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  1. I upgraded the dash with the Sonny24 gauge conversion. I have this bulb socket remaining. Does it plug in behind the ac heater controls?
  2. Will do, thanks Will do, thanks for the tip
  3. Planning on attending, this will be my first time at this show.
  4. Happy Easter (shots completed here as well)
  5. I found one on eBay that I spruced up. I could only tell it was cadmium when I dissembled it. I redid it in black.
  6. I’ve had this one for about 10 years. The trailer is from sno-pro and the stone guard is a featherlite . The stone guard was a must and a lesson learned from the previous trailer which didn’t have one. As many have said, you’ll find yourself using the trailer for more then cars.
  7. Just compared new Legendary rear seat covers to the originals and the Legendary covers are 3”+ wider. I would expect them to be identical or maybe even a bit smaller to allow for some stretching. I’ll call them tomorrow to report it but was wondering if anyone has run into this.
  8. Just the three of us this year, no need to take unnecessary risks. Happy Thanksgiving all.
  9. I found one. Thanks for the insight, all.
  10. FrankOC

    Car covers

    I have a “Dust Top” cover from California Car Cover. It’s multi layer to keep dust out and has a softer liner then the outdoor covers.
  11. Thanks for the pic, Dennis. The couple compressors on EBay have that similar cap on the tank. There is also one that doesn’t.
  12. Thanks Paul, I did see those and they appear identical to the many pics I found here.
  13. I’m sorry if this has been answered previously, I was not able to find an answer. Is the Eldorado compressor the same as the first gen compressor? I’ve looked at pics here and and other sites and they look identical. I do see there is a short tank version and understand that one is different along with a difference in mounting brackets. thanks Frank
  14. Was a quiet car show season out my way. While I tinkered with the cars, neither left the garage this year. Hopefully we are in better shape with the virus and cancellations next season, there is time to be made up!
  15. While I respect your right to an opinion, I don’t consider my changes to this car a destruction of a historical piece. Like yours though, that is my opinion so let’s agree to disagree. Thanks to all that have replied here and to my other posts. I’ve done quite a bit of restorative work to the car, ( a lot for a guy that does not do this for a living), and appreciate this communities assistance.
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