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  1. At this point we have about 15 Monte Carlos and 20+ people in the group. Should be a good time.
  2. I just got confirmation from the owners of the property with the car collection regarding our cruise on Sep 12th which is exciting. As I said before, it is a pretty cool place with lots to look at. April and I will have some fun testing out the cruise route over the next few weeks.
  3. Welcome! The likelihood that it is still around will depend on how many years ago that it was sold. I do know some have managed to track down cars formerly owned by themselves or other family members so there is always hope.
  4. Canuck

    71 decals

    The underside of the trunk lid should have jacking instructions and positraction warning (if it has that option). The drivers door should have a tire pressure decal and a blue rectangular decal with the vin and build date. The rad support top plate should have 2 decals. One on the left for coolant and one on the right for emissions. The air cleaner lid should have the grey 454 decal. The drivers side of the air cleaner should have the Keep your car all GM decal. The passenger side valve cover will have the Chevrolet Tonawanda decal.
  5. Welcome! Love the sunroof
  6. Yeah, I definitely listen for the ping and dial it back a little if necessary.
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