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  1. That's great Rob, we may need some more room for bench racing and more crown royal thanks for all your hard work
  2. Well hopefully I found another one a couple years older and 50k less miles. Looks pretty clean hopefully the deal goes through.
  3. Bummer the deal fell through on the truck, the dealer was taking it to get inspected today and it was involved in a 5 car pile up so I guess I'm still looking. He has another one coming in soon and maybe I'll look at that one. Guess it just wasn't meant to be.
  4. Was down your way Pat over the weekend, had dinner at Lanie's cafe for my moms birthday, it was very good.
  5. No its to tow my camper, I drive my car where ever I go
  6. Happy thanksgiving everyone, have a safe and happy holiday, enjoy
  7. It's a cream puff 13 not sure of exact color name other than blue lol
  8. Nevernind guys I found a truck, made the deal today thanks.
  9. or choke spring. Most of them just have a screw holding them in may have to pop that little metal piece off to get to it.
  10. Looking good, you'll be done before you know it.
  11. Someone got a set in Carlisle one year possibly from Lutys that were pretty nice.
  12. Andy did you buy that mopar? if so thats a nice find
  13. Congrats, good luck with it. Wont have to go far to collect rent and you can keep an eye on it all the time.
  14. Thanks Rob, yea thats to far
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