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  1. Not really sure I've always left the hoses connected and put under the cover until I got it bolted up to car. Is this a master you rebuilt or something you bought? I will never use a rebuilt or reconditioned master cylinder. The new ones are so much better and not that much more expensive.
  2. Nope the last color before bare metal is white then the green or whatever color that is. I've never seen white primer.
  3. Does anyone know if the factory used white primer under the factory color. Also the original color was supposed to be mist green but it sure looks like dark green over the primer. I also took off at least 3 other coats of other paint off too. Looks like a gold and a couple coats of silver, and a few coats of primer theres a lot of paint on this hood and I'm taking it down to bear metal.
  4. Next week I'll be sitting by a lake in the Adirondack mountains listening to the loons and occasionally going out fishing and hopping no bears show up. We'll be there for the week. There is a car show nearby on Saturday but not sure if I'm going to have time to get there after getting the trailer all set up on our site.
  5. Think it worked, pretty much stock 350 with 2 inch all the way cherry bomb glaspacks about 14 years old. 20210728_152202.mp4
  6. Somehow I missed this. I wouldn't do straight pipes. I have a 71 350 with 2 inch all the way with glass packs its sounds pretty good. When I do the motor over I will go to 2.5 inch probably with glass packs again and see how it sounds. I dont personally like the sound with no mufflers at all. Thought I had a video of it running but cant find it I'll try and get one later today when I have it out.
  7. Yes they will fit all 3 years the only difference is where the hood spear attaches. I believe the trunk lids are the same also.
  8. That's purdy to bad no one will ever see it unless you put mirrors under there. Looks great.
  9. You would think that Brian but chevy used the same pads on some of there pick up trucks also, basically the same brake system as on our montes that's a little scary.
  10. Again Ryan so sorry for your loss they truly are part of the family
  11. That's what I got is the power stop for the monte, for my truck I got the Detroit axel ones. Already put backs on I still gotta put fronts on but as good of quality at power stop imo.
  12. The brake system should be fine as it is, the front pads are the same as some full sized cars also. Although I did upgrade to the front to drilled and slotted rotors and ceramic pads on mine and did notice a difference for the better. Everything else is 100 percent stock including front calipers which were replaced with new ones. Eventually I will upgrade to braided hoses on the front when they need to be changed.
  13. Yea I became a dues paying member about a year or so before I joined the boards, I was a lurker before that 🤣 what can I saw I was shy 🤣🤣🤣 actually didn't sign into boards until after my first meet in Norwalk.
  14. I'd like to take a moment to tell everyone going to the meet please have a safe trip and a great time at the meet. Wish I could be there with you all but I'll be in the Adirondack mountains at nice clear lake for the week camping. These reservations were made and paid for a year ago, we look forward to this trip every year. Enjoy everyone. I'll make a southern meet some day.
  15. Yea I dinged my aftermarket rocker moldings too, I saved the original ones so I'm going to clean them up and put them back on when the time comes plus use the plastic clips too. The rest of the moldings seemed to be better, at least I didnt ding them up.
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