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  1. I had problems with a couple starters and alternators, I try to avoid rebuilt or remanufactured any more. New is a few more bucks but usually works way better. I'll get new if possible.
  2. Not to bad mouth anyone or company but I've never had any luck with any rebuilt parts from Napa, especially electric parts.
  3. Get well soon, don't rush it take your time and heal completely. Good luck sounds like you made the right decision.
  4. Ok if I hear anything I'll let you know also. Thank you for putting this together again always a good time for sure.
  5. CK have you talked to anyone from the nationals? Was wondering if they got the host hotel figured out as that is the one that was sold and being converted into apartments. It doesn't matter to me because I sign in right at the camping area when we get there on Wednesday but others will still have sign in and get there info packet at host hotel. Was just wondering I haven't talked to anyone about it.
  6. You know l be there but in the camping area as I always am. Dino Thursday evening also.
  7. I do remember one year in Carlisle you had parts strapped to the roof of your car 😅 think it was a hood wasn't it?
  8. Thanks Bob I appreciate that but hopefully it'll be better after. I gotta give you a call sometime next week.
  9. I belive only the full size GM cars had insulators on the top of the front springs. Some think Montes are full size cars, they are not.
  10. Tony lots of great info and people here and yes we love pictures and please don't be afraid to ask questions. We love to help and sometimes we like to spend other people's money 🤣
  11. Wow that was just before my time. I never got the pleasure of meeting Robin but I did meet his wife at Norwalk in 2010, (my first meet) it was nice she attended it had to be very hard for her. This is a great group I'm proud to be coming up on 15 years in March!
  12. I used Moog cargo coils cc501 and 2 inch spacers to get it where I wanted it. Some use elcamino springs. It all depends on what you want mine was trial and error until I got it right.
  13. Oh you thinking that eh Jim that's probably not gonna happen 😅 that was a pain in the butt right from the start to finish. I was told that though from a couple people but did I listen of course not I had to see if I could do it.
  14. Got a couple small dents I missed and a couple spots that need some attention and some paint corrections but no need to strip it down all the way thank goodness. Used a gravity feed gun and I do think pressure was a little high. It was fully dry yes but my compressor died on the final coat so pressure did drop some. Had to get a new compressor to do the clear. I'll hopefully get it.
  15. I am not completly happy the way hood turned out so its back off and I'll start over. Hinges are off and getting ready to send out to be rebuilt. No one else really noticed the flaws (or didn't say anything) but I did so I start over and hopefully don't screw it up worse lol. At least I don't have to do the complete build again.
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