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  1. Hang in there Joe, keep up the good work. Would love to see that baby at Syracuse nationals next summer.
  2. Welcome to the site, thank you for your service in the army. Good luck with your new project. I passed threw going from Boise to Syracuse Utah last month, beautiful country out there. My girlfriends son is stationed at Hill afb that's where we were going to visit him.
  3. I have 2.73 in mine from factory non posi, it's fine around town and on highway. I dont do a lot of burn outs or any racing. On highway does 2400 rpm at 70mph all day long.
  4. That is coming along nicely, great work you are doing there.
  5. Mine stayed there at least 8 or 9 years that I know of, possibly longer but I dont know. I found a registration from the late 70s still from long beach ca.
  6. My 71 small block built in van Nuys sold in long beach ca. Just has charcoal canister.
  7. Yea possible guide or valve seal. I have a new set of aluminum heads for it but was kinda waiting to do complete motor at once. Been collecting parts for as couple years now, still dont have them all. Wanted to do engine and trans while it's out. Decisions decisions. Summer is almost over I'll have to see. Thanks!
  8. Anyone good at reading spark plugs. I'm having a problem with #1 fouling out, used to take about 1500 to 2000 miles but its getting worse. This plug came out in Carlisle after less than 1000 miles. Had another one do it again after about 500. Picture isn't great but any help is appreciated.
  9. That's purdy 😀 good to see you posting again Andy.
  10. hopefully your restore is going well. We would love to see pictures of the progress. Lots of knowledge on this site ask any questions you want someone here will have an answer or find the answer!
  11. A little cool today but not to bad a day for a car show at Lebanon valley race track. Pretty good turnout they announced 300 cars. Mine was the only first gen but did talk at another member from Connecticut and another guy that has a 70 that I gave a club card.
  12. Mine was bent out just a little bit, I was suprised how easy it bent back after I loosened the bracket a little bit. Maybe a pry bar might bring it out what you need.
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