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  1. Oh no. That sucks!
  2. Canuck

    I wonder…

    Yes, always a balance of priorities.
  3. Out cruising with the 1972 Monte Carlo through wine country today. I’m up to 11,311 miles. Someone hurry up and buy it before I get to 12,000, LOL.
  4. Canuck

    I wonder…

    It is for sale. 🙂 https://www.firstgenmc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/28169-1972-with-11000-miles/
  5. I wonder how many other guys in their mid-40s are washing a 50 year old car listening to Cat Stevens on 8-track today? 🤔
  6. Wrong brackets for the compressor and a small block fan shroud with the tunnel cut short make me question it. Definitely needs more investigation.
  7. We are currently at 31 members which would tie the WM record. As for multiple Montes from one family, we did have one meet with 4 montes from one family as all three sons brought their own. That was a different family than the one bringing 5 this year.
  8. I've been chatting with Maria and I look forward to meeting that family. They have all joined the club and are bringing 5 Montes. I am looking forward to spending some time in that area.
  9. Canuck

    New Chapter

    Welcome to the forum! It was a great weekend. Now you just need to post photos of that beautiful green 72 you have. 🙂
  10. Some of the original tags and markings. The radiator hoses were changed but I did put in ones with the GM printing. I still have the original hoses and clamps.
  11. This car was very clean in the interior when I got it but I did find a wagon wheel wrapper under the rear seat, LOL
  12. Canadian built solid 1972 Monte Carlo with 11,000 miles. $25,000 USD Summerland, BC, Canada If needed, for US buyers I can recommend an FGMCC member that has a car transport business that also knows how to deal with the border. I can also recommend an experienced broker to assist with the required paperwork. The Story: The original couple in Manitoba who owned it drove it until 1980. When her husband passed away she parked the car for 34 years until 2014 with only 8,600 miles on the odometer. A member of this forum purchased the car in 2014 and put another 2,400 miles on it before he sold it in 2018. The next owner brought it to BC and parked it in a storage unit for 5 years until I purchased it. Features: 11,000 original miles GM Canada documentation and build sheet Fully numbers matching 350 2-barrel engine TH350 trans 10-bolt 2.73 open rear end Mohave Gold exterior Two-tone trim option (rare) Covert bench seat interior AM radio Rear defogger Remote side mirror Vanity mirror Deluxe seat belts 15x7 rally wheels Comes with the original set of 15x6 rims and original hub caps. Canadian built in Oshawa, Ontario Dec 1971 Trim: The trim on this car is nice for an original car. No pits on any of the trim and some of it is NOS quality. The taillight trim still has a good amount of the red paint left on the horizontal bars which usually disappeared early in the life of the car. The grill and rear trim are in exceptional condition. The chrome on the bumpers is very nice with no rust, peeling or bubbling. The side mirror looks so nice it is like it was installed yesterday, extremely nice. The lower trim is nice original trim. One wheel well trim piece has a small ding in it but all others look great. All other trim (windows, drip rails, etc) shines really nice. This car never had a vinyl top or two-tone paint and I have documented the solid Mohave Gold paint with vinyl roof/two-tone trim. As noted on the line sheet (Canadian build sheet) found in the rear seat and the Vintage Vehicle Services documents, the D99 option code is for the two-tone paint trim. The colour code is 6363 for Mohave Gold upper and lower. Based on my research the D99 option was only listed for two-tone cars or one such as this that is all one colour that had the trim. In addition my research has suggested that this trim on a car all one colour was only done in the Canadian plant. According to Vintage Vehicle Services there were 658 Monte Carlos produced in Canada for 1972 with the D99 code and a vast majority of those would have been two-tones which would not leave many that were all one colour. With that said it makes it very rare and a great conversation piece. Maintenance: It was stored for 40 of the past 43 years and I wanted the new owner to have a nice driving car they can start up and drive. I simply fixed what was needed as I didn’t want to disturb original equipment in the car if I could avoid it. The car has the original date coded spark plug wires, distributor cap, shocks, coil, etc which are in good working order. The car still had the original tires and radiator hoses when I purchased it. The car drives like a new 1972 Monte Carlo. Everything works right down to the clock and key buzzer. I have driven it over 250 miles during the last couple months and really enjoy it. The original single exhaust is solid with no leaks. Maintenance over the past couple months includes the following: New copper/brass heater core New heater hoses New radiator hoses New rear wheel cylinders Wheel alignment Transmission service BC safety inspection passed (This is a thorough inspection required when a car is brought in from outside of BC). Interior: The condition of the interior is extremely nice. No cracks, rips or tears anywhere. The dash is beautiful. The seats are very nice. The rear package tray is flat and looks really nice. The carpet behind the seat has a discolouration on the hump. The headliner looks great. The seat belts have some light staining and have not tried to clean those yet. The seats underneath look like they were made yesterday without any speck of surface rust on the seat springs. This car was stored out of the sun and weather during its life. Nothing is faded or dried up. All rubber on this car is still soft. No evidence that any mice or other animals have ever been in this car. Body: The body is very solid with no soft spots or rust holes anywhere. The trunk floor looks new. The floors are all solid. The bottoms of the fenders are solid. The rear quarters are solid. I can see a little rust at each corner of the rear window but only visible if you look very closely. The frame is solid. The paint looks decent in photos but there are some scratches, marks and bubbles (not rust) here and there on the car that are visible when you get up close. There has been one repair on the passenger quarter down low behind the wheel but it was not due to rust. The quarter and door appear to be repainted up to the hip line on the passenger side. There has also been a dent filled on the driver’s fender near the front. The driver’s side front fender was repainted as a result. The repairs appear to have been done in the 70s. There is a spot of the driver’s fender about the size of a fist where paint has bubbled and chipped off. There is a small dent on the hood near the front edge. Additional equipment: The 4 original rims and hub caps come with the car. The 4 hub caps are in beautiful condition. Three of those rims still have the original tires on them. The 4th tire was damaged so it was thrown away. I do have 4 blackwall 215/70-15 tires that can go with the car as well. Don’t hesitate to send me a message with any questions you may have.
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