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  1. The 73 and up horn pad and wheel were a different shape than the 71/72 wheel. Jared's wheel appears to be a 71/72 wheel. I have never seen the comfort wheel rim before but Jared is quite knowledgeable on these cars.
  2. The vin is so on the block in the same places as US cars. No difference there.
  3. Welcome! Looks like a solid car.
  4. Canuck

    Radiator advice

    The flaw in my plan... I can't keep my mouth shut. LOL
  5. Canuck

    Radiator advice

    Hoses, clamps, etc I just get at my local parts store. I had the stock radiator rebuilt locally too. He made it into a 4 core rad but still appeared stock.
  6. The bottom photo has Goodyear raised letters that are yellow instead of white.
  7. Tried on the 15x8 rallys for a change. No rubbing on my first drive with 245/60 tires. I’m going to miss the old yellow letter tires but they are 19 years old and are starting to crack.
  8. I found new Hot Wheels and Johnny Lightning at Wal Mart when travelling home from a meet in Montana. Added them to the collection.
  9. We worked out a lot of details while attending the event this past weekend. The event has made the Monte Carlo the feature car for their 2020 event and will provide us with a special parking area to line up as a group. Other generations of Monte Carlos will also be able to park near our Montes. The hotel is perfect for our club with outdoor pool, hot tub, nice sitting area and walking distance to the car show on Sunday. The hotel contract is done and have blocked off an entire building of the hotel (29 rooms). Some of us who were there on the weekend already booked for next year. I will post the details soon regarding how to book your room and I hope we can fill them all.
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