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  1. Right place, right time, congratulations on the purchase.
  2. Today I removed the tired top due to it pulling back from the edge moldings. Found this at the driver side rear window corner. I suspect I need to pull the glass and weld in new metal? No other rust.
  3. Missed this one. How about installed.
  4. The search function on their site doesn’t work well. You can download the catalog https://www.legendaryautointeriors.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/2021-Monte-Carlo-Catalog-3.pdf or order one. In the catalog the seat covers are referred to as split bench seat covers.
  5. The Legendary catalog lists split bench seat covers in vinyl and cloth. May be worth giving them a call or requesting a catalog through their website.
  6. I'm sorry to hear, dogs should live as long as we do. Our best boy, Chowder, in my photo passed recently as well.
  7. I ordered everything from them, (springs, foam, plastic trim, and covers). The springs, foam, and trim arrived quickly but the seat covers took 6 months.
  8. John, i couldn’t have done it with out the video. The project is done, now just need to put them back in the car. .
  9. I have new Legendary cloth seat covers. On the uppers there is a horizontal seam and on the back there is a pocket for a listing wire. my question to anyone that has installed new seat covers, does that seam get hog ringed to the springs?
  10. I attended in 2019, decided then that it was my last year, no vendors, one concession stand, and a sparse show field. It really declined quickly when the Super Chevy name was removed. I hope they can reverse the trend and bring it back.
  11. Walked miles yesterday, a little wet this morning.
  12. S Steve, do they allow you to save your spot overnight with a chair or canopy or do you just park where you find a new spot each day?
  13. Not my taste, the grill has the Family Truckster look.
  14. I'll be there and will find the first gens, (mine is staying home).
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