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  1. I emailed everyone that is interested in attending the hotel information today. If you did not get this email and wish to attend please contact me (dodsyaaron@gmail.com or private message) and I will forward the information to you. Note that there are a limited number of rooms available and the low group rate is only valid if booked before July 3rd.
  2. Welcome! We would love to see photos. When I find a nice low mile car my first step usually new shocks, springs, belts, hoses and a good cleanup. After that I start to dig into other things to make it run well (cap, rotor, etc... inexpensive stuff). I’ve owned my 70 Monte for 23 years and still run points in the distributor. I’ve really just never bothered to do the swap and I’m of the opinion “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. I think if you are going with a new intake, carb, etc that it would be natural to swap out the distributor at that time to HEI. You can swap in the optional gauge cluster without much trouble.
  3. I came across this video of Don Robertson's modified 72 Monte. He was at the 2018 Western Meet and the car is very nice in person too.
  4. Welcome! Great looking car.
  5. 10 months... At this time I am still working through some details regarding the hotel contract but I will post details once I have the contract nailed down. On another note, if you wish to extend your stay beyond the meet I highly recommend Glacier National Park which is an easy drive from Bigfork. It is an amazing sight to see.
  6. This was posted on Facebook. The cars are in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  7. These showed up on Facebook. $20 for 5 hub caps.
  8. Scott, I sent you a private message
  9. The Factory assembly manual would be helpful. You could also post photos here and someone here can likely identify the part.
  10. These are rough but some 71 SS parts there https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/edmonton/1972-monte-carlo-ss/1467488108
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