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  1. Three of the first gens Ive owned only had a driver’s side mirror including a 71 SS454 with a sport mirror.
  2. Canuck


    Sending him our thoughts. I know of another member in California who spent time in hospital due to covid-19. He said it was an extremely rough 4 weeks but eventually got better. His wife got it too.
  3. It is part of the emissions system. I believe it collects fuel vapors and returns them back to the gas tank.
  4. We got 3-4 inches today. We broke a record from the late 1800s for snowfall in a single day in October! I’ve never seen snow in October before.
  5. And here’s a photo from last Friday.
  6. Canuck

    New member

    Welcome! There is a great group here.
  7. I had mine out for a cruise today as it was nice and sunny. Sadly there is a small amount of snow expected tomorrow.
  8. Getting pretty cold here in BC but no white stuff yet.
  9. another video Jamie put together. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CGijc8LD_iW/?igshid=75gpmwxugwpy
  10. Certainly enough interest that we could likely get 20 plus cars to a Western Meet in the area. I’ve been discussing the possibility of a Northern Cali Western Meet in 2022 with Jamie who puts these gatherings together. With both of our connections we could likely get a good attendance.
  11. Great photos Rob. I never fully put the 71 SS away. It is insured all year and ready to go if the roads are clean and dry. I usually can’t get it out Jan/Feb due to the amount of gravel put down on the local roads but the other 10 months there’s usually an opportunity.
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