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  1. Congrats Rob it looks great. I love my GMC truck. Oh yea Happy birthday too
  2. Is that what they are magnets I wondered about that. It makes sense, I'm glad they stood behind it. Hopefully that's it.
  3. What has Pertronix said? have you talked to there tech line? I have that system in my 71 350 and it works great. When I installed it I did call tech line with a couple questions and they were helpful.
  4. Welcome to the boards thats a nice color combo.
  5. Welcome aboard looks like a pretty solid car to start with and a good story too.
  6. I belive its called balck with acqua, pretty sure
  7. Welcome (monte70car) has 72 thats about 3/4 complete maybe think its in for sale section somewhere.
  8. Welcome that's very nice, looks like its well put together too. Please post more pictures would like to see more.
  9. Holy smokes thats quite a collection, very nice
  10. Welcome back, glad you got it back out. Make it safe and drive the wheels off it
  11. Welcome to the site, congrats on your purchase good luck with it. Do it right the first time you wont be sorry.
  12. Took mine out just cruising around, put a little over a hundred miles (smiles) on it but started hearing a noise and felt a little clunking. After I got home I looked under the hood and the rear shim pack fell out on the drivers side (alignment shims) Not sure why but I assume it loosened up over time. Will get some in there for now but I guess its alignment time again.
  13. Would be great if you and your brother could make it. This is a fun event on a normal year this will be insane
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