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  1. Luckily none stuck to the roads here because I'm traveling today but we did get some too 😠
  2. Welcome Hugh, that wasn't that long an introduction and very through. Looks like a pretty nice car to start with. Glad to see your daughter interested in it also, good luck with it.
  3. How hard would it be to make something up? I made a set of spring insulators once out of a piece of rubber backed carpet. They worked fine for a couple years. Actually when I removed them to put the proper ones in they were still working fine. Just a thought.
  4. Isn't it amazing how far and where overspray can go. And them little grinding particles can really cause havoc on other surfaces. Good plan joe.
  5. Wait I dont see where the kitchen and bathroom are going to be 😳🤣🤣🤣 that looks great.
  6. Mice dont mind insulation at all. I pulled a bunch down from the beam in my shead under my deck and found a nest within it. Also I have found nests under the flywheel cover of my tractor in the spring time too. I put dryer sheets in my car and camper every winter so far so good. They also dont like moth balls if you can stand the smell of them.
  7. I have halogen bulbs in mine, seem to be ok. I dont really drive at night that much.
  8. Make sure to register your car before June, I believe the price goes up June 1st.
  9. If I remember correctly Steve has drag radials on the back, not sure of the size. He dosen't get on here to often.
  10. Sold me on the tru track when I get ready to do mine. Now I just gotta figure weather to stay with the 10 bolt original or do the 12 bolt I bought a couple years ago. Not going to have a real high horse power engine. I could probably sell the 12 bolt for enough to rebuild the 10 bolt. Decisions decisions
  11. Thanks for sharing that link Rob, I sent it to my brother he may need some parts for the 26 coupe hes in the process of building. Not stock but some of the body parts are stock. He found a real body hes using.
  12. Can't get to my car right now but I believe it should direct manifold vacuum to the booster. PCV goes to back of carb.
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