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  • Decoding Protect-O-Plate

    The Protect-O-Plate contains information about your Monte Carlo including engine, transmission and rear axle details. The metal protect-o-plate was attached to the New Vehicle Warranty booklet given to the owner of the vehicle. The information on the plate is a mirror image since it was used as a stamp on documents when warranty work was performed. See the links below for information on how to decode your protect-o-plate.

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    • The part of the cowl under the rubber at both ends that you see in both pictures is where the side cowl panel and the top meet. The factory puts seam sealer to prevent moisture from getting in-between the metal. It was applied and then painted black at the same time as the firewall. 
    • Ah very good. The initial question was about the rubber where the hood meets the fender, at the very end of the hood-to-cowl moulding. sorry, probably not too clear with my description   
    • The middle picture, with the screwed on plate on the rightside of the pic...that's for a vacuum motor mounting for the HVAC system, unless you're looking at something different than I am.
    • Thank Rob, I'll have a search for the rubber seal. bit concerned about the 'custom' metal piece! There are no modifications whatsoever that I have found on the car yet - bone stock. what on earth could it be?
    • Paul, The metal really doesn't look like it is disintegrating.  If I am not mistaken, the metal should be a black satin finish.  Looking at that picture of the passenger side, the rusty metal you are showing being held on with some screws is something a previous owner added, it is not from the factory like that.  If I am not mistaken, the rubber seal is available at some of the normal parts suppliers. rob
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