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  1. I don't think I'll be buying one of these this year, maybe they will have another to choose from. Not that I don't like VWs ( my first car was a 56 beetle) but not my cup of tea.
  2. I used Willie Wilson also top quality job for sure and GM springs to boot. I'm 100% happy with them. As far as the scoop I built mine I didn't like the look of the ones out there. Scoop was to long or to short for me. Just my personal preference.
  3. What no dancing bananas Dennis?
  4. Very well said Willie, I agree 100% Rob has done a great job and as overwhelmed as he has been he's always been there for any questions anyone would have with a smile. Thank you Rob for your service to this fantastic club (family) over the years. I'd say we'll miss you but I know you will be around helping for many more years. One more thing
  5. Sorry to hear that you had a problem on the way home.

    If it had to be towed, it looked great on the flatbed, best looking car the tow company ever picked up!!!

  6. Thank you also Ron, was great working along side of you. Great time for sure.
  7. Sorry to hear that Rob that's no way to end a great weekend.
  8. Still aome die hards at almost midnight I would normally be but to much pain
  9. Was very impressive and great time right until my car quit 30 feet before parking 😅 got it going and parked. Changed a spark plug and all was well.
  10. I took mine around the block just to see how it handles looked like I was tailgating myself 🤣
  11. We'll be there tomorrow afternoon, my car is all loaded up and talked to Bob his is all loaded up. Just gotta load up coolers in the morning
  12. That's all I'm bringing well maybe one pair of jeans just in case.
  13. Yea mid to upper 90s here next few days.
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