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  1. Just to add: It is a desirable factory colour combination matching the paint code on the body tag. The interior also matches the code on the body tag which is nice. The few non-factory components under the hood could easily be swapped if you want it factory correct. The question is where else are you going to find one this nice?
  2. Based on recent sales of first gens I don't think this asking price is too far out of line. I think it is a matter of them finding the right buyer. It has some nice options, good attention to detail and can be verified as an SS on the body tag.
  3. Welcome! Nice find. This is a great group here. 🙂
  4. Monte cleaning day continues
  5. It felt good to clean it up even though there’s no car shows this summer. I may get the 70 washed this weekend too.
  6. The 275/50/17 is 27.8" tall which is good but the 245/45/17 is only 25.7" tall. That front tire will look small in my opinion. Is a 245/55/17 available (27.6" tall)? Check out this tire height chart. Choose the rim size first then you can narrow down what tire sizes work for you. https://tiresize.com/height-chart/
  7. That is Stephen Levanti’s car. He’s a member of the club. I sent him a message and will probably chime in with the details of his setup.
  8. I think the front rim width and backspacing is good. The tire width should be good too but concerned that the 60 series will be too tall. A 255/60 is 29” tall. That’s 1” taller than the factory tire but maybe that’s the look you are going for. I currently have 245/60s on 15x8 rims with 4” backspacing and the tire rubs the quarter panel lip on one side. If you have a 275/55 tire on 17x9 with 5” backspacing will be close but may fit. You may need to bend or trim the quarter panel lip a little. Note that the 275/55s (28.9” tall) will be slightly shorter than the 255/60s (29” tall). The
  9. Welcome! Great group here.
  10. I put two 4 inch Alpine speakers in mine replacing the centre 6x9 (non-AC car). I made a bracket to mount the two speakers. In my old 72 Which had a dual speaker dash I replaced the stock speakers with 4 inch ones. Note that most modern speakers won’t work with the original stereo. In my case I put in a modern stereo and changed to all modern speakers.
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