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  1. As Dennis mentioned above, I know in 1970 they had a fuse in line. Not sure if 72 has this but here’s a photo of that connection in my 70. If you pull it apart there’s a tiny fuse in there.
  2. That’s the correct location of the horn relay for 72. The horn relay was moved to the firewall in 72.
  3. This light is controlled by a mercury switch, not by a light switch in the car. Maybe the mercury switch is not working?
  4. Check out this link. Great photos of a 72 grill restoration
  5. My goal was to keep the car appearing stock but with modern stereo tech. I mounted the deck on top of the glove box angled down. This unit does not have a CD player so no need to have access for that. The location is not ideal if you want easy access to the face daily but for me it works fine. I drive this car to work and back quite often and I’m happy with the setup. I typically only need to do the settings on the face (Bass, treble, etc) once and the remote handles the rest. I can’t see the readout on the face but I’m ok with that. I can receive calls with my remote but have to pull over if I wanted to start a call. Next time I’d get a unit that has voice activation to make a call, etc. I paid $80 for this unit and another $20 or so for the remote so very economical. I have a pair of 4 inch Alpine speakers up front and a pair of Sony 6x9 speakers in the rear. I used the stock speaker grills since I want the car to appear stock. I ran the bluetooth mic up the A pillar and poked it out the top. It works well there for phone conversations even on the highway with the windows down. Since I can’t see the Alpine unit I needed to run an infrared extender so that the signal from the remote can work the stereo. I put the tiny IR receiver in the floor vent so it is concealed and works well. The other end of the extender is attached to the stereo. Overall it is not super expensive but sounds decent. I wired everything independent of the factory wiring so the original wiring harness is intact if I ever wanted to go back to the original AM radio.
  6. I did not cut a hole in my dash. I mounted the modern unit in a hidden location I use an IR extender so I can use the remote even though the Alpine unit is not in view.
  7. Have you let Ian know? Maybe this is something he needs to look into.
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