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  1. Yea he's in Massachusetts, his car was a 71 and was a very nice maroon color after it was painted. He did do a lot of work to the car while he had it. It actually took best paint award one year after he had it done.
  2. I had a very nice conversation with Mike G. I'm sure some of you remember Mike, I met Mike at the first meet I went to in 2010 in Norwalk Ohio. it was also his first meet. He also attended meets in Carlisle also him and his wife became friends. Unfortunately he and his wife parted ways a few years back and he kinda dissapeared. Well I saw him active on fb and sent him a message which he replied and we had a kinda long conversation, he is doing well but no longer has his monte but misses the monte family and asked me to tell everyone hello from him. He said possibly someday he may stop into a meet. Just wanted to let you know he's doing alright.
  3. It looks fantastic Dennis, I can't wait to see it in June!
  4. I mentioned this to my brother over the weekend and he said it's a great museum, he went to Jalopy showdown a couple years ago there said its well worth it.
  5. Well no harm done, i feel fine and the weather is pretty good so it looks like I'm going to celebrate my moms 94th birthday with her and my brother and sister.
  6. Turned ok ok??? It looks fantastic!
  7. Well back at it today, I got the bottom side primed and painted and the hole cut. I didn't cut the bracing, got it completely mocked up now I just have to bond hood to bracing and bond the scoop in place. Of course while I was down. There working I tripped and took a tumble didn't hear any cracks but I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow. I'm supposed to go to Albany (well actually Saratoga) tomorrow but the way the weather looks I may not. Now time for some pumpkin pie.
  8. That right front tire is pretty scuffed up, looks like its kissed a few curbs in it days.
  9. Sounds like fun but I won't be there until Thursday afternoon
  10. Thank you I appreciate that but no I'm not going to do it.
  11. 🤣🤣 🤣 I'm sure there's already enough to talk about 😜
  12. I should put them on my new cowl hood on my small block car just to make people wonder 🤣 no I'm not really going to but would be funny.
  13. I'd start with the vacuum hoses, make sure there's no restrictions in them and make sure you have the proper vacuum to them. You may be able to use some contact cleaner on the switch at the end of the stalk. Also make sure you have power where your supposed to have it. Its been a long time since I worked on one of those hopefully someone may chime in with more info.
  14. Yes everyone please have a safe and happy thanksgiving. Our plans have changed 3 times over the past week but somehow we'll get through it. Looks to be a much smaller gathering than usual due to covid but its better to be safe than sorry. Be safe all and enjoy!
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