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  1. I once got a 4 toggle switch at a swap meet with a connector. I don’t know what GM car it was pulled from but it looked the same as my original one and I just wanted the connector since mine was being problematic. I realized though that the switch and connector was essentially backwards which might be the one you have. I made mine work but in your case I would ask them to send you the correct one. Send them a photo of the back of the original and the new one.
  2. The 57 is the 2-door coupe (the 4th and 5th digit in the vin). 67 is the convertible which we all know was cancelled after all the literature was printed for 1970. My 1970 Chevy shop manual also lists 13867 as the convertible.
  3. Ok, here’s the proof. This is from the 1970 Fisher Body Manual. Monte Carlo listed as an A-body, Grand Prix listed as a G-body.
  4. There are a couple aftermarket companies making the plastic inner fenders. I hear the ones from The Parts Place are the good ones.
  5. I saw the car at Daytona in 2018. Still had an old fgmcc sticker on it.
  6. I wish I could. Can’t make it happen this year. I really enjoyed my trip there in 2018.
  7. I always thought they were “A-special” rather than G-body. I could be wrong. I think the GM shop manual states what it is.
  8. Welcome! I hope you find your dream car.
  9. The first photo are for the upper trim just behind the front wheels. 3 are needed for each side (6 total). You are correct about the clips for the rear trim. I can’t recall how many are needed though. The very last photo is the clips for the long lower piece of trim on the rocker panel.
  10. Welcome! Great looking Monte.
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