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  1. Did a couple shows this weekend with another club member (Jason). Saturday car show in Summerland Sunday car show in West Kelowna. We had a little rain and even some hail (soft hail, no damage). I dried off the car 3 times today. IMG_2637.mov
  2. OPGI or CARS Inc may have them. Be sure you get the proper colour. The mesh style ones are not factory. Here’s mine but note I have not painted my grills to match.
  3. It is original to have 6x9s mounted from underneath and speaker grills on top. The grill colour should match the package tray. It takes time but not difficult. The back seat, armrest and rear door panels need to come off. Remove speakers and grills. Remove the rear defogger if you have one. Remove the two small corner pieces at the lower corners of the rear window. Be careful as these corner pieces can be brittle and break. The package tray should be able to be pulled out at this point. There should be some jute padding under the cardboard tray. You can decide if you want to reuse that or buy new padding. Install the new package tray and get it lined up where it should be. Make sure it is right before you cut the speaker holes. I drill the 4 holes for the speaker grill studs first. Then install a screw and nut in the 8 holes to keep the tray in place while I get a sharp knife to cut the speaker holes. Cut the rear defogger holes if necessary. Install speakers and rear defogger. You will need to glue down the vinyl to the sheet metal behind the seat. I use contact cement for this. Reinstall the rest of the interior. Take your time and make sure it is lined up right before cutting holes.
  4. I think it would be over $40k too for a quality conversion . Not many around and very expensive to build one.
  5. Getting the 71 SS cleaned up for a couple shows this weekend.
  6. I thought the same thing about the gauges. The basic gauge package with idiot lights seems out of place. It appears like quality work in the photos overall and would certainly turn heads.
  7. I agree with Willie. I’ve seen them listed on Facebook for $50-100. Also note there are two different small block shrouds. The one for the smaller rad (3-bolt top plate) is fairly uncommon though.
  8. 4 months to go! There are just two rooms left at the club hotel.
  9. Two rooms left at the hotel. #120 - One-bdrm cottage #210 - Double Queen room with kitchenette
  10. We used to break out the 1971 4-speed numbers on our web site stating 80 with the 402 which came from a source many years ago. Since then however it came into question with some people suggesting it is the 350 4-speed that was the production of 80 units. Due to this we now only list the total 4-speeds in 1971 without an engine breakdown as we know that number is correct.
  11. Welcome! Nice Monte.
  12. A 15x8 rally with 5” backspacing is aftermarket. You can get them from Wheel Vintiques.
  13. 245/60 on 15x8 Vette Rallys. I had to bend the quarter panel lip a little to get clearance. Also note that if your car sits low then they may rub in the front.
  14. My 70 is also on 255/60 on 15x7 rims
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