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  1. I finally got the kits and decals needed to build/finish 5 more Harry Gant cars. I found out Harry drove a first gen Monte in the sportsman series so I’ll be building one of those. My first car was a 1976 Cutlass S and Harry drove that body style (76/77 Cutlass S) in his NASCAR Cup rookie year so I decided to build that car too.
  2. Welcome! Great looking 72. I love the colour.
  3. Factory backspacing was 4.25” as mentioned above.
  4. Terrible news. Sorry to hear this.
  5. Canuck

    Choo Choo!

    The only smoke show this one makes is with steam 😎
  6. Canuck

    Choo Choo!

    I’ll bet it turns like it’s on rails.
  7. Canuck

    Choo Choo!

    I happened to drive by the Kettle Valley Railway today at the right time. FullSizeRender.MOV
  8. Canuck

    Jury Duty

    It was Professor Plum with the lead pipe in the billiard room.
  9. Very nice! I was just hanging out with Jason last weekend at the meet in Summerland.
  10. I installed a cushion rim sport wheel on my 1970 Monte Carlo. I always wanted one of these sport wheels in my car. The Montes only had black sport wheels from the factory but I found the same style in a tan colour that is from a Buick.
  11. Welcome! Great start with a complete SS454. The 2023 Western Meet is in Logan, Utah in June if you are interested.
  12. We’re currently getting the hotel arrangements in place and will post the booking info soon. I’m pleased with the interest we have so far for this meet.
  13. I’m test fitting the sport wheel in my 70 Monte before I paint the hub. I had the standard 1970 wheel before. I can’t figure out how the horn hooks hooks up. I assume the spring simply contacts the metal tab sticking out of the horn assembly? Do I simply need a longer spring in the little tube on the column to Make contact with this tab? Is there something else involved here? (Note I just have a couple temporary screws holding the wheel on the hub. I don’t intend on driving it like that.)
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