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  1. Very nice Monte. I’d love to see it get that kind of money but that is very high.
  2. I know that I’m happy my Monte was not my first car. I got a few things out of my system with my first car (76 Cutlass S) before buying my 70 Monte when I was 19. I’ve always treated my Montes well.
  3. Sold for $23,100. I had a feeling this car might not be as clean in person as in the photos.
  4. The people that grew up with late 70s/early 80s cars are now grown up with a little cash to spend and trying to relive those memories which is driving the values of those cars up. I know I'd pay good dollar for a 1976 2-door Cutlass S in nice condition if I came across it since it was the car I grew up with. It was heavy, not a ton of power and not great on gas but has a lot of great memories attached to it. The late 80s stuff will see a surge next (Grand Nationals, Supras, Skylines, etc). The first gen Montes are part of that late 60s/early 70s Muscle car era but seemed to get recognition a little too late to the game to keep up with that market. The first gen Montes are increasing in value but it is slow going. There was a bit of a surge for the SS and 4-speed cars about 4 or 5 years ago and those cars are still seeing some decent values but far from similarly optioned Chevelles. I do think our club has helped get the word out about these cars over the years. It seemed like before the internet really got going these Montes were seen as Chevelle parts cars in many cases. I know from doing first gen Monte Meets for the past 17 years that people would come up to me and comment they forgot how nice these cars were and would now consider buying a Monte as a lower cost alternative to a Chevelle. Part of me enjoys the fact that these cars are affordable. I can own my 71 SS454 and 70 Montes for less than the cost of an SS454 Chevelle.
  5. https://koniksklassiks.com/
  6. https://www.barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Details/1970-CHEVROLET-MONTE-CARLO-SS-237138
  7. That is not a Monte Carlo wheel. Here are the 71-72 Monte Carlo wheels.
  8. I have edited the post above with info on the second hotel.
  9. My girls have not attended an official meet but they have been to a couple mini meets over the years. They (Age 10 and 12) had a great time at the mini meet in Montana with everyone last September.
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