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  3. Another update, had a few more things done since returning from our last camping trip of the season. Got the dash pad painted , I actually bought a new one but it did not fit well , so I returned and ended up using the old one, and figured if I wasn't going to change color of interior I wouldn't have changed the dash. So I painted it for now and will change in the future when I come across one . Had the glass guy install the glass and also got the console pained and installed. Today I got most of the vinyl top installed . There may be couple spots where I think the top could be a little better , but all in all happy with it and think after being in the sun for a bit etc.. it will shrink up and tighten up.(hopefully). Will do around the windows etc hopefully tomorrow and then will let it set before cutting and trimming so the shrinkage will be done. As usual I added some pics and thanks for looking. Enjoy. Here is just the carpet getting buttoned up kick panels and etc installed Started installing some of the door glass felts door handles locks etc.. Here is the before and after of the console and installed y9ou will also see the dash installed as well , came out ok. Finally met up with the glass guy and had the front and rear glass installed. A new windshield was required for the front as it was broke. And now here are a couple of the vinyl top installed , came out pretty good in person the pictures don't do it justice, some imperfections will hopefully come out in the sun and obviously around the trim studs will look better once all completed.
  4. 10 k or make me a reasonable offer would like car gone before winter.Have most of the build sheet
  5. 71/72 402 engine casting #3969854 with truck heads casting #330865 oval port open chamber with aluminum intake casting#3866963 snow flake with w in center motor stuck been sitting 20 years still together also comes with pair heads casting #3964290 ls5 oval port closed chamber, single head casting #336781 big block street headers holley double pump hei and points dist 3 exhaust manifolds looking for 900.00 or best please call 315 633 5293 h or 315 289 6062 c I don't check email regularly
  6. congratulations steve you beat the man enjoy life party on
  7. Congrats and Good Luck on your retirement!!!
  8. A man with a plan....For today!! But what are you going to do on Monday. rob
  9. The day has finally arrived, today when I leave work it will be for the final time. I'm only going in for about 3 hours to turn in my phone id badge and keys and say my final good buys. Then I'll go and help my daughter and her family move into there new home. And retirement begins Woo Hoo
  10. https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/cto/d/edmonds-1970-chevrolet-monte-carlo/7001808465.html Doug
  11. Last week
  12. This is my first post on FGMCC. I too got a call for the same movie. They said they want my '59 Belair and '67 Chevelle. Hope we both get it and it would be good to meet.
  13. LET’S “FILL THE FIELD” WITH MONTE CARLO’S This message is for all of my Monte Carlo Friends and owners of Monte Carlo’s of All Generations who are planning to attend the 2020 Chevrolet Nationals in Carlisle, Pa in June of 2020. With 2020 being the 50th Anniversary of the Monte Carlo and with Carlisle Events Featuring the Monte Carlo at the 2020 Chevrolet Nationals to celebrate this 50th Anniversary I have been asked by the planners of this show to help them out. For each show Carlisle Events fills Building “T” with a “FEATURED VEHICLE DISPLAY”. Your car would be placed inside this enclosed building before the show starts and remain there until the close of the show. If your application is approved and your vehicle is selected, Carlisle Events will provide a custom-made sign to display alongside your vehicle, you will be given free access to the show field each day and I think they will even provide you with free parking for your tow vehicle and trailer. I think they also provide you with a special show license plate keepsake. They have told me your car does not have to be the most beautiful car at the show. They are looking for Monte Carlo’s from All Generations. They are looking for not only Stock Original cars. They are also looking for Custom built, Mild Modified, Heavily Modified, Non-Restored and even cars built for the Race Track and Drag Strip. If you are interested in your vehicle being on display in the “FEATURED VEHICLE DISPLAY” in Building “T” on the show field please go to this link https://carlislefeatures.com/inv/carlisle_invitational_application.aspx for information and the application form to submit for consideration of your vehicle to be honored. If you have any questions please drop me an email at rob29ford@aol.comor contact Carlisle Events directly. Again, here is the link for the information and the application process: https://carlislefeatures.com/inv/carlisle_invitational_application.aspx LET’S ALSO “FILL BUILDING T” WITH MONTE CARLO'S
  14. Chassis is almost done already Rock Auto saves a lot of $$$
  15. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    More parts came today...Too tired to do much else than unload it though.
