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  1. Which tail pipes did you go with Joe? I was looking at the flow master 2 1/2 one piece ones. I am going to put the chrome tips on the ends straight out the back. I'll probably have the pipes from headers to mufflers built at a local shop.
  2. Oh ok bummer I guess you're right time for a new one.
  3. What's wrong with that tank? Is it leaking somewhere or bottom damaged. I'd rather have an OEM tank than a replacement. Mine wasn't bad at all I cleaned it up and painted it looks like new.
  4. Oh yea you may be right my bad. My girlfriend says that about me too Larry
  5. Looks good, what size pipe/clamp do you have there? Did you have to elongate the holes at all?
  6. Looks like a very nice car, if the guy wants to get it fixed first I wouldn't worry to much. I never drove mine before I bought it and the guy drove it to my house the day I bought it. I didn't drive it for several days later after I got plates on it and haven't had any problems.
  7. I completely understand my girlfriend tested positive the other day so shes in quarantine and only showing mild to moderate symptoms. Remember the year I brought my dog with me and Mike and Ann always bring the dogs. I dont think I'm going this year for mini meet was kinda planning on going south but that's in question now. But it's good to see you back and doing well!
  8. Welcome we have another member in Brunswick and another not to far from there. She had a beautiful 71 SS . Hard to say what's its worth without more info but its worth whatever your willing to pay if it the car you want. Good luck with it.
  9. Good to see you Ert, dont be such a stranger here we sure missed you at Carlisle last summer.
  10. The only thing that may be different is the size of the clamp holes. The original non ss tailpipe is 2 inch I think the ss may be larger I dont remember that. You may need to open up the holes to fit the larger clamp in the upside down part. That's what I'm planning on doing when I go from my 2 inch system to the 2.5 I will be putting on later on. Think I may stay with glass pack mufflers though. Haven't figured that out yet.
  11. The rear tailpipe hangers are different on the ss tail pipes with the chrome ends or resonator. The muffler or front tailpipe hangers are all the same.
  12. It mounts to the frame crossmember, one side to the top and the other to the face or front of it. The hangers look similar but right and left are different.
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