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    Payment Methods

    Annual Dues Payment is $25.00 US Funds

    We currently accept Paypal, check or money order.  Unfortunately at this point in time we are not able to process credit card transactions but we are working to get that payment option restored.  If you have any questions on the process of joining the club, paying you dues or renewing your dues please email Rob Peters at rob29ford@aol.com.

    Important note: Please keep in mind that the FGMCC is an 100% non-profit corporation and fully managed by volunteers who have families and full-time jobs. This is the only way we can offer such low yearly dues. Therefore, it can take 4-8 weeks to get notification of membership, access to certain membership benefits and decal. It depends on when payment is received and when the next mailing is scheduled.

    If you join our message forum after your dues payment and/or use a different e-mail address or Member Name, please e-mail Rob at Rob29Ford@aol.com.

    Submit your $25.00 dues payment indicating it is for dues payment, using:     firstgenmonte@outlook.com     as the Paypal recipient for the funds you are sending thru them.



    Check or Money Order
    The check or money order would be made out to FGMCC for $25.00 US funds and mail it to:
    PO BOX 8032
    PITTSBURGH, PA  15216

    Please, download, print, and complete the sheet below and include with the mailed check/money order. Thank you!

    Club Sign Up Sheet


    Note that this paid FGMCC Membership does not sign you up for the message forum. If you wish to use the message forum you will need to sign up for it separately by clicking here.

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