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  2. I’ll bet it does. And at least I’ll be entertained by the car of characters here in the meantime.
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  4. Goes faster than you think Glen!!
  5. Neat photos. Ed, your Monte looks right at home outside the Motel.
  6. I’ll let you all know in 3 more years when I get my 5 year FGMCC cherry popped. It’s gonna seem like an eternity until then ..(Sob 🥺😭).
  7. Hi Grant. I was surfing the forums and came across your post about the washer monitor paddles you fabricated. Any chance you have any left? I’d love to buy one from you. Then all I’d need is the buoyant piece. Please let me know. Thanks!
  8. I used some really large washers from the hardware store which works on the 70/71 grilles pretty well. For a 72 grille you likely need to do a larger piece of metal/plastic as the grille openings are larger.
  9. It should have comexwith the 2 studs, I used a piece of 1 inch aluminum stock I got at hardware store. The reason I used aluminum uas to elongate the holes a little because the studs were in a little bit of an angle. I still have it around here somewhere if you need a piece of it.
  10. definitely interested if the cost is good and I don't have to tear too much into the dash.
  11. What are people using to attach the badge to the grille?
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  13. There’s a 71 ss sitting somewhere in Oregon I heard about. You just a hop, skip and a few thousand jumps. Don’t be so sure of that.
  14. But then Dennis will never come over to my house.
  15. Look below. Maybe something Andrew shows in the posts can steer you in a direction, or adapt to your needs. He's very sharp, & meticulous as well. https://forums.holley.com/showthread.php?47957-Wiring-considerations-for-Holley-EFI-systems/page3&highlight=fuse
  16. Aaron you need some dancing bananas in there 🤣
  17. Any recommendations on adding a fuse block? I want 3 Battery terminals and 3 accessory terminals . I think I need a relay for the accessory’s. not sure of the amps for the relay. I think 30amps should work. Any info would help.
  18. 1/2 inch pipe thread. Hose will be either 3/4 or 5/8, depending on the fitting.
  19. Can anyone tell me the thread size that goes into the water pump, and the hose end diameter. It’s to fit a stock replacement AC Delco for an sbc 350. A part number even better!
  20. I don't know that I would use it as a lifting point as the thread isn't that big or deep.
  21. Hi Rob, Reason I asked was because it had Caprice tail light lenses.Wonder why no other insignia on that ride? I'm glad you spoke with the guy, might be looking for one sometime soon.
  22. EVC

    Memorabilia Highway.

    One of my favorite stops in Arizona. Haven't been there in a few years. … Hackberry AZ.
  23. I have a good working one, its 40.00 plus 9.00 for a priority envelope, it fits. Are you talking about the wire that connects both horns together? Joe
  24. I work with a race transmission shop owner son. He builds them too. He says "turbo 400? thats a dump truck trans" guess they are strong that way.
  25. Maybe check with Jared Richey, he was selling all kinds of parts.
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