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  1. If it was easy everyone would do it, keep at it you'll get it 👍
  2. I used swamp water in a truck one time when it overheated on the highway, it got me back to the shop. We used to use distilled water in batteries but just regular water in cooling systems.
  3. I really hate to have say this but I'm going to have to cancel my trip to Carlisle this year. I was really looking forward to seeing everyone this year but I found out I have a very large expense coming up and there's no way I can justify this trip at this time. I have contacted Rob he has all my information. It's to late to get a refund on my pass for the show so I am going to forward that to Rob if anyone has not registered with Carlisle yet it can be transferred over. I'm gonna miss seeing everyone but hopefully a few will be at Syracuse for that show. That's all paid for already and there's no canceling that. I hope everyone has a great time and tons of fun. With regrets, Steve
  4. I found a car show that sounds very interesting bud my girlfriend said on hell no gee I don't understand 🤣🤣🤣 read the poster.
  5. Could be just over full but I think I would do a complete flush and get the proper mix of coolant in there. Of course I'd probably pressure test the system first and if you haven't yet change the thermostat. But that's just me.
  6. That's good. I may be able to make clay on Tuesday after memorial day. I went to 3 rivers Wednesday night but it don't start until next week. Went to fairmont Saturday evening was OK maybe 40 to 50 cars.
  7. Mine is coming up on 51 too I almost forgot after the 50 year celebration last may.
  8. Went to cruise in today of course I was the only first gen there had fun was a good time. My brother went to a show in Saratoga sent me a picture of Jess's old car. Hopefully he'll be at Carlisle I think he said he was going.
  9. Any time the hood goes up or someone has some kind of problem at Carlisle there's always plenty of help there to assist a brother in need.
  10. I like it, my engine hoist folds up like that definitely makes it better to fold it up when not using it.
  11. Welcome to the group, looks like your we into it and so far looks great. It does get expensive doing these for sure just do it slow and steady take your time do it right.
  12. I found out my friend who was coming with me has some family obligations that weekend so if anyone has reservations and your going alone and would like to double up with me I'm open to that. I have a room With 2 queen beds and obviously I'll only be using one of them. I personally spend little time in the room only to sleep for a few hours a night and shower in the morning, my girlfriend says since I got my c-pep I don't snore anymore lol. Send me a message if interested it will cut down on the expense for both of us. If someone is interested DO NOT cancel your room we'll let Rob know I believe there is a waiting list for a room. Let me know.
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