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  1. You could get either the G78-15 or the G70-15 with 15x7 wheels. My 1970 Monte came with 15x7 rallys and G78-15 tires. Per the chart below the G78-15 would be similar to a 215/75-15 and a G70-15 would be similar to a 225/70-15.
  2. Here's a few screenshots of our web site over the past 23 years. Our first site created by club founder Kevin Wiles from 2001. This is the site that started it all. Mainly intended to be an information site initially but there was interest in others to get together for meets and people wanted to support the costs of the site which resulted in the formation of the club. Ryan Bahr did a complete update on the look of the site in 2002 adding some great features. Many of these features continued on the next site layout for many years. I updated the web site in 2004 with a similar content layout but a different look. The site stayed relatively the same with only subtle changes for over 15 years. We updated the site once again in 2020 to the current site which became more integrated with the Message Forum software.
  3. Oh man, that’s too bad. I know you’ve been looking forward to a meet.
  4. This is exactly what I did for my 70 Monte after it was painted.
  5. Great info. That answered any questions I had about the car. Very well optioned and rare car. Someone got a very cool car for what I feel was a good price.
  6. Registration is available for the Spring Fling https://www.applevalleycruisers.ca/spring-fling-2023-registration/
  7. That $55k includes the buyer’s premium.
  8. Coming up very shortly. Lot is 443.2 and they are currently at 442.1
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