after filling in the fields regarding year, make, model vehicle the message I got back was that UHaul would, at no charge to me, create a custom hitch for my car and warrantee it for life IF I would be willing to drop the car at their research and development facility in Tempe, AZ. and leave it for 2-3 days. So if anyone is close to Tempe, AZ and wants a free receiver style hitch for their Monte I suggest they go to the official UHaul site and see what happens. For me, it is just a bit too far a drive for a free hitch.
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