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  1. Does anyone happen to have the news coverage or know what news stations were there? Would be nice to see from outside the car, I know it was great from inside the car. This was a great part of the weekend events I'm glad I was there for it.
  2. There are several videos floating around on fb you tube and Carlisle web site I think.
  3. Woo hoo I got the radiator show panel, I ordered it today
  4. Welcome Chuck good luck with your car. That color is nice, can't wait to see it done.
  5. My name is Rick, I'm a new member this year. I'm only 15 min from Legendary. Maybe we can meet up some time half way and swap lies about our cars.I'm driving a 70 with mostly all original parts. Some new old stock. I'm contemplating on selling the car. Not sure what I'm doing. Talk to you latter.

  6. That preVal thing, I have used that before it worked well. I had some of the original paint so the match was perfect and it sprayed the clear coat well also. Got it at napa and you can get the extra propellant too.
  7. Looks great have a safe trip everyone.
  8. Not sure what's allowed but I know my brother made his own vin plate on his 26 ford roadster and riveted it right to the frame. I guess that's where they were back then.
  9. aboard, I think at one time or another we've all turned the air cleaner cover over lol. I do love the sound of the q-jet opening up.
  10. Final checkover of the car tomorrow and start packing some stuff in car. Going to rain Tuesday here so probably do some shopping for snacks and stuff for bench racing. Was a great fathers day weekend camping, spent it with my girl and her grand daughters and my daughter and grand kids we had a ball. Took my grandson for his first peddle boat ride he did great.
  11. Water??? Is that the stuff beer is made from???
  12. Heading to the Adirondack mountains today for camping for fathers day weekend with Lisa and my daughter and son in law and grand kids. My daughter got there yesterday and they saw a bear last night lol. Have a great fathers day all you dads.
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