  16. Thank you all so much....makes good sense now that I have a visual...
  17. I've asked myself this question about a year ago because I have several 12-bolt rears as extras. I've been asking around and spoke to vendors and people looking for 12-bolt rears. These things are getting harder and harder to find. Here is what I came up with as a rule of thumb for me (just my opinion after research): - 12-bolt housing is worth $ 500 - good housing, doesn't have to have gears, drums, etc. No modifications. - 12-bolt original, working rear in good condition is worth $ 1,000 - drum to drum and in nice working condition. Any gear ratio, open or posi. Can be run without any mods. - 12-bolt completely, professionally rebuilt rear is worth $ 2,500 - Ready to bolt in, new axles, bearings, seals, posi unit, receipts included. Hope that gives you a general idea to go by. Thanks!! Mike
  18. Are you thinking on using lead for things like the quarter to roof joint if you replace the full quarter panel, or to try and fill all the holes around the entire body? I did lead work years ago, takes a lot of time and patience. Also, if you don't clean the flux out real good, it can come back to haunt you down the road as it bubbles up. As said above, there are a lot of good fillers that will do a great job, quicker, easier and very durable. That being said, if you can learn a skill from an older craftsman, that's always great too.
  19. Lead is a dying or dead skill. If you have someone willing to teach you, I say go for it. But today's fillers are much easier to use. With that being said, you are a long way off from doing any lead work. That's the going price for rear aftermarket panels. I would get the AMD full rear quarter panels. That's not an issue, those are easy. You need to open the can of worms. Get the quarter panel off and see how the inner (Hidden) structure is. How much of the trunk needs to be replaced? Supports? Tulip panel? Dog legs? Inner and outer whéelwells? It's the stuff you can't see that sucks. Lol How is the rest of the floors? Supports? Just some food for thought.
  20. My body skills are 0 lol. I'd like to possibly learn to lead fill the body possibly. Theres an older gentleman where I live that's done a bunch of that, and hes willing to help/teach me. Anyone have any opinions on the quality of a repair like that? Best price I've found on complete replacement panels from the doors back are 500 per side plus shipping lol
  21. Good find, and you really don't have much in it yet, hows your body working skills? Go slow learn as you go repair what you can replace what you have to. Good luck with it keep us posted. Color is a ways off but I agree with the two tone instead of vinyl top. But do it right the first time or you will regret it later.
  22. If you only have $500 in it you are not hurting at all. I've bought a bunch looking like that and paid more just to part them out! Being as you have not overpaid for the car you can definitely afford to spend some money on restoring it. You can pretty much do what you want with it.. it will be worth way more modifying a car like this than keeping it original. We have a 72 350 bench seat car (green on green) put back the way it came in the same condition would probably struggle to bring 12k..I was offered over double that and I didn't even have the car for sale nor do we want to sell it. Now it's ocean blue metallic, buckets, etc etc.
  23. John, Regarding the color. You have a lot of time to decide on what to do about color. If you decide to go with the original color it is not a bad decision. Here is one in the Green Mist. That is a pretty color. I am not a big fan of the Lime Green on one of the years Monte but this Green Mist is nice. Now, regarding your question of vinyl roof or not. You do have the option of going with a two tone paint job if you are worried about rust forming under a new vinyl roof. They used the same trim on the two tone painted cars as they used on the cars with the vinyl roof. They used the trim to separate the two different colors. Looking at the condition of the interior of your car, the bad thing is you need to do a complete redo of that interior. With that in mind and that being the bad thing but a look at the bright side of it needing a complete redo is if you want to go with a different color and type of interior you will be working with a blank "canvas" so it will cost you no more to do the change the color than it will to redo in original color/types. rob
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