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  1. 3 weeks from today we'll be on our way to Lincoln City!
  2. Canuck

    tire size

    My 1971 Monte has 255/60 on all 4.
  3. 3 weeks today April and I start our trip South to Ashland.
  4. You know the meet is only a short time away when the awards and dash plaques arrive. There are 12 award categories in all. Everyone will receive a dash plaque.
  5. 4 weeks! Really looking forward to this after the last two years got cancelled.
  6. Looking good! Thanks for the update.
  7. I just pulled out my 3.73 gears from my 71 SS 12-bolt rear and installed 3.07. The 3.73s were fun around town but I do a fair amount of highway driving and wasn't much fun at high RPM. I'm happier now. If I lived in the city and didn't do much highway driving then I would have likely kept the 3.73s.
  8. Part of me is hoping it would sell for more as I think it is worth more and part of me doesn't want the current owner to profit from it. With that said, Jared was happy with the price he got on the sale so I guess that is what matters. On another note, a 71 Monte owned by a member who passed away last year was sold by his widow a month or so ago. I see it has already been posted for sale on Facebook. I sure hope he isn't just trying to gain a profit on that deal. I'm watching closely.
  9. This page will help with verifying an SS454 https://www.firstgenmc.com/forums/index.php?/resources/ss454/
  10. A set of compressor brackets. Those are gold! The fiber optics for the fender are hard to find also. Do you have the black one for the rear window also?
  11. Canuck


    It just means you get extra dancing bananas.
  12. After a few cruises at low speed by the beach, driving around town and some drives on the highway I’m quite happy with the 3.07 gears. I’m actually surprised at the acceleration I still have after the swap and it is much better overall driving now. I didn’t do this to save fuel costs but that will be an added bonus.
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