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  • Club Officer - Rob Peters

    2022 Eastern Meet Coordinator
    Newsletter Editor

  • E-mail Address: Rob29Ford@aol.com

    Residence:  Pittsburgh, Pa.

    Personal History:

    I was born in Burbank, California and raised in Jacksonville, Florida and have lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania since I left the US Air Force in 1972.

    I purchased my first car at age 15 in the spring of 1966.   Almost 56 years later, I still own that 1929 Model A Ford Tudor Sedan.  The weekend after I purchased this old Ford my Dad and I had the body off of the frame and I started a total restoration, taking the car back to its original glory over the next two and a half years.  I took my Model A to be painted the day before I left for my Air Force basic training.  After the Air Force I moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and have lived here for almost 50 years.

    My first NEW car was a 1970 Monte Carlo that I purchased in late August of 1970.  I kept that Monte Carlo for almost 10 years and sold it when I started having trouble with the transmission.  My Mother told me to never sell that car because it would be a classic someday.  I told her that they made too many of them for them to become a classic...I should have listened to my Mother.

    In 1999 I got the bug to own another First Generation Monte Carlo.  My search started here in Pittsburgh and I had one lined up to purchase and rented a garage to put my Monte in and then the guy changed his mind.  My search then took me to Indiana to look at one the owner said was in "Showroom Condition".  When I arrived to look at the car it looked like a showroom had fallen in on the piece of junk the guy was selling.

    The day I got home from Indy I found another Monte online on the other side of the state, just north of Philly.  I called a friend and asked if he would be willing to go and look at the car for me.  He said he would love to help me out but he said he didn't know anything about cars.  I gave him a crash course on what to look at and what questions to ask to make it look like he knew what he was doing.  He checked out the car for me and said it looked like a good deal.  I drove over that weekend and purchased my current Monte.  Here is a link to my Monte and Model A. www.cardomain.com/profile/robsmodelamonte

    I found this my current Monte about the same time this club was getting started and was one of the very early members.  I have attended a majority of the clubs Eastern Meets and took home two Member's Choice Awards, numerous Stock Awards, numerous Non-Restored Awards and a Longest Distance Driven Award.  My had 36,000 miles on it when I purchased it in the spring of 2000 and my Monte turned 59,000 miles on the way home from the 2021 Carlisle Mini-Meet.   I keep my cars original but have an appreciation for those who choose to modify their ride.

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