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  • Decoding Protect-O-Plate

    The Protect-O-Plate contains information about your Monte Carlo including engine, transmission and rear axle details. The metal protect-o-plate was attached to the New Vehicle Warranty booklet given to the owner of the vehicle. The information on the plate is a mirror image since it was used as a stamp on documents when warranty work was performed. See the links below for information on how to decode your protect-o-plate.

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    • As always, Thank You Rob for always keeping on top of things and also keeping us updated.  Hard to believe it's nearly a new year already, and then Carlisle will be here before we know it. Can't wait 🙂.
    • You were right Bill, I see where I had made a two errors Bill.  In my post I stated "we have not hit 50 members registered with me" but the word NOT shouldn't have been in that post.  It was getting late when I posted that and my eyes were playing tricks on me.  I then found another error!!!!   When I look at my spread sheet I saw 51 registrations and not 50.  I noticed I had left one off the above list but I have added that one now.  The list above should now show 51 registered names. The list includes 18 - 70 Monte's,  9 - 71 Monte's and 13 72 Monte's    Also an 85 and 87 Monte    The other 11 members are not bringing cars so maybe they will assist with washing, wiping and waxing. The list includes 2 from Canada, 1 from CT, 2 from FL, 1 from IL, 1 from KY, 1 from MA, 2 from MD, 1 from NC, 14 from  NY, 2 from OH,  13 from PA, 1 from SC, 2 from TN, 1 from UT, and 3 from VA. As of now we will have a head count of at least 87 people including the members and their families or guests.   23 Modified or Super/Custom Modified, 9 Street and 8 Stock and some that have not declared as yet We are well on our way to this being the largest Eastern or Western Meet we have ever had.  Please talk this meet up with others and I am sure we could possibly get 60 or more First Generation Monte Carlo's on the show field!!!!  When you look at the above list, if you see someone's name not on the list that are regulars at our Eastern Meet please touch base with them and talk them into coming. rob
    • Dennis i will get you some pics, when i can.
    • I am seeing 50 names on the list with yours included.
    • As of today, we have  hit 50 members registered with me to attend the Eastern Meet.  This a great number for it still being almost 7 months until this meet.  Keep those registrations coming in.  As you look at this list, if you don't see a name on the list you think should be there, please contact that member to see if they are interested in attending and please have them get in touch with me. Here is an updated listing of members registered with me: Bob Bardou         New York Sammy Barnette     North Carolina Kenneth Bower       Virginia CK Collins                New York Dennis Collins          New York Willie Conforti          New York Jim Covello              Pennsylvania Randy Czankner       Pennsylvania Brian Den Bleyker     New Jersey Tony Divirgilio            Pennsylvania Aaron Dodsworth      British Columbia Canada Kevin Ferrante           New York Tom Ferrante            New York Jeffrey Freeman           New York Jolene Garvin         Pennsylvania Andy Gorzynski       Pennsylvania Doug Guenther       New York Carl Hanson            Virginia Marty Jenkins        New York Leo Konik                Michigan Bryan Mauger         Ohio Ryan Misrasi          Utah Jeffy Mullen            Maryland Paul Mullen              Maryland Jay Munday           Pennsylvania Frank O'Connell       Massachusetts Geraled Patterson    Virginia Rob Peters                Pennsylvania Patrick Peters           Pennsylvania Glen Popiela              Illinois Seth Primack            New York John Principato        Ontario Canada Bill Rees                    Ohio Jared Richey             South Carolina John Rodi                  Connecticut Joe Roman              Pennsylvania Dan Ruland               New York James Seyboldt        Florida Jerry Skidmore         Tennessee Jim Stead                  New York Michael Stevens       Pennsylvania Joe Sullivain               Pennsylvania Michael Talerek         New York Joe Tedesco               New York Ron Tevis                   Kentucky Dennis Tretter            Ohio Mark Truman              Florida Gary Vanatter            Pennsylvania Bob Wiemels            Ohio Donny Vestal           Tennessee Mike Zecca              Pennsylvania   rob
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