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  • Club Officer - Bob Wiemels


  • Email address: bobsmail38@yahoo.com

    Residence: Sheffield lake, Ohio

    Occupation: Electrician/IBEW LU38


    My love for the First Gen Monte Carlo began in my junior year of high school. In 1986 the muscle car was just a 15 year old car. They all matched a young adult needs. They were easy to work on, burn outs were no problem, easy to add a thrush muffler, and last but not least add a sweet stereo. All my buddies had them a 1968 442, 1969 GTX, 1972 Cutlass but it was my buddy Jack’s 1970 Monte that caught my eye the most. Even though it was green with a green bench interior that 400 4bbl could gitty up and go! The search for my first car was on. After a few weeks of searching the classifieds and looking at many other cars a 1971 Monte Carlo was listed at $1200, no rust, and runs good. Seems cheap but back in 1986 working part time for $3.65hr it was on the high side for me. So Deanna (who I was courting at the time) and I went to take a look. It was beautiful!! Astro blue, black buckets and a console!! Deanna and I talked it over and she had a few bucks saved up so we put our money together and ended up buying the car for $1000. 

    Our family began and I made the mistake of selling our 71. In 2007 we purchased a new daily driver, our second Monte Carlo. We did some searching and found some Monte Carlo clubs and began going to car shows. We attended a combined car club meet in 2008 in Greensburg PA. That is when we realized we would like to have another First Gen Monte. In 2009 we purchased our third Monte Carlo another 71. We are currently restoring the car and hope to have it completed soon.

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