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  2. Nice car and great stance!
  3. Brilliant. He even thought to allow space for he bumper -jack! Thank you.
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  5. Well, we are now up to 35 members registered with me as of tonight. I have updated the list at the beginning of this post on page 1. I have copied the list and will post a duplicate of the list here: CK Collins Dennis Collins Willie Conforti Jack Cooper Jim Covello Randy Czrankner Tony DiVirgilio Tom Ferrante Kevin Ferrante Andy Gorzynski Doug Guenther Carl Hanson Steve Lavoie Jeff Mullen Paul Mullen Jay Munday Frank O’Connell Gerald Patterson Rob Peters Patrick Peters Glen Popiela Bill Rees John Rodi Joe Roman Dan Ruland Durando Saccente Jim Stead Joe Sullivan Michael Talarek Joe Tedesco Dennis Tretter Mark Truman Gary Vanatter Ed Walker Bob Wiemels Let's keep the registrations coming and really rock Carlisle. Thanks for your participation. We still have time to fill the remaining rooms
  6. what is the best way to remove the existing 1/4 panel from the trunk weatherstrip area without damaging the panel its welded to? thanls
  7. great thanks to all for your input,ordered amds today,going to attempt installation. any pointers would be appreciated
  8. Very nice. It turned out well.
  9. Great job Steve!!! Cant wait to see her with the new hood!!!
  10. Yesterday
  11. I remember putting my first set of Hooker headers on our Monte , that would have been 45 years ago. Headers eversince ,
  12. guys, back some 35 + years ago i put headers on my 72 monte 454 ,hooker headers ,for one summer,and i put a starter heat shield to keep the starter cool worked great but then went back to the original manifolds
  13. Now who would do a mean thing like that LOL ROFLMA O
  14. I put the retired part someone else added the smurf part 🤣
  15. Steve , you did a wonderful job ! That hood turned out great !!
  16. Sorry Steve, I'm laughing WITH you, not AT you. I noticed you updated your occupation to retired SMURF. LOLOLOLOL
  17. I got the hood back on the car today with help from Carl I gotta call it project complete. I do have to say I highly recommend hood hinge repair I am 100 percent happy with the rebuild hinges, they hold the hood up perfectly at any height. They are a little stiff right now but I assume they will break in somewhat. Please disregard the dust it's very dirty needs a good clean up.
  18. Glad you fixed the problem, Your Monte looks great. It looks like you need one more big project, move the steering wheel to the other side......LOL
  19. I'm glad to see that you have gotten your starter issues taken care of. Now it's time to enjoy that beautiful ride !!
  20. Haha it has been lashing for 3 weeks straight! Usually April - June are the good weather months here. The Monte seems to suck up dirt too
  21. What.... I see shadows, actual sunshine in Ireland. Not something we saw a lot of when we were there. rob
  22. thanks sensei Rob! Two hot starts this morning, not a problem 😁 finally, time to drive
  23. I wish it was a few weeks later. We will be coming down on the Auto Train for a wedding and the Auto Train comes in at the Sanford Station and then on up to the Jax area to visit the old neighborhood and Jax Beach and the wedding at the Golf Hall Of Fame down near St Augustine rob
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