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  1. For 1971 yes the vertical bars are black. They are simply there for strength so they were painted black to not be visible. The front edge of the horizontal fins should be chrome but they should be painted argent silver on the other surfaces. You can see mine are only shiny chrome on the front edge. The grill you purchased is correct.
  2. Top piece should be black. Bottom piece should be argent silver.
  3. I’ve always bench bled the MC using the plugs provided. I leave the plugs in during installation and don’t remove them until I attach the lines.
  4. Canuck

    zz top

    I played this yesterday while I was making dinner. RIP Dusty
  5. If I understand you correctly, it is loud. Are you sure? 😁
  6. My last new exhaust on a 350 Monte I had a shop I trust do a custom bent 2.25” system with Super Turbo mufflers. It sounded great.
  7. So far I have 15 members attending and 13 hotel rooms are booked. If you plan to attend I suggest you book your room as soon as you can.
  8. That is funny. I look forward to meeting you. I sent you a private message.
  9. I don’t believe we have an updated list posted on the site anywhere.
  10. Trust me, you want those rockers painted black as it sets the car off so much better. I did the black part myself after my 70 was painted.
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